Tuesday, January 7, 2020

January Doings

 Lemons from California! Thanks to my dear dear friend Kim.  Beautiful, right?  I wish I had citrus growing in my garden!

My beautiful mama turned 90 and had a very fun party!  Kelli, Jenny, and I got to go! Isn't she a wonder?

 James is playing on a basketball team now.  Go James! 
 I've been enjoying my coffee the "pour over" way.  YUM!
 Still clicking away on this sock.
 Working on my handmade journal. 
 And I finished a vest that I started forever ago!  

I'm still brewing up plans for The Jolly Postman's letter-full jaunt across the blog miles.  I'm waiting for all of the inspiration to line up and sort itself so I can send Jolly and his envelope package on his merry way.
I hope you are doing well, enjoying your weather and feeling the sweetness contained in the month of January.  I love it because our Brad was born in January, we became parents and all the fun began!  
Kelli and Jenny are beginning the spring theater season.  We have a white rabbit, a tiny Alice and a mad hatter so far!
I had better warm up my sewing machine.
God be with you.  Thank you so very much for calling in!  


Debi said...

Love your vest, it's so colorful! Your socks are coming along nicely too. Once the grands started playing sports our social calendar filled right up. For the winter season we have a swimmer, a bowler, a flag football player and a hockey player... that's four days a week we get out of the house to watch them participate!

Elizabethd said...

Your mum looks lovely and not at all as though she is 90.
Great waistcoat!

Granny Marigold said...

Your Mom is a wonder and an inspiration!!
Pour over coffee is the best!!

GretchenJoanna said...

January may be the only month left in our tribe's calendar without a birthday - yet! That must be what we need to cheer up the month a bit.

That picture of your mother's family is SO wonderful! Glory to God!! What treasures she has.

happyone said...

Your mom looks great at 90!!
Nice and colorful vest.
Doesn't seem that long ago that James was just a baby!!

Between Me and You said...

They make 'em tall out your way!!Lovely pic of your Mum looking radiant. Good job on the vest and socks. xxx

M.K. said...

Happy birthday to your sweet mama! She looks wonderful.
Your sock is so pretty, and the vest is bright and happy in January (and so are those lemons!) Blessings to you, PomPom. Stay warm and think of spring.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Your mom looks amazing!

Jeanie said...

Your mum looks fab and so do those lemons! Happy January!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

What a beautiful lady your Mom is... I can see you resemble her so much! Such a lovely photo of all the family gathered, what a blessing for all! Your new vest is so colorful and fun! What a wonderful feeling to have finished it! Enjoy the days of January, sounds like you have lots of fun with the grandkids lined up! And those lemons looked sooo good!!!

Many blessings :)

ellen b. said...

We became parents in the month of January, too. And then again and almost again but then our 3rd, (daughter) came early on the 27th of December. Now our 2nd born's wife's birthday is January, too. Anyhoo 3 birthdays in the next week. Your mom is an amazing 90! How wonderful to be able to gather and celebrate her. Sweet! A very Happy New Year to your and yours!!

Beca said...

A very happy birthday to your mom. She looks great! I'm loving that vest! It's so fun with the stripes and the colors. Let's enjoy January!
xx Beca

Lisa Richards said...

Your mama looks FANTASTIC! You have good genes! My Audrey has her first basketball "tournament" today for 3rd and 4th graders. Hopefully I'll go later and see a bit. So many beautiful things you're involved in! Happy January!

Farm Girl said...

What a nice post! I love seeing your family. How amazing. All of those pictures are very sweet and lovely.

I am glad you finished your vest. I think its fantastic for dreary Jan. weather.
I love the picture of James playing basketball.

Kit said...

Wow! Your Mom is incredible! Glad you could all be together. I am loving January myself. Just relaxing and enjoying this quiet month. 😊 Kit

Bonnie K said...

Love the projects! It is good to focus on those down the last stretch of winter. Your mom does look fabulous! Enjoy the basketball games. I'm going to watch my nieces on Tuesday.

magsmcc said...

God be with you too, PP! I do love your posts. They make me smile here in the dark of a stormy Irish night!

Kim said...

Your mom is beautiful. Happy birthday to her! Sounds like your January is quite bright and cheerful, much like your adorable vest. Take care and have a good week, Karen!

Henny Penny said...

Yes! Your mom is a wonder! She does not look 90! Your vest is so pretty. We have had such a warm January, until yesterday when that cold north wind changed everything. It is in the 20's today.