Monday, April 17, 2017

A Picture of Pom Pom the Clown and Easter Stuff

Hi from Pom Pom.  I hunted for this photo so I could show it to James.  Thinking back, I am not really sure why I went to clown school and then became a birthday party clown.  It was a lot of work and borderline embarrassing.  Especially when the parents of the birthday kid awaited my hilarious antics (not so hilarious).  I think maybe it's hard to remember what it felt like to be twenty years younger than I am now!  Ha ha ha.  Twenty years (just like 20 or more pounds) makes quite a difference when it comes to one's get up and go. 

Kelli's family went to Utah to see Bryan's granny.  Utah is a fun outdoorsy place.  Don't they look gleeful?

One of my new books An Artist Once Said is a fun activity book for me.  Inspirational.  

I watch a podcast called Urban Gypsy Crochet featuring Jan Caruthers from Manchester England.  She is so chatty and very comfortable talking to her camera (it's not easy, I know) so I like to listen to her jabber and show her viewers her yarn purchases. Anyway, she mentioned this book so I ordered it. 

Ari Seth Cohen takes pictures of older women.  What do you think of these fashionable ladies?

I like them.  I know it can seem shallow to care about clothes and style.  I know it's not that important in the face of Eternity.  It IS fun to notice the unique imagination of the individual.  I like looking at the ladies in their finery.

Jenny and Scott hosted Easter dinner (smoked brisket) and we stuffed eggs with cold hard cash and "hid" them in Jenny's yard.  The egg part of Easter doesn't take long, does it?  I think it's obvious that the bunny/chick/egg Easter trappings are inconsequential in light of Jesus rising from the grave for us.  Like Bill said, "It's one of the 3 big days."  It IS for believers, people who seek to walk with Christ, to see things with spiritual heavenly eyes.  I like the song that says, "and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace."  

 I have a recipe for sponge cake written in my granny's handwriting.  I've been wanting to try it.  I followed the recipe but I didn't have cake flour or a sifter and I think that made a difference.  It looked wonky when I took it out of the oven.  It tasted good so I cut it in cubes and we made it into a trifle when we got to Jenny's house.  I didn't use pudding/custard, just frozen strawberries, sliced banana, and whipped cream.  It was delicious!  A happy accident.  
 It was a good realization both Bill and I had:  Kids like to celebrate holidays at home.  Who can blame them?  Riding in the car to relatives' houses isn't THEIR idea.  On many occasions our grannies and grandpas came to our house and that way we could bounce around freely.  I'm thankful that we have many ordinary days to enjoy our kids' and grands' company for dinner, but I'm okay with not hosting the big shindigs. Look at Plum!  Happily jumping on her own sofa!  Ha!

Bill and I have temporarily moved in to this little garden home.  We like the smell of pansies and we can keep watch to make sure the Japanese beetles don't attack the roses and peonies.

We'd like to have you over for dinner.  However, there's not much room to jump around.
God be with you. Thank you for checking in. 


magsmcc said...

Oh Pom. I'll be fifty next year. I was only forty somethng when I started to blog and all was mostly young feeling still. Now I groan all over! You two stay snug in that cotrage of delights and ignore the world utterly!

Cat Lover said...

Hi Pom Pom, looks like a wonderful weekend was had by all. Love the photo of you as a clown. I am sure you made many people happy.
Love all the photos of you grandkids.
I just turned 53 and am trying to break out of my comfort zone in regards to my clothing. I like to try different styles and colours while still staying modest. It is interesting!
Have a wonderful week!

Farm Girl said...

It looks so nice to see Easter at your house. I really just love seeing the kids. How fun for Kelli and her family. Utah looks awesome. I need to go back there someday.
I love your clown pictures. I bet it was fun.
Have a nice day.

M.K. said...

I like you cake idea -- rescuing the cake! Looks quite yummy. You are right about traveling to where the children are. It's exhausting for them to always be away from their home for holidays, and you do grow to love the homes where you celebrate holidays, so it's good to move them around. Happy Easter to you!!

Granny Marigold said...

You took a wonky cake and made a yummy trifle!!
I'm not sure about your fashionable ladies. I never know what's in style anyway.
I would like to visit you in your tiny house but I must shrink first.
Have a great week.

Julia said...

Thank you for inviting me to your little garden house. It looks very comfy. I saw some red Japanese beetles the other day when I cleaned my flowerbed. They were quickly crushed so they don't multiply and destroy my Asiatic lilies.

The girls are having some serious fun in Utah. I bet they will have a lot to share with you.
You were a cute colorful clown way back then and I bet it was hard work.

I like your idea to make a trifle with the lopsided cake. I have a beautiful trifle dish and never used it. I don't make cakes often.

I came upon a documentary or something about that lady who took photos of elderly ladies in their stylish clothing.


Granny Marigold said...

You salvaged a wonky cake and made a yummy trifle. A lot of the things I make/bake turn out sort of wonky but mist can be rescued. Thankfully.

I'm not sure about your fashionable ladies. I never know what's in style and even if I did I doubt I'd feel comfortable in whatever it is.

