Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Some Fun Things

 Hi sweet visitors!  I found these amazing purple hyacinths on my walk.  So purple!
Look! Tim now has some sticker friends at his dining table! πŸ˜‚
 He's mad in this photo.  He wanted more treats which really are sort of like Cheetos for cats and we shouldn't overdo it.
 I hung up all of my posies from Heather at Blackberry Rambles.  Isn't she a flower-making genius?
I made French bread!  I used the bread machine and I was sort of astounded that the ingredients are simply flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast.  No fat.  It was so good!

That's all for today.  I am going to plant sweet pea seeds and maybe remove a weed or two. We're going to Sam's Club to see what they have and buy some necessary things.  
After that I am going to sit in the sun for a minute or two.  Thank you, good Father, for that sweet ball of fire.
Take care!  Thank you for checking in on me!  

Friday, April 24, 2020

What About CAKE?

 Hello to you!  Finally the snow is gone and I am getting ready to plant some flower seeds.  I shall try to be more orderly when planting.  It makes it so much easier and nicer to see the new sprouts in two weeks time.  One year I had James help and he does what he's supposed to (such a good boy) but because I was preoccupied with our fun garden morning, I promptly forgot what we planted and where we planted the seeds.  This year I'll write it down in my garden journal (must hunt for it). 
 The strawberries at the grocery store are HUGE.  This is an old berry photo, but I intend to buy some berries today.
 This is a neighbor's lovely array of tulips, but I do have a few small tulips ready to pop. 
 I have a question for my UK and Australian and New Zealand friends.  When you use the word CAKE, do you mean a baked birthday cake type of cake or do you also mean a banana loaf or other fruit loaf, too?  So, please answer in the comments (everyone, please) what CAKE means to you!

I ordered a thumb brace for my right hand because my thumb is poppy.  I can't write and draw (and color) quite as easily so I am going to try to rest it via a brace.
Just thought you should know (πŸ˜‚)
I love you for stopping in!  I hope you are doing well, getting a few laughs every day and EATING CAKE! 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Chit Chat

It's Saturday (just in case you can't figure out what day of the week it is anymore πŸ˜‰)
I found this birdie pillow at Walmart in the vast outdoor garden area.  I am excited about eventually going to garden centers again.  I bet you are, too. 
 I need some big bird cakes, too.  Sigh.  I guess they aren't necessary and I haven't BEEN to a Walmart but do they limit what you can shop for in the superstores?  Do they say, "No, you may not go over to the fabric and craft area."?
 I really need the grands to come over and make a dent in this candy.  I've eaten some but it gives Granny heartburn.  πŸ˜‚
 After the snow went away 😏 I went out to see if anything grew.  Yes! The one day lily that I have left (I used to have lots but we dug them up because they are piggy when it comes to space) is okay after her snow dose.
 I think Holly Hollyhock is going to survive.

Look at the beautiful red peony shoots!  Yay! πŸŽ‰

 Rhubarb!  Yay!  A week ago there was no sign of this!  I'm so excited for this plant to show her girth so I can increase my girth by eating pie and cobbler.
Here's a little perennial making a comeback.
I just got this fun cookbook in the mail.  I haven't scanned the whole thing but there are some very yummy-looking dishes inside.  

Did you know that you can have your photos printed up on these handy little hanging boards?  Yes, at Walgreen's!

 My sister (she's on top in the middle) sent me this old photo.  I think it's 20 years old.  My auntie is on the left and my mama is on the right and I am on the bottom with the dogπŸ˜‚
My skin looks way younger then but the last twenty years have been fun and worth a wrinkle or two. 
Well,  I shall go make some muffins for dinner.  I think I'll grind some carrots in the food processor (we are friends now) and throw in some shredded coconut and bit of ground almond and maybe some crushed pineapple.  Sound good?  
I have cleaned two levels of our floors.  The top level where our room is rarely gets a good clean.  I hope I have the verve to do that on Monday.  Last night I turned the attic fan on because yesterday was a bit warmer than the day before.  This was not a smart move.  It was cold for us!  Tim went under the covers to spoon with me.  I guess his fur pajamas just aren't warm enough. Here he is eating again. πŸ˜‚
Thank you so much for stopping in!  I love hearing from you and I really love just knowing you visit.  xoxoxo

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Baking and Making

 We had cinnamon rolls for Easter lunch.  Cinnamon rolls are a beautiful food.

Easter means so much!  We have a Savior who died for us and rose again so we can be free from the shackles of our sinful selves and our sinful world.  We can be in right relationship with God the Father!  Oh yes.  The way is narrow.
 Look at these Easter basket boys!  We miss them!
 I tried to make sugar cookies but the dough wasn't right because of my lack of butter.  I decided I need a new rolling pin sock and pastry cloth.
 Dessert was trifle.  YUMMY!
 I am hard at work here (kidding) finishing a woolly sweater.
 Another lovely glimpse of sweetness!
 This recipe was from The Kitchen Congregation and it's called Lemon Chess Pie.  Good!
 Bill accidentally dropped one of my china mugs (a sheep one) so I ordered hedgehogs to replace it.  Isn't it sweet?

