Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A Sock for a Kangaroo and a Jolly Update

Hello friendly friends!  I'm still doodling and painting.  Here's a nun knitting a sock for a kangaroo😂.  I found the image online and copied it as best I could. 

Life has been full of family, family, family.  Thank you, God.  

 I spent my days last week at James and Noah's house because our Christie went to Chicago to help her brother's family.  We swam and gardened and played with B.T. the dog!

I feel so blessed to see our kids and grands.  We've seen our Fort Collins family more of late and that has been WONDERFUL!
I've been riding my bike preparing for my new 7-speed bike that comes in September.  Yesterday as I was on the "gliding" part of my short route I realized that I LOVE riding a bicycle and I am so thankful for that fun feeling.
Next time, the garden!  It gives a BIG fun feeling as well!
And, I finally laminated Jolly!  I just have to write my part of the travel story.  The books are kind of all over the place in my opinion, so I guess it's okay if my story is a bit random, too. 
I don't want The Jolly Postman to have a bulky package to travel in so I have to keep my plans flat.  See?  I haven't forgotten.  I figure it's a good time for him to travel around bringing cheer and GOOD NEWS instead of grim news. Do you agree?
Thank you for popping in!

Friday, June 5, 2020

Imaginary Friends

 My friend Sondra inspired me to do a little water coloring.  She drew a page full of vases and painted them beautifully.  I like to draw and paint "doodle" people.  My sister and I had a slew of imaginary friends when we were children.  Pook was scary.  Saun was nervous and uptight.  Pinkie was elusive.  Queenie was peaceful . . .  
I made some more imaginary friends (for granddaughter Cadence because she likes colorful letters that come in the mail).  I thought I'd share them with YOU.  Which friend would you like if you could pick just one?  My sister said she would like to be friends with "Jill" and I know why.  Karol LOVES babies.

 I think I'd pick Lottie because she likes to shoot arrows and I thought that was the best activity I ever enjoyed in high school physical education. Also, the bug thing.  I don't like them either.  My mosquito bites are SO itchy.  I would also love to be around Chloe.  I admire people who are good at neatness.  
Which friend would you choose?

The peony bushes sing out in the front garden.  I should go outside and clip a few white flowers.  They are SO heavy and the poor girl can barely hold her blooms (she's leaning). 

I'm going to have lunch with Sondra today. We're celebrating her birthday.  I had better check to see if the restaurant is even open for business.

THANK YOU for sharing about what you were like when you were a child.  You are the sweetest and most squishy souls around.  Many of you had less than carefree childhoods.  I am greatly encouraged that those of you who suffered a bit have turned out to be the most loving and inviting souls around.  I love you.
I was a wiggly child and I struggled to sleep.  I hated being the first one up and waiting for the rest of the household to rise.  I worried about things (I should have told my mom when I worried, because she definitely would have put my mind at ease).  I couldn't wait to learn to read and I remember when it all clicked and I was on my way.  I loved to write and draw.  I was shy when I went to school.  Hmmmmm.  Some things never change? 

Question:  When you get up in the morning, what are your favorite sights and smells?
In the summer, I love the smell of dew on the grass and leftover smoke from fire pits.  I love the smell of coffee and bacon. (We don't eat bacon often enough! 😂)

Thank you for stopping in, real friend. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Flowers, Gnomes, and Running to Heaven

 Cheep!  This is my robin mug from Hogben Pottery in the UK.  I waited FOREVER for it to arrive.  It's little and perfect for a cup of tea. It's so delicate.  Yes, I really needed another cup😏

We always have to have a little knitting going on. This is a cardigan with some color work on the yoke.  It's Lopi wool - LOVE!
The peonies!  The peonies!  This is my first cutting and now there are more.  I just have to wash off the ants and pop them into a vase.

 Look at granddaughter Cadence's cute shoes!  I love that iced lime color, don't you?
 I am writing a letter to Cadence, so I am drawing some friends.  I'm going to add little "yearbook style" stats under each name.  I love this kind of play.
 Oh, SWEET WILLIAMS, you are SO sweet!
 A few years ago I planted a bag of wildflowers and there must have been one flax seed.
 I found the peonies below on my walk.

 A hairdresser I go to about once a year called me and I made an appointment.  Bill said, "I like the ponytail." I changed my plan and had him do a wee trim instead of chopping off my old hair.  It turned into a rather "expensive" ponytail but hairdressers need business these days, so I don't mind.
 My seeds are popping up! 

 My neighbor/garden fairy left a message in my side garden.

 See what I mean?  Sweet Williams are STARS!

Still working on the friends.
I went for a walk with a friend early this morning (in her neighborhood) and she pointed out this lovely "gnome tree" to me!  Wow!  Precious! 

This morning when I was praying, I had an image of Jesus and I running fast together and laughing.  Then I would stop suddenly and He would stop, too.  Hmmmmm.  I think He is saying, "Run with Me.  Stay with Me.  You don't have to pace yourself and slow down or stop when you THINK you need a rest.  Let's run swiftly, you knowing ME,  all the way to Heaven!"  
Sounds good to me.

God be with you, friend.  
Thank you for calling in to say hello. 
Oh!  Here's another question since you are so good at answering them!
What kind of child were you? Were you shy?  Were you rough and tumble?  Were you happy or scared?  Were you a tom boy?