Sunday, January 20, 2019

Some Color and Bird News

The throw quilts came so I hung them up in our bedroom.  I love the clip curtain rings because it's so easy to change things a bit. They are a little bright, but I like them a lot.

I am taking a knitting vacation, and it is really helping my tendons and muscles.  It's worth it because I DO need my arms to keep house and such (LOL).  I can cross stitch instead, but I am very out of practice.  I'm an old school cross stitcher anyway.  I don't like squinting to see linen or trying not to pull too tight with each stitch.  I need the remedial BIG Aida cloth just as a first grader needs manuscript paper.
 Baa!  Baa!  Aren't the sheep on my mug silly?  
 Here is our baby petty pet.  He's such a cuddle bug.  He trusts us completely. Bill says he wants to be constantly watching God like Timothy constantly watches us.  I do, too.  

We've had a quiet Sunday.  We went to church, but then we came home to do things here.  I had some computer work to do and I watched Brad's sermon on Youtube.  I took a nap on the sofa with the space heater close by.  I do get cold in January.  I'm convinced it's because of where the sun is in the sky.  Soon we'll have a warmer house.
I still haven't made it to the swimming pool.  Do you think that once I go for the first time that maybe I'll be more exuberant about it?  I hope so.  
I sure hope you have an uplifting week.
I hope you feel the joy of all the little things you are blessed to have in front of you.
I hope you laugh and smile a lot.
Thank you for stopping in to say hello!

PS:  Finn's parakeets laid four eggs and three hatched!  Now they are growing feathers and peeping away.  Amazing, huh?

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Yes, January

 This morning (very early) I took this book down from one of my book spots.  Aw!  Mitford.  I had forgotten how lovely the stories are.

Christie, James, and Noah made a snowman (yes, we had a lot of snow).  April gave them the snowman kit so it was a very photogenic snowman.  He's melted now (all in a heap!)

It's bright here, but it's cold and iceberg-y.  I don't like the piles of grey/white that are leftover after a fairly sizable snow.  I want to think about warm things like this summer fruit.

 I think it's very wise to buy a lot of spring flowers in January.  I think it might be even better than buying bedding plants in May.  I need flowers now.

 I wish our grocery store was a big fresh market.  It isn't really all that big, the produce section.  Remember the days before fruit stickers?  Wasn't that the BEST?

 Last, a few sheep from my brother's back yard.  They aren't their sheep, but they were there one summer.  The brown one is so lovely and I'd like to have some of her wool. 

Now I shall trundle off to the grocery store to buy salad makings.  Those photos made me hungry for crunchy foods.
Thank you for stopping in to visit.  I love it when you do.

(Oh!  Thirty-eight years ago today, I became a mama.  Our Brad.  I was such a rookie mommy, but God's grace arrived and we muddled through.  I'm so thankful.)

Friday, January 11, 2019

Just Thinking Around

 It's snowing today and everything outside is white.  School was not delayed.  I like to check my district website to see if all schools are closed.  I think I might  be able to remember that elated feeling I used to get when they'd call a snow day!  Ha ha ha!  I do feel good on snowy days.  I even scrubbed the shower tiles while I was taking my shower.  Yesterday I was very tired because Timothy jumped on Bill's face about 1:30 am. YIKES!  I felt nap-ish all day.  
 I did go for a walk along the ridge even though I felt sleepy.  Winter is very brown here in Colorado as you can plainly see.

This morning called for a Youtube fire.  Tim peered out the window. 

Yesterday I wasn't going to knit, thinking I'd give my knitting muscles a tiny break.  I still reached for some works in progress and added some pink to this pretty scarf.

 This is my first attempt at Norwegian mitten knitting.  I made a few mistakes, but even so I think it is beautiful.  Now on to the second mitten (yikes).

I smell the stew meat in the oven.  Stew is a great January snow day meal. 
Thank you answering my January questions and leaving such fine comments.  I think I'll go a visiting around blog world right now.
God be with you this day.  I pray you would see Him and feel Him.

