Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kids and Cookies

 Christmas came and went!  Some of our peeps got hit with the flu so James and Noah had to stay away from the germs.  We missed them!  Wouldn't you hate for this little cub to have the stomach flu?  I know!  Me, too!  

We decorated cookies on Christmas eve.  

 Tim loves the new quilt Kelli gave me.  I love it as well!  
 Look at the cute garland my mom sent.  I am in love with garlands.  I know our bedroom doesn't really look like a grown up bedroom.  Ha! 
 I really should dismantle Christmas today but I feel lazy. 
 Birdie, Bug, and Miss Millie Rose made these cute ornaments last year.

 Brad's gang came down the day after Christmas.  FUN! 

The weather is bright and warm so I feel a little off kilter.  Why is it that I want cold weather?  Bill doesn't.  He hates to be cold and I don't LOVE to be cold, but sunny weather seems wrong in late December.  Weird.
I'm going up to visit my mom and sibs in less than two weeks.  I am looking forward to seeing them and visiting Washington State, too.
I have knitting calling me and new books to read.
I hope your Christmas was happy or if it wasn't I hope you are doing okay now that it's over.  
Thank you for stopping in!


Julia said...

I love the cookie decorating party. They're having a great time. I'm sorry some of your family got hit with the flu at Christmas. Most of the family got hit just before Christmas and a few still had a cold. It's that time of year.

That precious baby certainly should be spared from getting sick. He's adorable.

Happy New Year.

Deb said...

Poor wee one. We had a few sick ones over Christmas, too. :( It looks like you still had a great Christmas. The grands look like they had a fun time. I imagine Tim won't leave that blanket much, either. Well, have a relaxing few days and enjoy your presents. Who wants to sleep in a boring grown up bedroom anyway. lol Deb

Farm Girl said...

So nice to get caught up with you. So glad you had lots of others to come and visit. It looks like fun.
My bedroom doesn't look like a grown up bedroom either. I thought yours looked nice.
What a beautiful quilt!! I love those colors. I can see why Timothy likes it.
Enjoy your day, I love the pictures.

happyone said...

Looks like a great time.
That picture of Noah is priceless.
I'm with you, I want cold weather too for winter. I'd like a foot or two of snow also.
Crazy weather this winter!!

Granny Marigold said...

Oh! You might want to leave the house decorated for Christmas until the 12th day... which is the sixth of January. Unless you have a real tree.. that might be a problem.
I love your new quilt too. So pretty.
Too bad about the "Christmas flu" that some of your family got. I got Laryngitis and it's hanging on.

Nana Go-Go said...

Thankfully, we got rid of all the lurgies before Christmas. That's not to say they'll not come back but fingers crossed in the meantime. Your house looks like it was bursting to the seams, as was mine for two whole days and now it's empty again and I'm not liking it at all!! Back to work tomorrow and I expect I will have to dismantle 'Xmas' there too. We had 'Last Tango in Halifax' Christmas Special over here. You might want to watch it if you can. A little light relief to go along with your knitting. Loads of Love. xoxoxo

Nancy McCarroll said...

Cutest picture of Noah! I like cold! That bright sun shining today seems a little odd, I agree. Glad you get to go visit your mom soon.

Gloriade said...

Hello! I have stopped in from time to time through my cousin's blog. I love Christmas cookie time which is why I just had to make a comment this time. With a first grand baby about to be born I am looking forward to cookie decorating in a few short years. Merry Christmas!. You have a lovely family.

Debi said...

We decorate cookies with the grands too... isn't it fun? I want to dismantle Christmas too. We are to get a big snowstorm tomorrow night and I'm excited about it, I wish we had had snow for Christmas. Looks like you had a beautiful holiday.

Anonymous said...

It really is too bad about all the bugs that go around with littles and others. Smart to keep the littlest away from those germs. Looks like you house was full with all that matters! Blessings.

Debbie Harris said...

The flu bug is certainly making its way around. I have my oldest daughters three boys for the week and all three of them have been sick this week and my husband and I are a bit under the weather too.
I enjoyed your family photos, thank you for sharing your beauty with us.

I've enjoyed following along with you and look forward to what the New Year holds.

Joy! Debbie

Cat Lover said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful holiday. Too bad about the flu!
Take care and enjoy snuggling with Tim under your new quilt!

Wood Fairy said...

two of the men here have viral flu which spoilt the last 4 days of our holiday but they are on the mend. we came back to frost and ice which I have to say is welcome as it's so pretty. Hope you all have great New Year celebrations. Betty x

Melanie said...

I think your garland is so cute! And the quilt is so pretty. So sad that the flu kept some family away. I hope you enjoy your visit to Washington State. I lived there for 3 years back in the early 80's - Vancouver, WA. We lived there when Mt. St Helens erupted! have a great day.

magsmcc said...

I start to dismantle Christmas surreptitiously right about now, until PC notices and then I have to stop until he gives permission to clear it all in one huge go. I don't like to have it all still holding on into the New Year. I'd like to start crisp and bare and clean. Actually, excuse me but he has just gone out on his bike...

Kit said...

Oh look at all those wonderful grandkids having a great time! Makes one want to join right in. I remember weather like that in Denver, my hubby loved it for his running. But I want cold! We are getting the snow and cold here in Montana. More arctic coming on Monday too. Have a wonderful New Year. And have a great trip! Kit

GretchenJoanna said...

I agree with Granny M - at least there is NOT any "should" about "dismantling" Christmas early. Tsk tsk.

I think your bedroom looks pretty adult with those cords hanging off of little appliances and such!

We had some latecomers for the celebrations because of colds, and some of us were not at our best during the celebrations... I guess that is the problem with Christmas being in winter!


Henny Penny said...

The baby is simply adorable. But then all your grandchildren are! You have such a sweet place. I love the quilt, the fabrics are so pretty. Hope you have a fun trip to visit your mom. You are always giving me the decorating like Brambly Hedge. Banners! I've never thought of banners. I'm out of ideas for the mouse house sewing room. :) Thank you!

Jean | said...

Looks like a grand time was had by all! Love that new quilt, but you might as well forget about it if Tim has staked his claim on it -- you know how cats are! :D

Thistle Cove Farm said...

SMOOCH to James...he's a cuddle bug! Christmas was very pleasant; warm but yet pleasant. Expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow, very Christmasy tho late.
Have a safe, happy new year, Karen.

Gumbo Lily said...

Your Xmas cookie decorating looked fun. It's so snowy here! We got a big dumping over Xmas Day and cold and wind. Snow Drifts galore. Happy New Year dear friend!

Kim said...

I too love the quilt Kelli made for you, it is beautiful. Who wants a grown up bedroom anyway. Love your banner. Your grandkids always have the look of complete happiness in your lovely home.

Lisa Richards said...

Hope the little ones avoided the flu bug!
I've taken down my decorations inside the apartment, but I'll leave up my door and hallway decorations until my building manager takes hers down.
Keep enjoying that happy little family!

Attic Clutter said...

Hi POM.. :)
oh such cute kids...
our kids and grandkids got the flu too..
Happy New Year.. :)

Marcie said...

Happy New Year, Pom! Love the quilt and the garland, and the beautiful faces, which are always the highlight of your photos! I wish you much coziness in these cold days of winter! said...

Wonderful pictures of wonderful times. Yes, warm weather here also, but it has allowed me to get out and walk in the sun! Texas girl always. Happy New Year!!