Monday, May 9, 2022

Adorable Things

Hello!  I'm still making juice but I am not drinking it.  Bill does!  He says it continues to make him feel really good, so I carry on!  The reason I don't drink it (besides that it tastes too much like dirt) is because I like chewing.

I planted pansies.  I haven't planted seeds just yet.  One of these days, I will.

I hope all you American mamas had a happy Mother's Day.  I did!  We went to Fort Collins because our Brad was awarded his PhD and we got to be there!  We're so proud of him.  We came home and had dinner with the girls and their families.  

I had this big lamb on my Amazon wish list and Bill was so kind to get it for me, no questions asked.  (You know, questions like why do you want a big stuffed lamb?) Isn't she cute?  I love sheep (because I am one) and of course you know I love wool. 

AND this sweet teddy.  I have a love for bears, too.  I am not too old for soft toys.
He was way too generous and also gave me these.  Again, no questions or comments about a 63 year old granny wanting dollies.  They go with the two I received for Christmas.  Aren't they a cute bunch?
From Jenny's family - a darling llama!
Kelli gave me this a few years ago and then Brad and April gave me a colored one by the same maker.  More sheep!

Do you like the plates above?  I think I'm going to hang them on the wall.  I'll show you when I do.

I am knitting a big shawl called the Half and Half Wrap by Purl Soho.  There are 260 stitches per row.  Whew!  It's soothing. 

Brad and April also gave me this set of minis.  April and I are going to do a knit-vent.  We'll knit a little on a shawl each day of December.  Doesn't that sound fun?
Kelli gave me tulips (LOVE) and Jenny gave me the sweet blue vase of gorgeousness.  I was so spoiled.  So. Spoiled.

I'm going to sort out my plan for flowers in the garden.  Maybe I should draw it.

We have a busy week of fun with grands and shows and a brunch with Bible study ladies.

What's your favorite garden flower?  Mine are sweet peas, sweet Williams, and zinnias.  Even though I do not like getting overheated in the summer time, I DO like being outside and watching flowers grow.

I hope you are having a lovely day. God be with you!

Monday, May 2, 2022

This Happened

Well, hello long lost blog friends! I wrestled with photos so much that I finally had to condense my lofty plans and tell you the shocking news about Jolly!

First of all, I've been very busy with my volunteer activities, so I was the equivalent of a lazy mother and continued to drop Jolly off at the rec center where he participated in the Silver Sneakers program.  I had noticed that he had grown kind of secretive.  Well, our Jenny and I flew up to Washington to see my mom and when I came back he was GONE!  Bill didn't know much, but Jolly told him he had some personal affairs to take care of and he'd be away for a few days.  WHAT?  

I wondered if he was taking some time away to think and ponder about choosing a wife.  These girls were top notch.


The girls Lisa found were incredible!

Heather's dates were so friendly!


Mag's women were brilliant!
Annie's gals were sophisticated and savvy!   


 MK's girls had so much personality and were so easy to talk to!

Angela's ladies were smart and classy!
But Jolly met Elizabeth at the rec center and they fell in love!  She's from England and she flirted with him from the very moment they met.  She kept moving his hand weights from his spot during weight training.  She'd wait until he went to get a drink and snatch them very quickly so she could chuckle at him as he looked bewildered.  She "accidentally" bumped into him at Zumba.  He invited her for a cup of tea and she politely declined because she had to take her cat Charles to the vet.  He asked again and she said yes.  Here's the other thing, they eloped! So they are married and we've been trying to get them ready to depart for . . .  you guessed it - England!  They want to live near Angela, so they are heading her way sometime this week.  Elizabeth is named after Queen Elizabeth.  She wants to arrive in England for the Queen's jubilee.  She's tiny and very polite and soft spoken, so it's quite surprising that she chose to pursue our Jolly!  He is SO in love.  They go for long walks to view the spring blossoms. They insist on PG Tips tea.  She's knitting him a new sweater. 
It won't take long to pack because Elizabeth has very few possessions.  She's lived here in Denver for fifteen years working as an administrator for a theater company.  She said it was a fun job because she got free tickets to shows, but she only stayed because she loves her church.  Now she can't wait to return with her postman. I'm not kidding, they are so gaga over one another that it's slightly embarrassing.  

Here are Elizabeth's possessions: a rug shaped like a mouse (?) that she says her cat is very attached to, her grey cat Charles, her Bible, her knitting, and her bag.  She has a few skirts and sweaters, some exercise clothes, and very little make up.  She's very nice, very smart, and she's never been married. 



 The adventure is over for us, but just beginning for Jolly and Elizabeth.  The other gals are really okay with Jolly choosing outside our blog capers.  They were very gracious when I emailed them the news.  

I'll be back very soon.  I've been working on a slideshow for Bible study and I thought I had some tech abilities, but I do not. I think I need some more training.  I do love the blog world and I am going to be more present here now.  It's such a fun way to document things and I love looking back at my life via Pom Pom's Ponderings.

I hope you are all well.  Thank you for cheering for Jolly. If you want to send them a wedding gift, don't.  They are minimalists at this juncture.  They have plans to take lots of walks and Elizabeth wants to enjoy her country again. No baggage.  Even though I wanted to be a busybody and carry out my plans, I'm happy for them.

Talk soon!  

