Sunday, April 28, 2013

Delights for Eyeballs

 The sun is shining! Yahoo!  
On another note (get it?) I bought these lovely CK cards at one of my favorite gift shops.  We just don't get enough Cath Kidston in the United States of America.  

 And my garden angel friend Catherine sent me this amazing magazine that we Americans DO NOT have.  It's gorgeous!  The pages are thick, the pictures are glorious and the stories are wonderful!

 Ever the Willows hostess, she sent a Mole card.  Oh Mole!  I love you so!  Badger is still nervous about flying to Ireland.  Soon, off he'll go.  
 I bought a poppy, but because it is supposed to snow this week (sadness) I am keeping this beauty inside until Mother's Day.

 Lizzy and Sam come to see us on Sundays!
 Now, I am showing you Aria's third birthday presents.  Her mommy might see them before we take them to her house Friday, but they are so cute!  I wanted to share them with YOU first!

 Isn't this fairy doll from Magic Cabin adorable?  I know Aria will like having a fairy.
 She came with a forest friend, boots, a purse and a cushy hat!  Granny loves her!  I hope Aria does!
 Even though I did a good bit of snow whining, we DO have daffodils!  Yay!
My sweet neighbor places little gnomes in my garden and then I come upon them as I'm looking for new growth.  Isn't she sweet?
Oh, I had a very busy weekend and this week is going to be full, too.  That's okay.
I feel loved by our BIG God, attended to in a wonderful way, and blessed with goodness.
I hope your week is fresh and sweet.  I hope someone leaves a May Day treat on your doorstep.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snow Whine

 Yesterday I slid to school in my car-sleigh.  Yikes!  Colorado needs moisture, so we aren't complaining.  Well, I'm sort of complaining.  I wore a ski sweater to school yesterday because of the Winter Wonderland outside my window and over the course of the day, going from the computer lab for reading tests and back to my room and to a meeting, I began to feel like winter weather is making me cuckoo.  I felt hot and sleepy.  My waistband felt like it was growing tighter.  By the time I drove in the driveway in the late afternoon I was so sleepy.  
 We went to bed VERY early and today I am THINKING flowers and birds and flip flops.  
 I am thankful for my treasure trove of flower images.  Note to self:  Keep taking pictures of flowers.

 Additional note to self:  Keep walking around the neighborhood and take pictures of green stuff, too!

 I fear that our area's tulips faced discouragement when the snows kept coming.  Sad.  I'm glad I took this photo a few springs ago!
 This one, too!
I am VERY glad that I spotted these fairies in my grass and snapped this favorite photo.  
I know that the yard fairies are huddled in their underground homes, bundled up in their wool sweaters, wrapped in shawls made from last year's thistle down.  Yesterday I heard someone say, "I decided to trudge through the virgin snow since this is sure to be our last snow fall."  HOPE!
Oh, how I'd love to be floating in a crystal clear lake or riding my pool noodle in a cool aqua-blue swimming pool.  I'd like to get up in the morning, listen to birdsong, set the sun tea outside on the fence post, eat cantaloupe for breakfast, and water a pot of flowers or two with my apple-green watering teapot.   
Snow snow go away and come again another day . . . like NEXT winter!
I wish you flowers. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Stroll

 I'm joining Aisling's Sunday Stroll today. I thought you might want to take a look at the cinnamon bread first.  Doesn't it look delicious?  It was scrumptious!
 It's been cold around here, but today it is 60+ degrees and my neighborhood walk was comfortable.

 This house is a redo.  I like the way they put in such a glorious porch with a ceiling fan.  I don't know the people who live here, but I feel sure they are full of imagination.
 This house always looks so crisp.  I have never seen actual people outside of this house.  They must be busy.

 There were other people out following the old sidewalks.
 It's a good day for swinging.

 I looked for Ratty along the banks of this creek.  

 It seems like it is taking forever for the fruit trees to blossom.  Sigh.

 Finally some neighbors came out to say, "Hello!"

 The Rockies are still snowy.
 This cute cottage has new owners.  I do like the stoney brick front and the awnings.  
 Yay!  There are very few blooms about.
 Back to my favorite house - ours! It's a happy little shelter from the storm.  Bill took down my vintage tablecloth garage curtains and put up his flags.  It's okay. 
 He's a good grass grower, isn't he?
Back inside.  Thank you for strolling with me!