Henny Penny said...

You made a great clown! In fact, I've never seen such a great looking clown! I love the picture of Plum jumping on the couch. Now I want a little house like yours!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Great post. I went to the church's Easter Egg Hunt and the kids sure had fun too. Then on to a 1 year old's Birthday Party - I was sure tired when I got home.

So glad that you could save your cake and use it with the fruit and whipped topping. Isn't it great when you make a mistake and can still make something really good out of it.

I will probably post this week - I have been so busy taking a neighbor to and from therapy twice a week that I lose so much time by the time I get back home. Plus I had so many doctor's visit the last 2 weeks. Everything was good.

Take care and enjoy your week. You make a delightful clown.


Boyett-Brinkley said...

yes, kids do like their holidays at home and I don't mind not hosting the big shindigs myself anymore. We had a light Easter lunch after church with daughter, son in law, and Bean. They were on their way home by 1:30. I ws fine with that. There is a blog called Advanced Style as well based on that book. I look at it from time to time but since I am most unfashionable and I live in Texas, most of what I see wouldn't work but I have to hand it to those ladies -- they have gumption!

ellen b. said... wonder you have so much fun with your grands and enjoy clowning around. Trifle is the best antidote to so many things that might go wrong. Your trifle looks delicious! My mom always enjoyed dressing us up. I really am not a fashionista because comfort is more my thing. Utah looks like a great place to explore. Have a great week dear one!

Julie said...

Everything is beautiful today Pom Pom. Yes I can imagine how hard it would've been to be a clown & make everyone laugh & be happy. What a big expectation. I love your idea for the sponge cake ... it looks delicious, as does those fruit kebabs. Wish I could lick the screen & taste test !!!!! Have a lovely week my friend xxx

ann said...

A very cheerful, happy, colorful post. I like your new home. Happy Spring. And baby is just precious trying to figure out what he's got in his hand.

happyone said...

So nice to see all that happiness. : )
Great post as always and I think you make a terrific clown!!

Jennifer Hays said...

It sounds like you had a very nice Easter. It was great to see the little ones having fun. You were such a great clown! I'm sure with your warm heart and sense of fun, you must have been a huge hit at parties.

Melanie said...

Your sponge cake photo reminds me a bit of the English trifle that I make. It looks so yummy! Love the clown photo. I dressed up as a clown many years ago when I walked my older two children around for trick or treating. You must have been a wonderful clown! Have a great day.

Gumbo Lily said...

You were a cute clown!
I'm still hosting most holiday celebrations, but it's because I have the room and dishes for it. I'm thankful all my girls are so willing to help with bringing salads and desserts to round out the meals. Your trifle looks delicious! I love trifle.

"The things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace." Yes to that!
God bless you, Friend.

Marcie said...

Pom, the clown! You were spreading color and cheer, just as you do with your blog. Even without hilarious antics! lol

I love all the Easter color and fun, but I respect your reminder that some deeper meaning lies beneath all of the trappings.

I shall make my own house in a tiny hollow log that I found in the woods. You may visit anytime! I will make us a pot of tea, and we shall sip from an acorn cap, if you don't mind.

Sending love across the miles!

GretchenJoanna said...

I was a clown for exactly one birthday party, and that was plenty - even though I was 30 years younger!

Those fashionable old ladies - I think it is more the poise and elegance of their manner and carriage that make them look classy, more than the particular clothes they wear. Also, most of them aren't chubby. If I wore the same clothes I think I would look ridiculous.

What are the Big Three Bill is thinking of - or, what is the third, after Christmas and Easter? The Resurrection is our High Holiday, for sure. Worthy of eggs, bunnies, flowers, cakes, candles, late nights, singing and shouting.... ;-)

Jean | said...

Twenty years? I'd be happy to take off 10. Even 5 would be a huge help! :D Love your cake rescue - I hate to waste food, so I really appreciate a good "save"!

Deb said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful, family Easter. Such cute grandkids! Enjoy the coming week.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You were a very fun looking clown! I love your sense of humor and I bet the kids did too! So fun to have such precious memories with your grandkids, and you are right, the kids are always more content to be at home, and have big events. Enjoy your new little home, it looks just about perfect ;)

Lisa Richards said...

I like the fashionable ladies. I'd like to have the courage to "do my own thing" as far as clothes go.

I took a little clown class in Boulder when I was in my late teens. I have a photo somewhere of me with my makeup and outfit. I really wasn't clown material. I'm not sure why I did it either!

I may have to check out that podcast. I seem to enjoy listening to people jabber (on YouTube). People are so interesting!

Thanks for another delight-filled post! :)

Heather LeFebvre said...

Hi PomPom!!! Catching up (slowly) on the pic of you as a clown! Don't you think that's what makes life interesting -- doing fun/funny things?!!! Being a clown sounds like something that would be fun to have as a memory and not fun to be doing now! ha ha ha!!! I would have fun looking through that clothing book! I think that sometimes clothing is an art form for people -- a way to express beauty and their inner creative self.

Bradley Maston said...

So sweet! Love those Easter celebrations. 😍