Thursday, March 3, 2022


Hello!  I knit and knit and knit so I could get this butterfly in her cocoon made for a friend who is a new grandmother.  She is flying to Japan tomorrow to meet her granddaughter and I wanted to send it with her.  Do you like it? It's a Susan B. Anderson pattern. 
Look at this lovely set of mini skeins!  I'm not sure what I'll make with them, but the pinkness! LOVE!
We've been juicing!  Brad taught us how to do it. We bought a fairly inexpensive juicer.  The juice is full of good veggie and fruit vitamins.  It tastes like dirt, but Bill says it makes him feel good!  Beets make a lot of juice and up until now, I had not consumed a beet.  Change is good.
Little Mr. Faithful has been a tiny bit perturbed because a neighbor cat has been showing up at our door.  At first we thought he/she was cold and hungry, so we gave him bowls of kibble.  Now we see that the wanderer is getting fat, so I think he is just double dipping.  Tim gets furious when he sees this opportunist at the glass door.  We'll keep feeding the friend, because he is outdoors a lot.
I ordered an Emma Bridgewater mug.  My first.  LOVE!
It was SO cold last week, so I wore my cowl.  I do like it very much!
I've been so busy and finally I have a quiet day, so I am making chicken soup.  YUM!
My sweet friend, Kristi, gave me this adorable mug for Valentine's Day.  I am mug-rich. 
I brought this trifle to a Bible study dinner.  I love how pretty it is, but it's rich and a lot of creamy stuff to eat, so it's an "every now and then" type of dessert.  Don't you think so?
There's a lot of unrest in the world, in this world, but a better world exists.  Heaven will be a wonderful place, don't you think?

 About Jolly - well, he's joined the recreation center and honestly, he looks funny in his stretchy exercise shorts and his sneakers.  He has joined the Silver Sneakers club and he's made lots of friends.  I like to ask him to recollect his dates and I'm trying to get a bead on what he wants to do in regard to his love life.  I'm holding off drawing the name of the hostess that will decide his wifely destiny. Why?  I don't know.  He won't drink our juice, by the way.  He says it doesn't go with marmalade.  I shall buy him a kite, so he can get lots of fresh air.  He knows that he must pose with all the potential wives for one more Pom Pom post before he leaves forever.  He's pensive.  He's cautious.  He should be. It's fine.  Maybe we'll go for a bike ride today, before it snows again this weekend.  He loves tooling around the neighborhood.

God be with you, sweet reader.  I'm so glad you popped in!  xo

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Bunny Sweater


Kelli gave me cute knitted toadstools for Christmas.  Yes, I still love toadstools.  They are so storybook-y.
GB (Girl Bunny) is wearing the sweater I made her, but I haven't made her dress yet.  I bought thread at the Bernina store, so I can do some more sewing (I had not purchased new thread in about six years).   My ironing basket is overflowing, so I have not been sewing.  I know, that doesn't make very much sense.  I have a mental block in my brain in regard to sewing.  I tend to think I should only sew if all the other housework is done.  Crazy!  Why do I think that way?
I want to ask you something.  Do you want to see all of Jolly's wives all lined up before he leaves me?  How curious are you about each of his visits? Should I do one big post with him standing by each one and then you can guess who might get picked?  We must leave it to the hostess selected to determine his fate, but she may decide to let him remain a bachelor.  Just curious as to how you feel about all of this.
 We recently returned from a memorial service in Washington State.  Over 700 people came to honor the life of our friend Dana.  She died of pancreatic cancer very quickly.  She was 57 years old, a wife, mom, granny, and teacher.  She loved Jesus and she radiated JOY.  She loved so many people and  so many people loved her.  We both are spending a lot of time thinking about her and her dear husband (and her extended family).  She's in Heaven.  I like to think about what Heaven is like, do you?
God be with you, friends.  I'll be waiting to hear your Jolly thoughts!  Thank you for coming by!  

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Jolly is Fine (a bit grumpy)

Hello!  I guess I took December off from my blog!  Jolly is here and has been for weeks and weeks. I'll explain the next step in a bit, but I wanted you to see my favorite Christmas gifts.  Yes, this granny received a soft rabbit and two rag dolls.  LOVE!  I am making a sweater and a dress for the bunny and I'll show you that next time.

I also made my first Christmas cake.  I love the deer on top and the trees.  The cake was good, too.  

 I really did want to make a video for you, so you could see Jolly's book, his envelopes full of wives, and hear the plan once again, but I just don't want to do the YouTube thing for various reasons.  I actually filmed a video three times. The last one was better, but I still noticed what a wiggle worm I am and also that I'm not sure I was super clear about all the details. (That's harder than I thought!)

So, what I'm going to do is take a few representative photos and then draw a hostess name, send the whole lot to her, and then she can share with you which wife she chose for Jolly.  I'm so sorry that you had to wait so long (if you were eager to know).  

It really gives me a greater respect for people who do videos and have channels and all that jazz.  It's a pretty big undertaking in my book.

Jolly has been resting and wrestling a bit with fear.  He isn't sure if he wants to get married.  He's adjusting to retirement.  He's a bit lost.  He's a little grumpy, so he's spending a lot of time in the pocket of his tour book.  He is still wearing his red scarf and his kilt.  I told him that as soon as we draw the name of the lucky hostess, he will depart, and he's okay with that.  Stay tuned!

I'm glad it's January.  We had a lovely Christmas and for that I'm grateful, but I like the new year.  I have three time consuming commitments, but I'm still free to knit, read, write, and socialize. 

I hope you are doing well.  I will take some Jolly photos in bright light and figure out a way for you to get a good look.  Thank you for joining in the fun.  God be with you!