Sunday, January 26, 2020

Color Gifts

 I'm thinking of all the sweet gifts God gives.  Color for example.  Doesn't my Mosaic Bible looks pretty with my Van Gogh journal?  I do think orange and shades of orange are so warm and inviting.
Here's my junk journal that I began for Advent but am continuing into Lent and Easter.
I have many ideas for embellishments on each page.

 Atticus will turn 8 on Wednesday.  Remember him 8 years ago?  What a lamb. 
 On Tuesday Miss Bug, Birdie and Millie the Rose are coming for a few days.  YAY!  I like having sweet bees swarming around our hive home.  They appreciate dinners and popcorn and movies, shopping and art.  FUN!
 I found some Waterlogue-ed photos in my stores.  I still have the flower longings so I shall use my craving to plan the garden.  Lately I've been thinking about trees.  I might see if we can plant a flowering plum or an apple tree.  I would also like a lilac bush.

 I love this print.  Don't you?  The fairy dance and the lanterns . . . This is what fairies look like, you know.  We'll make some tiny fairy yards in some of our flower beds. 
 Well, this girl is good for all seasons because pocket hankies must be washed and ironed, you know.  I iron jeans and t-shirts, too.  I have a high pile of table linens waiting for their turn on the board.  Whenever I can't decide what to do first, I like to iron.  I have a hefty new iron and it's just perfect.  I have two or three sewing projects to finish, a top and a pair of bloomers.  Soon I'll be sewing for Alice and Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast, so I should sew for ME this week.

I concluded that I need a few ideas for The Jolly Postman's adventure.  Should each hostess write a story and place it in the envelopes I include in the parcel?  Should Jolly be laminated card or fabric? I think he'll travel best if he's flat.
I think he'll travel in a handmade journal that includes the pockets.  Maybe it will be sewn from a brown paper bag.  Ideas?
This day is a sweet sabbath.  I may take some tea outdoors.  I plan on having a cozy read on the sofa.  I'm going to make ground turkey and beans for supper.  
Thank you for popping by!
God be with you.  

Monday, January 20, 2020

Carrots and Knitting

 Have carrots always grown in various colors?  I do love how pretty they are AND I love the multi-colored potatoes.  
I finished a cowl.  I used all soft wool (sheep and alpaca and a little cashmere).  It was so fun to knit, the yarn so soft and gliding through my fingers. 

 I gave it to my mom and she likes how warm and cozy it is.  Speaking of my mom, this is a photo of her new kitchen.  She is in the process of moving.  The packers came today and tomorrow the furniture and boxes will be moved into her new house.  It's a very pretty cottage with a secret garden sort of backyard.  She's really excited about living there.  I spent a few days up in Washington trying to help.  All of my siblings and their spouses will help.  Moving is such a big job.
 I have the January flower itch.  I'm sure you do, too.  Unless you live in the southern hemisphere, and then you are enjoying summer's blooms.  How lovely!
I have a lot to do to catch up after being away.  I must get Postie Postman ready for his journey.  That will be fun!  Soon!
I have a new laptop so no more computer glitches.  I'm ever so thankful!
How is your January going?  I hope you're feeling creative and inspired.  If so, please tell me about it. 
Thank you for coming by!  xo

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

January Doings

 Lemons from California! Thanks to my dear dear friend Kim.  Beautiful, right?  I wish I had citrus growing in my garden!

My beautiful mama turned 90 and had a very fun party!  Kelli, Jenny, and I got to go! Isn't she a wonder?

 James is playing on a basketball team now.  Go James! 
 I've been enjoying my coffee the "pour over" way.  YUM!
 Still clicking away on this sock.
 Working on my handmade journal. 
 And I finished a vest that I started forever ago!  

I'm still brewing up plans for The Jolly Postman's letter-full jaunt across the blog miles.  I'm waiting for all of the inspiration to line up and sort itself so I can send Jolly and his envelope package on his merry way.
I hope you are doing well, enjoying your weather and feeling the sweetness contained in the month of January.  I love it because our Brad was born in January, we became parents and all the fun began!  
Kelli and Jenny are beginning the spring theater season.  We have a white rabbit, a tiny Alice and a mad hatter so far!
I had better warm up my sewing machine.
God be with you.  Thank you so very much for calling in!