Thursday, July 28, 2022

Adopted Dolls

Hi Everybody!  I've been away for a while (from here - I haven't gone anywhere).  How are YOU?  I ordered this little Annie from Etsy.  She is so small and so perfect.  Her face is perfectly sweet, isn't it?
A neighbor gave me five dolls.  Do I need any more dollies?  No, but these are lovely!  Don't you agree?

I ordered this doll family for Bible study, so the kids can role play.  They are adorable.  I want to play with them, too.
Kelli and I are going to see my mom next week.  I think I'll take this wool and knit a pair of socks while I am there. 

This is the fancy fabric I was so excited about.  I made a "shift" and it is too form fitting so I look like a stuffed sausage.  It's okay.  I'll slim down and then hem it and wear it.  It's very soft but kind of thick (the fabric).
I'm off to meet some friends for breakfast and then a friend for lunch.  

I hope you are creating today, or baking, or reading - something luxurious anyway!

Thank you for popping  by!  I love you for it!



Jeanie said...

You have quite a collection! And I really love your yarn, too!

Between Me and You said...

So happy to 'see' you here. I too am in the 'stuffed sausage' club. It was confirmed today when I went for lunch with one of my daughters-in-law and I jokingly remarked that I was thinking of joining Weight Watchers. 'Hhmmm' came back the reply!I think the dolls in pic 2 look Ukranian perhaps by their costumes. They're beautiful but little Annie is a bit scary! Love your sock yarn. Happy Knitting. xxx

happyone said...

Love the rainbow!!
Breakfast out with friends sounds so nice.

Lynn said...

I have a little doll family like that for my dolls house. You are very clever knitting socks. It is on my list of things to learn. I have just learnt chevron crochet stitch, I am making a blanket for our bed. Next I will be learning to sew trousers I have the pattern and was given some material. I like learning 🙂😂🙂 Have fun visiting your mom. Thanks for writing this cheery blog. x

Granny Marigold said...

What a fine assortment of dolls you've been given. Also the doll family that you bought for Bible study. You keep busy and even when you go visit your Mom your hands are being productive. The sock yarn is such a pretty colour. Have a good visit with your Mom.

GretchenJoanna said...

You said two things quite casually: "I'll knit a pair of socks while I am there." and "I'll slim down..." That people can do either of these things astounds me.

Acquiring dolls -- now that is another matter. <3

Henny Penny said...

Always makes me happy to see a post from you. The dolls are all so sweet and pretty. Love your little Annie and I really love the last two, the boy and girl. I don't think we can have too many dolls. :) That is absolutely the prettiest rainbow I've ever seen. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Farm Girl said...

I love your Annie and I love those doll family dolls. I wanted to play with them too. You are getting quite a collection of dollies.
I like them all.
So nice to see the pictures of what has been going on. Have a nice time at your Moms.

Between Me and You said...

Oh, not fair. I commented yesterday and it's not showing up!!

ellen b. said...

Such interesting dolls. So good to see a post from you. Sounds like you are enjoying life, meeting friends for breakfast and for lunch! Wonderful. Doing some reading and some planning for an event here on Saturday. Enjoy your trip to see your mum!!

M.K. said...

Hi, Pom! Have a lovely time with your mom. Looks like you are keeping busy this summer :) Love from NC

Lowcarb team member said...

Isn't that rainbow wonderful.
Here in the UK it has been hot and many areas could do with some rain.

My good wishes.

All the best Jan

Lisa Richards said...

I love the casual way you mention you're going to knit a pair of socks. It would be a lifelong project for me, lol.
I really like Tim's fish toy. Tell him I said so. :)
I don't blog very frequently myself, but that's okay. I enjoy your posts every time you feel like writing one.
Love you, friend! :)