Monday, September 5, 2022

Yay September and a Moose

Happy September!  I haven't turned my calendar yet!  I must!  Bill cleared all the mess (weeds) from the flower beds and now I like them again.  We're ready for fall even though the temperatures are in the 90's and it feels like FULL summer. I tire of the heat, do you? When Bill was clearing the front beds he came upon a little snake. Argh.  I can't tolerate snakes at all so I am bugged by that more than a little. Have you seen any creatures in YOUR garden?
I've been knitting and knitting.  I made shortie socks.
I've been sewing, too.  I like these red linen pants.  I prefer this type of pants that are straight legged and roomy. 
These sweet peas came over!
Sophie's special friend came over and ate Chinese food with us and played four-square.

Kelli and Bryan saw a moose at their campground!

 It's Labor Day today.  I am trying to get all the stuff done for my children's leader role at Bible study that starts Wednesday.  I'm almost ready.  I would like to sew today and knit! I think I'm a little tired from the weekend.  I'm a smidge grumpy.  Oh well.

I've been reading wonderful books by Noel Streatfeild.  She was such a lovely writer for kids (and grown ups).  My favorite is Tea by the Nursery Fire.  It's about a nanny and I do love nannies.

Oh, I wanted to ask you about "cobbler" because I was thinking cobbler and crisp are the same thing but I made cobbler and it's very cake-y and I'm not sure it turned out right.  Please clarify if you can.


What have you been up to?



Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Your red linen pants are perfect! They look very comfy. As for cobbler and crisp; there is also crumble, and brown betty to confuse the issue even more! I think cobbler is more cake-y using a more floury dough, but crisp/crumble use a topping with some flour but also oats. I don't know about brown betty ... but they are all delicious!

happyone said...

How cool to see the moose.
We see little garter snakes around pretty often but they slither away and don't bother us. We have a few frogs that live in our tiny pond. One time we watched a snake swim around, catch a frog and eat it.
The only pants I wear are jeans. I love my old jeans!!!
So nice to see a post from you. :)

Gretchen Joanna said...

In my experience a cobbler is cake-y as opposed to crispy or crumble-y. Cake-y includes the biscuit or scone sort of texture, which to me is the best cobbler. I don't like them cake-y.

The simplest cobbler seems to be to put spoonfuls of biscuit dough over your sweetened fruit to bake. And I agree with Sara, crisps in my book(s) always have some rolled oats in the topping.

A recipe I posted on my blog recently was for a "cream scone cobbler." The scone topping was so rich that it seemed to open up a new category of dessert; I don't think scones should be overly rich, either. But cooking is a folk tradition so there are infinite possibilities for preference and creativity. :-)

Julia said...

Hi Pompom, it'snice seeing a post from you. Your red pants do look comfortable. I've been sewing a little also lately.

I think Sara described the difference between a cobbler and a crisp very well. They both are a favorite of mine.

How nice of Bill to rid the flower garden of weeds. I've been so busy this summer that all my gardens have suffered neglect from weeding. It rained so often that the weeds grew faster than I could manage.

That big moose looks like it came quite close to camp. I saw two on the side of a busy highway on my way to my hometown. I kept scanning the side of the road just in case they were more.

Thank you for the condolences about my brother.

Take care,

Granny Marigold said...

I always forget that you also have Labor Day. It was a normal Monday for me though and I just did the usual. It's still warm here but not as warm as what you're enduring. I don't function well when it's very hot.

Cobblers always seem to have a cakey topping. I think yours must have been exactly what a cobbler should be (what fruit did you use I wonder).

Granny Marigold said...

I hope my comment went through. I got an "error" thing that popped up which said Try again. Hmmm. Maybe I'll wait and see.

Angela said...

Martha says this But I don't trust her anymore. I have buckles on my shoes not on my plates

Elizabethd said...

Apple crumble is a very English dish! It's made with flour, butter and brown sugar, all cut into little pieces and put on top of the fruit. You certainly can add oats but it isnt necessarily part of the origina recipes.Cobbler isnt so common here, but is basically a scone/biscuit dough plonked on top of a stew or something similar.
Now I will have to go and make a crumble!

M.K. said...

Happy September, PomPom!!! I feel as you do -- so weary of the heat, and so ready for autumn :) It's cooler here than where you are. We are in the low/mid 80s, thankfully. I'm sorry for your heat out there. It does put a horrible damper on September.
Our mower has been broken for 2 months, so our weed situation is beyond awful. The house lot was mowed once by a kind neighbor, but we are still waiting on our repair. I try not to THINK of all the happy snakes out in our field. UGH. I did see a big fat water snake in our ditch in July. I try not to look for them.
Your socks are SO cute! I wish I could get into knitting socks. I've been doing knit felting lately. Making slippers and hats.
Looking at your cute pants -- have you heard of a company called 100 Acts of Sewing? Maybe you already have. I saw lots of home-sewn clothes just like that on a FB group, and the lady who sews them got the patterns from that company online. They are ALL so cute -- boxy and roomy and straight and easy to sew!
Now I must go look up Tea by the Nursery Fire. Sounds absolutely perfect. Thank you for the recommendation!
I have no idea what the difference is between cobbler and crisp. I suspect that I've always wanted cobbler to be crisp, and then when I discovered it was cakey instead, I was disappointed, haha!

ellen b. said...

Thanks for reminding me about 4-square. What a fun activity. I'll have to teach the grands when the time is right. Yes, I tire of the heat. We have had a bit of a cool down and the mornings are cold again. I haven't heard of that author so I'll need to look her up. I think your thoughts about the difference between cobbler and crisps are spot on. :) Happy September dear lady!

Lowcarb team member said...

Cobbler is a type of baked fruit dessert usually topped with some kind of pastry. They date back to the nineteenth century and have a dense exterior.

Crisp is a type of baked fruit dessert and is crispy, as is suggested by their name. The dessert has a lighter exterior and is composed of oats and streusel topping with a cake batter or pie base.
Read more here

All the best Jan

Bonnie K said...

To me crisp has oatmeal and cobbler doesn't.