Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mr. Fuzzy Face

 I am so grateful that the day Jenny and I went to the pet supply store our Timothy was up for adoption.  Bill and I adore him.  He is the cuddliest kitten I have ever known.

I picked a few grape hyacinths from my kind neighbor's garden.  Are they your favorites?
 It's one of our son-in-law's birthday today!  I ventured up the road to the tobacco store and bought him a fine Gandalf pipe.  I hope he likes it.  
 Mr. Snuggle Puss divides his time between his two devotees. 

 I'm so happy with my knitting.  The Stephen West Penguono pattern has been a great teacher.  I love the seed stitch, welts, and mixed colors of the garter stitch. 
 And every now and then I give a little hooky attention to Millie Rose's pastel blanket.  
 I'm still working on the sleeves of the striped sweater that I've been working on for over five years.  I thought that maybe if I drew it, I'd finish it.  Just about there. 
 And I'm still working on the mossinette socks. 

 Plum likes it when I draw the pictures so she can paint them with watercolors. 

 Would you pray that Noah's cold goes away?  He is frustrated with his running nose and watery eyes.  Poor lamb. 

 Stripes likes to cuddle and curl on our laps and occasionally on the bed.  
 Such a sweet fuzzy face . . . purrrrrrr.

I had to mail a box of books to my mama so I went to Sprouts and ground some coffee.  It's smelling lovely and I think I need a quiet moment to sip some delicious brew.
The afternoon and evening are full so I'm going to try to listen in the current quiet.  
Thank you very much for stopping by.
May your week hold joy. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

A Picture of Pom Pom the Clown and Easter Stuff

Hi from Pom Pom.  I hunted for this photo so I could show it to James.  Thinking back, I am not really sure why I went to clown school and then became a birthday party clown.  It was a lot of work and borderline embarrassing.  Especially when the parents of the birthday kid awaited my hilarious antics (not so hilarious).  I think maybe it's hard to remember what it felt like to be twenty years younger than I am now!  Ha ha ha.  Twenty years (just like 20 or more pounds) makes quite a difference when it comes to one's get up and go. 

Kelli's family went to Utah to see Bryan's granny.  Utah is a fun outdoorsy place.  Don't they look gleeful?

One of my new books An Artist Once Said is a fun activity book for me.  Inspirational.  

I watch a podcast called Urban Gypsy Crochet featuring Jan Caruthers from Manchester England.  She is so chatty and very comfortable talking to her camera (it's not easy, I know) so I like to listen to her jabber and show her viewers her yarn purchases. Anyway, she mentioned this book so I ordered it. 

Ari Seth Cohen takes pictures of older women.  What do you think of these fashionable ladies?

I like them.  I know it can seem shallow to care about clothes and style.  I know it's not that important in the face of Eternity.  It IS fun to notice the unique imagination of the individual.  I like looking at the ladies in their finery.

Jenny and Scott hosted Easter dinner (smoked brisket) and we stuffed eggs with cold hard cash and "hid" them in Jenny's yard.  The egg part of Easter doesn't take long, does it?  I think it's obvious that the bunny/chick/egg Easter trappings are inconsequential in light of Jesus rising from the grave for us.  Like Bill said, "It's one of the 3 big days."  It IS for believers, people who seek to walk with Christ, to see things with spiritual heavenly eyes.  I like the song that says, "and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace."  

 I have a recipe for sponge cake written in my granny's handwriting.  I've been wanting to try it.  I followed the recipe but I didn't have cake flour or a sifter and I think that made a difference.  It looked wonky when I took it out of the oven.  It tasted good so I cut it in cubes and we made it into a trifle when we got to Jenny's house.  I didn't use pudding/custard, just frozen strawberries, sliced banana, and whipped cream.  It was delicious!  A happy accident.  
 It was a good realization both Bill and I had:  Kids like to celebrate holidays at home.  Who can blame them?  Riding in the car to relatives' houses isn't THEIR idea.  On many occasions our grannies and grandpas came to our house and that way we could bounce around freely.  I'm thankful that we have many ordinary days to enjoy our kids' and grands' company for dinner, but I'm okay with not hosting the big shindigs. Look at Plum!  Happily jumping on her own sofa!  Ha!

Bill and I have temporarily moved in to this little garden home.  We like the smell of pansies and we can keep watch to make sure the Japanese beetles don't attack the roses and peonies.

We'd like to have you over for dinner.  However, there's not much room to jump around.
God be with you. Thank you for checking in. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Blessed Easter to YOU!

 Blessed Easter to all.  The donut shop  James and Grampy go to on Saturday mornings presented festive treats today!  Peep!
 I drew a rose lady in my new art book.
 Plum and I visited yet another donut shop on Thursday.  A+!

 What granny hides behind the flower fan?  (My goodness - what an unsightly old phone jack!)
 I made some soup.  Salty.  Yummy!

 Mr. Easter Bunny and I have eggs to fill. 
 I hope your Easter is wonderful, full of thankfulness and feelings of awe.  We're going to church tonight instead of tomorrow (so crowded) and I am probably NOT wearing a dress.  
Tomorrow we'll join Jeff's family at Jenny's house for Easter dinner.  FUN!
I'm going to head out for a walk.  The sky is so blue and the trees are blooming.  
Thank you so much for popping in!  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pretty Spring and Shopping

 Timothy is reminding me of my role in his life.  I'm here to hold him. 

Even though we had snow, the blossoms are hanging on.  Gorgeous.  
 I reached over the back fence and helped myself to some lilacs.  Mmmmmmmm.

 My sister and I stayed very busy!  We went to the downtown bookstore, then to Lamb Shoppe.  I had never been to this yarny feast because it's not close to our house.  Wow!  

 Then we had lunch at Mad Greens and headed to the pottery outlet.  She reacted like everyone does, "Wow, this is overwhelming!"

 The next day we headed north to Longmont so we could visit this little Paris in the west!  The Cheese Emporium was QUITE the shopping experience.  I bought a few gifts and two things I'll show you another day.  

 Her son in law came to get her in Longmont so I hugged my sister good bye and came home to this little Rose.  We had "tea" right away and she slept over.  FUN!  
 Noah and James came over, too.  Noah still lets Granny wrap him in the butterfly wing shawl.  Little snoozer.  

He can sit up now!  Yay, Noah!  
 Kelli and Jenny (on the left and in the middle) and Jenny's sister in law ran a race on this fine morning.  Huff puff.  Good girls.  

They gave us palms at church today.  One more week until glorious Easter!  Woo hoo!

Before I go, I thought you might like a Pom Pom video.  Wait!  It's not Pom Pom but a small clown wearing Pom Pom's wig, bib, shoes, and nose!  

Thank you very very much for stopping in!