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Blush on a Pear

 Here's a little pink for you.  It's a thin quilted coverlet I bought from a clearing house.  Don't orange, pink, and green look good together?

The kids had fun at the aquarium. I am a lousy field trip helper.  I have a very small attention span and want to zip through the exhibits (this posed a problem when I took our kids to the zoo years ago).  It's a good thing the mommies were good teachers and made sure the kids saw what there was to see. 

 Timothy has bad manners.  He really wanted to smell the hyacinth on the table.  Spoiled.  
 I received the books below for Christmas.  They are a bit too "hip vintage" for me, but the recipes are wonderful.  I love tea food which is slightly unfortunate because tea food usually means many calories which causes my granny bod to expand.  I like reading the recipes even though I know better than to make tea food for myself.
 Our weather has been lovely for January.  I like to go outside and get some fresh air when we have blue sky days.  
 April and I are progressing with our sweaters.  Her sweater is khaki color and mine is this . . . 

I want to look like a lilac.

My sister sent me this photo of us in the paddling pool.  We laughed because there is no water in the pool.  We are wearing cute sunsuits and bathing our babies. Aw!

 Here's my very favorite color.  God makes the most gorgeous things, like pears. I love the blush on a ripening apple, plum, or pear.  If I could I would dye my hair this very shade.  I won't because I don't believe in coloring my hair anymore.  Sometimes I blonde it up a bit just to even it out but it turns yellow-y which is weird so white/silver it shall be.  

Speaking of tea, I think I'll have a little cup right now.  
How does the sunshine make YOU feel?  
What do you eat with your cup of tea?
Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Little Horse and Some Polka Dots

Hello to you!  I chose some photos from my archives today, because I rarely look at them and they give me a lot of joy. 
This cute mini horse is named Snickers.  She escapes through the fence and wanders onto Kelli's driveway.  Every time we go to Kelli's house I hope that Snickers will be out for a little ramble.  Isn't she adorable?  She isn't super nice.  She bit Miss Bug one time, but she is awfully cute.

Mags from Belfast sent me this lovely book and I read it to the kids when we ate stew and such on St. Patrick's Day a few years ago.  I love the daffodils in this picture and I really love the green and white polka dot tablecloth.

In Rumer Godden's book Thus Far and No Further she says that there should be a little bit of pink in every room, remember?
I order a quilted cover for our bed and I love the pink paisley print.  Now to hang curtains with a little bit of pink, too.
I have grandiose plans of painting the laundry room a light pink and then making a pink calico curtain to add cheer.
I have some new pink wall stickers but I have to decide where to put them.
When our oldest grand Cadence was here she said, "Your house is so cozy."  She made her granny feel very happy.  I think cozy is the highest compliment that can be paid when it comes to our dwelling place. 
I am off to the aquarium with some grands and their mommies today.
How is January treating you, kind reader?

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019

 Happy New Year!  Sam's celebrating with pizza!  So cute!

Don't you love this mug my neighbor gave me?  Aw! 
 Here's our new stove. Sorry about the clobber on the side. It's messy on the counters after the holidays.  I must tidy it all up.  The stove is very basic, but it cooks (and bakes - I made a box mix of brownies).
 I'm excited about this knitting.  I am almost to the part where you put the sleeves on waste yarn and proceed around with the body.  The charted section was a little hard for me, but I think it's all good now. 
 Even though we joined the local rec center, I have only been there once.  I walked on the indoor track and it was fine, not a super bunch of fun, but fine.  It's freezing here today so walking outside is not appealing.  I jumped around to this for a while.

Shortly after that I switched to my favorite screen, the YouTube fire.  

How are you feeling about the new year?  I feel thankful.  I'm thankful for the bright sun outside, our sweet people, our house, healthy food, and so many other things.  I'm thankful for YOU because you're nice and take the time to read my words.  (BIG SMILE)