The pastry cloths came in less than 24 hours.  Yay for next time I make pie or rolls! 

 I finished the sweater!  I love it when I finish. You'd think I'd finish more.  Hmmmm.
I grew cat grass for Tim and it is growing so tall.  It needs more sun.  (Snow again today)
It's time to dance around to children's praise music.  Thirty minutes.
Thank you for popping in!

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Spring Beautiful

 Even though we are supposed to have snow on Easter, spring is shining like a bride today!
 We walked near Kelli's house the other day and said hello to the alpacas (they are not Kelli's alpacas - yay)
 I hope the cold front doesn't nip the lilac buds.
 In the morning, the neighborhood is quiet.  In the late afternoon, there are many families and dog walkers cruising the sidewalks, keeping their distance (πŸ˜‰).
 It's so beautiful! 

I'm thankful for freedom.  Soon, we will be free to hug family and friends, visit businesses and shops, gather to share in worship and fellowship with Christians, and we will appreciate that freedom very very much, won't we?
Tomorrow I shall shop for Easter food and maybe I'll bake hot cross buns, bunny cookies, and a pie shell.  
We'll celebrate and sing, "He is RISEN! He is RISEN INDEED!"

Monday, April 6, 2020

Happy Reruns

 We were able to get topsoil from the outdoor  area at our favorite hardware store.  It's not planting time yet.  We have to wait another month, but it's nice to refurbish the flowerbeds.  Deep under the beds are rocks, so more dirt is necessary.  I'm using favorite photos today, just for cheer.

Here's Pom Pom saying hello to you!  It was so long ago that Pom Pom the Cutest Clown Around visited birthday parties and other gatherings.  Don't you like my wig?  Purple. 

 It's almost EASTER!  Wowie zowie!  Isn't it wonderful that all churches are broadcasting their worship services on YouTube or on their websites?  Sometimes on Facebook, too!  I like it!

Some days when there isn't as much going on (an understatement, really) we must have great faith, go along with the moment, reflect and feel grateful that we don't know and understand our world that well.  I'm okay with trusting like that.  I do know that the sky today is very blue, the clouds are puffy, the breeze is gentle and the bowl of popcorn I just ate tasted extra good.
If you have a prayer request, leave it in a comment.  I will pray for you.
Thank you for stopping in and checking on me.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Bear Hunts and Other Things

I made soda bread and it looks good!  It was OKAY.  My mom said that the kind of soda bread I like has sugar in it.  Shocker.  The soda in soda bread gives me heartburn, so I best quit trying to buy it or make it. 
Have you placed a bear in your window?  I just did yesterday and then Christie said that James took a pad and pencil out on a walk and found 20!  Bill and I found 4 or 5 last night when we went on our evening walk.  It's fun!  Bear hunts! 

 I've been thinking that this quiet and rest time we have been experiencing is a good time to study.  I ordered the two commentaries below on our Brad's recommendation and I am a little embarrassed to admit that these are the first commentaries I have ever owned and I've been a follower of Jesus for 43 years.  Gulp.

 Truth be told, I do not love looking at Tim's cat tree.  It isn't pretty. πŸ˜‚ He does use the scratching post feature so that's a good thing (he also scratches our shabby upholstered furniture😏)
 Here's the fabric for the next jumper.  Cute, huh?  I can't sew without humming "painting the roses red".
 This morning I hemmed some pants I haven't been wearing.  See how short I am when I don't buy petite sizes?  You can only roll pant legs up SO much!  πŸ˜‚
 These are the alcohol markers I am using to color in all the Jolly Postmans that will decorate the traveling book.  Eventually I will complete this task.  Thanks for being so patient.  I know it's not top on all of the hostess's lists of excitements, but you are all so kind and so willing to play along.  I do feel bad I can't seem to pull it together quickly.  Fear not!  Jolly will begin his travels soon! 
 Accomplishment: I tidied this little shelf thing. It had books and papers crammed in the slots.  Now it sports mugs.  
Note to young homemakers:  When you think you want to collect something and you end up buying many of this "collectable" keep in mind that you may not be QUITE as excited about this collection when you are a granny.  When you are a granny, your sweet children may not value your chosen collection.  Translation: I have way too many of these Hartstone Pottery mugs.  Argh.
 Here's the jumper of the day.  Would you like to come to the Mad Tea Party?  
Our basement is so scruffy btw.

It's cold today, so no bear walk tonight.  Thank you for telling me what you cook for dinner.  I am thinking we might have bacon and eggs.  We hardly ever have breakfast for dinner, but why not?
Sending heaps of love your way!