Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Prep for Sister and a Yarn Festival!

 My sister is coming tomorrow so I had to shore up the guest room.  We hadn't moved the beds (from when Jenny's family stayed with us for several weeks) and we had to huff and puff, heave and ho to get things put to rights.  I am not sure what happened to the roller blind that was in the window so I made a curtain out of an old sheet.  I'm proud of myself.  It's pretty, isn't it?

There is snow on the ground today, but spring has arrived.  The skies have been incredible.  
 Most of the time when guests are coming I get my rear in gear, but sometimes I get a little too scattered, making impossible to do lists and trying to do things I should have done instead of sitting around knitting all winter.  I did load up two crates of books for the Ft. Collins grands.  Yay. 
 Jenny's family had a lovely vacation.  Look at Samantha running on the sand!  
 Our daughter in law April went to the Interweave Yarn Festival with me.  We bought tickets for the market place.  We didn't take classes.  I liked seeing all of the gorgeous fibers and I was encouraged to see many ladies my age.  I have felt like the knitting world is full of youngsters (a good thing!) so I liked seeing my own tribe of knitters at the fest.  

 The little Johnny Jump Ups are the only flowers appearing in the garden. 
 Sunset a few nights ago
 My Bible study small group members are making prayer beads for the annual art show (culminating the end of the year long study).  The beads below are my friend's creation.  SO pretty, right?
 Jenny and I went to the bead section at the big crafty store yesterday so I could buy beads for my prayer BRACELET (I already have a circle of beads) and I realized that I know nothing about jewelry making.  Here's what I chose.  Woodsy.  
 I'm skipping Bible study today so I can spend the morning with our Kelli. We're going to go get massages later.  I hope I get a nice masseuse.  The last one I had was kind of lazy and had a pretty low energy technique.  Picky me.
Speaking of Kelli. They have added this character to their animal menagerie.  So far her name is Bawn! Bawn!  Kelli morphs her animals' names anyway so I'm betting that Bawn! Bawn!  it is.  She's cute, isn't she? Yes, she's an indoor girl. 

I've said this before but I have moved my computer downstairs because I don't like sitting in the office chair in my study.  The angle is wrong for lap top usage.  I aim to keep more abreast of my blogs now.  If you blog every day, I read your posts but I haven't been commenting every day.  
I must get back to my work, dusting and vacuuming, scrubbing and polishing.  
God be with you, sweet reader.  


Susie said...

So funny about the bunny. I know you love those grands. :):) Wow, the talents of the ladies. The colors of the yarn....amazing. What a fun time you must have had there. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

faith76 said...

All that lovely yarn has been making me drool lol xx Have a lovely week xx

Julia said...

Oh my PomPom, what a beautiful array of the finest wool and beautiful knitting. It must have been heaven to be there...

I think winter is for taking it easy and knit if that's what brings you joy but with spring we can change gear. I always find it takes a little longer as i get older. Love the beautiful bunny.
Your curtains are lovely and fresh.

Enjoy your sister's company.
Hugs, Julia

Granny Marigold said...

I really like your new curtains and the simple but lovely little garland.
Also love all the gorgeous colours of wool. Makes me wish once again that I could knit.
Bawn Bawn looks a lot like my sweet little Cinnamon Bun.

Farm Girl said...

What a nice post. What fun to go to that yarnfest. Very cute bunny.
I know you are going to have such fun with your sister. We moved beds last night, I am doing sheets and getting the room ready.
It should be nice. I make unreal lists too.
Have a wonderful time.

Marcie said...

I see why you love knitting, especially events or yarn shopping. All of that color is just soul-satisfying! Bawn Bawn is a cutie. Love you sheet curtain. What a pretty print. I hope the visit is relaxed and filled with fun and laughter. Have a beautiful rest of the week, dear Pom.

NanaDiana said...

Sounds like you have been busy...fingering wool and getting ready for your sister...BOTH equally important in my eyes. I hope you have a ball with your sister. Love the bunny Bawn!Bawn! Too cute. We used to have bunnies when we were kids, too. Not inside ones though.

Hope you have a great rest of the day- xo Diana

Gumbo Lily said...

What fun to have your sister coming! The curtain is just right for the guest room window. My goodness! The Yarn Festival must have been a blast. I loved looking at the knitted things you pictured.
Have fun with Sis!

Henny Penny said...

You did a great job on the curtains! They look so springy and pretty! Such pretty colors of yarn...and I love the big inside bunny!

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely selection of wools, beautiful colour ranges.

Nana Go-Go said...

Long ago and in a galaxy far,far away when I was expecting visitors I would even go to the extremes of taking down curtains and laundering them!I love that you made such a pretty pair. Now, people take me as they find me in my little bijoux residence, which in general, is humble but cosy and there's always something nice to eat in the fridge. I loved your little visit to the yarn festival. Such jewels of temptation. If I had my way, I'd spend every waking minute knitting or crocheting. I love yarn so much. Funny little Bunny Bawn,Bawn!Have fun with your

Anonymous said...

Love the curtains! Yippee for a sister visit. All that beautiful yarn. It would make my head spin. Glad you are having good times. A massage! I want a massage! Blessings on your sister time.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Love the prayer beads! And the curtains! You are so creative! Sounds like you are playing my game -- wait until you HAVE to clear out to actually do it -- nothing preventative here! As usual, your blog is lovely.

magsmcc said...

Dear me, I hope all your mole in a hole work is done by now and that you are outside with tea! I do stand amazed at all those gorgeous yarny creations. I very much like the contrasts in the mustard and grey piece. I wonder could I emulate something like that? Hope your massage was blissful. I think skipping Bible study is ok for that. I usually skip Bible study for boys' homework which is not blissful at all. And finally, at the end of this list of loves, I love the woody prayer bracelet. May it bring you deep moments of quiet thought x

Attic Clutter said...

oh love the curtain so much..the fabric..and that vine..just so cute!!

Wood Fairy said...

Homemaking I think is actually fun, I like your pretty curtains for visiting sister's bedroom. Do you put a nice book in the room for her and a reading lamp? maybe even the cat? I bet you will! Betty x

Wood Fairy said...

p.s.prayer beads are pretty, I liked the crosses you made a few years back too.

Beca said...

Bunnies are such sweet little pets. I've had a couple years ago. The curtains look great.
xx Beca

Sandra Cox said...

Look at that sweet bunny!
The curtains turned out great.
Enjoy the visit with your sib:)

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cute rabbit; I saw an all black rabbit sitting/eating by the side of the road. It was most unusual because most wild rabbits aren't black.
Fun fiber festival, I'm making plans to go to one or two this year and want to take a class on Indigo dyeing. A lotta years ago, I went to the Estes Park Fiber!

M.K. said...

SO much pretty stuff here to enjoy! I think your new curtain is VERY pretty -- much prettier than a roller blind, so that was divine intervention, yes? Haha :) I saw it, and I thought, "I want curtains just like that." Why did I buy curtains years ago that I dislike? Hmm.
What a yarn festival! What is it about yarn that makes it so delicious? Those colors! Those are fancy knitters. I'm not fancy at all, but it looks like so much work -- I'd rather make dishcloths!! But I love to look at their even stitches. Have a lovely visit with your sis. Don't overdo!!

Heather LeFebvre said...

Ha ha I always imagine there are more people in your age bracket knitting than in mind! I guess we all have our own observations!!! Possibly its just the people in my area that I know that knit....