Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kids and Cookies

 Christmas came and went!  Some of our peeps got hit with the flu so James and Noah had to stay away from the germs.  We missed them!  Wouldn't you hate for this little cub to have the stomach flu?  I know!  Me, too!  

We decorated cookies on Christmas eve.  

 Tim loves the new quilt Kelli gave me.  I love it as well!  
 Look at the cute garland my mom sent.  I am in love with garlands.  I know our bedroom doesn't really look like a grown up bedroom.  Ha! 
 I really should dismantle Christmas today but I feel lazy. 
 Birdie, Bug, and Miss Millie Rose made these cute ornaments last year.

 Brad's gang came down the day after Christmas.  FUN! 

The weather is bright and warm so I feel a little off kilter.  Why is it that I want cold weather?  Bill doesn't.  He hates to be cold and I don't LOVE to be cold, but sunny weather seems wrong in late December.  Weird.
I'm going up to visit my mom and sibs in less than two weeks.  I am looking forward to seeing them and visiting Washington State, too.
I have knitting calling me and new books to read.
I hope your Christmas was happy or if it wasn't I hope you are doing okay now that it's over.  
Thank you for stopping in!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Pre-Christmas Feelings

(I'm already getting a spring-y urge.  Silly.)
 Hello holiday merrymakers!  Do you have the Christmas feeling?  Do you have a sudden urge to bake or eat treats?  When I was younger I rushed around trying to remember everything that needed to be purchased or cleaned or prepared, but now I can take my time.  I like that.  
Timothy likes my bible. 
 Last year beautiful Heather from Blackberry Rambles sent me this darling owl Christmas ornament.  I hung him in the kitchen.  SO cute! 
 More reading support . . . 

 James likes preparing tea and serving it.  
Tim is coping with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, isn't he? 

 No stress here. 

When we were walking at the mall this morning I noticed Santa visitors waiting in line before 8 am.  Where is Santa?  Maybe he's making fudge or wrapping gifts.
I am looking forward to lighting the candles on Christmas eve, eating Chinese food and witnessing the kids' excitement.  
I hope you are living in the moment, feeling loved, and experiencing holy hope.  
Thank you for your kind visit.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Cuties and Amsterdam

 Look who is NOT responding to discipline (the squirt bottle of water aimed RIGHT at him!)

Aw, it's blurry but Bill with sweet James, Plum and Sam at our advent dinner last Sunday is so precious.  Not so precious:  I woke up with the stomach bug the next day.  Argh.  I'm better now. 
 Finally, Jenny's whole family is well.  Yesterday was a bit warmer so Plum drove to the park.  Today it is VERY cold.  I bundled up for a walk and some vitamin D.  
 I was searching for some old Christmas photos, but then I came upon the Amsterdam photos from almost four years ago.  I loved all the red and I adored the houses.  I didn't care if it was dirty (I really didn't notice) because it was so absolutely charming.  I thought you might like a little Amsterdam tour (I'm not a good detail-y tour guide - so you'll just have to enjoy the pictures!)

Bill's on the way home with my accounting work I do for him.  Better scoot.  
Sending lots of merry wishes and prayers your way, kind reader.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

December Photos

Some people in our neighborhood go all out with lawn decor!  I wonder where they store it all.  
 These girlie girls went downtown for the Parade of Lights.  Kelli said it wasn't worth freezing for. 
 Noah can wear the hat I made him!
 I made cinnamon rolls again.  Wow.  I used lots of butter and they were WAY too tasty.  White bread makes me feel horrid, but my taste buds love it. 
 Birdie practicing with her recorder.  The other day Kelli had a last minute dental appointment so I took Millie to music class.  The teacher insists on parent involvement so Granny had to join the class and parents in circle time/floor time/criss cross applesauce/ ugh.
 Christie had jury duty so I filled up on Noah smiles and James antics.  Such cutie pies.
 Yes, I know I need a manicure.   

Our son in law Scott had a kidney stone and they were JUST recovering from a bad stomach bug.  I stayed at their house last night because he was in the hospital.  He's home now and better.  Yay!  
I didn't plan on sleeping over so I didn't have my jammies or my toothbrush.  I kept waking up and George the cat jumped up near my head.  I'm a little sleepy.  Plum Cake said, "Granny, we're bored with you."  Ha!  Yes, it was time for Granny to go home.
Last week was a very busy week and I would like this week to be quieter.  We'll see.

I hope your Christmas prep is going well and that you're feeling joyful.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Whoville Tree

 I was out walking yesterday and The Pooch Mobile was parked in a driveway.  I could see the dog washing man inside and when he saw me he came out to say hello.  He asked if I wanted a business card and I quickly said, "Okay." Anyway he asked me what breed of dog I had and when I said, "I don't have a dog.  I just think that dog is cute!" he was sort of disappointed.  Don't you think this dog is cute?  It's some sort of oodle.  

There are "animals" at the mall when we walk in the morning.  Here's a cheerful reindeer.  I sent this picture to my sister and she asked if you could ride them.  Ha!  No! 
 Isn't the mall cheery and hygge-like?  There are so many nice places to  sit and rest if you get tired of merchandise!  Oh by the way, Susan Branch posted about hygge.  Of course she has known what hygge is and has lived it forever! 
 Recently this little Paris cafe opened.  It's very cute.  I guess I don't go to the mall when it's actually open (lol) so I can't say if the treats are tasty.  
 We celebrated the first Sunday in Advent at Kelli's last week.  The girls danced while Bill played the guitar.  We ate spaghetti together.  VERY hygge. 
 Here's Kelli's cute tree.
 I thought you might like to see a few photos of Noah the elf.  Isn't he precious?

 I'm sort of embarrassed to tell you that Timothy is more than extremely spoiled.  He sleeps IN our bed.  This is him this morning (that's my elbow!)  He stretches out like a slim weasel and sleeps all night.  
 I think I am very late to the Ezekiel 4:9 bread party.  YUM!  It's in the freezer section at the grocery.  It is SO good.  

Another thing I'd like to share with you is this cool app.  It's free.  It's advent-y and interactive.  Just a little something to deepen your holy celebration. 

And here is a little video I made of the Whoville tree.  I put it together and set it up yesterday.  It's very happy and festive.  You'll see the Melissa and Doug brand nativity set, Tim's food dish (lol), Timothy, and the candy themed tree in the family room.

Are you having fun decorating?  Have you baked any cookies?  Hot chocolate makes me feel awful but hot cider doesn't.  I shall serve myself some soon.
Thank you for visiting, kind reader.