Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walks Around the Neighborhood

Two days in a row! Walks around the neighborhood = JOY! The trees explode with last minute wonder!

I took this photo with my phone. The weird purple pants I wore to school today do not have pockets and I had to carry my iPod and my phone - so, no camera. Can you believe this little flower island of lovely? When I stepped up to get a closer shot, I saw a fat rabbit sitting in the grass.

See the weird purple pants? The kids at school didn't make any snide comments. They really are nice.

Here's Pom Pom, all weary and wilted from teaching in a 100 degree classroom! We actually hung out in the library most of the day. I am praying for air conditioner healing tomorrow. Everyone is complaining!

Come on up!

This is last night's sunset! Can you see my Rockies in the background? I really shouldn't call them mine since I hardly ever GO up into the mountains. I just gaze at them.

I was SO POOPED last night that I was fast asleep when Bill took this funny picture. I didn't wake up. I have my mouth guard in between my teeth so I don't grind my choppers away. I look like I am having a nice dream, don't I?

I AM dreaming up new things to do, new teacher plans, projects (like the bunting!) and I'm reading two good books on my Kindle. One is Praying the Names of God by Ann Spangler. The other is, Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit by Frances Chan. You know by now that I mention books, talk about them just a little and then move on without keeping you up to speed. I'm sorry. As I look at the sleeping Pom Pom, I get a weird feeling. When I was a child, I hated the idea of falling asleep and losing my thoughts for so many hours Now, I'm so tired at night that I welcome sleep, but here I am up at 10:15 and still buzzing, buzzing, buzzing. I hope you have a glorious day and I hope you can look up at some trees like mine in your neck of the woods. Sending BIG LOVE your way, sweet reader. Smell good smells today, listen to soft songs, taste some fresh stuff, look around and see the breathtaking signs pointing to a God who notices you. oxpp

Monday, September 28, 2009

Winner of the PPBB

As I perched in my old, ragged, yellow chair this morning, I cut out your names (I'd written them all down yesterday) and carefully put them in this basket and drew a winner.

Drum roll please . . . Clevelandgirlie! She lives in far off North Carolina! Visit her blog - she's VERY fun and extremely artistic. She has adorable corgis. I look forward to putting together the Pom Pom box for her! I'll show you what's inside before I send it east! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my birthday party post, friends. If I could, I'd send you all off to the movies today, buy you the biggest, buttery-ist TUB of popcorn and the soft drink of your choice. I'd go over to your house while you enjoyed the movie and do your laundry, wash the dishes, sweep the floor, leave a vase of flowers in your refrigerator, plump the pillows on the sofa, whisper a prayer in each corner - if I could. YOU are all such nice people and you know how much I like nice people.

The other day Jeff asked me what I was going to do when the flowers are gone. What will you blog about? He likes photos more than I do! Well, it's true I like to take pictures, but I also like to ponder, so . . . no lack of material here.

Early morning survivors. The sunflowers are gone and these zinnias are feeling the colder nights, but by the moonlight they are still happy.

Miss Bug and her family came over for dinner last night. Here she is with her jammies on, ready to get in her car seat and go home. She is a delicious hug, as you can imagine. Irresistible!

"I don't like people who have never fallen or stumbled. Their virtue is lifeless and it isn't of much value. Life hasn't revealed its beauty to them." Boris Paternak (Russian writer)
What do you think of Boris's quote? Do you gravitate toward people who are open about sharing their pain? Do you think pain is beautiful? C.S. Lewis said that pain is God's megaphone. Do you agree? Just wondering what YOU think.
Have a great Monday! I'm off to school to catch up on copies. I'm ready to FINISH Romeo and Juliet. Writing, writing, writing all week and parent conferences on Thursday night. Newspaper Club, too. Whew. I'll be tired come Friday. I'll be back here soon though. BIG LOVE! PP

Sunday, September 27, 2009

After the Birthday

Hi Everyone! Well, tomorrow I'll draw names for the Pom Pom Birthday Box. I'll keep saying who won just in case you don't have the stamina for my constant posting! Smile! I just had to share my family birthday celebration with you and a few other fun things that brought surges of joy to my SOUL! To start with, we had a lovely evening at Kelli and Bryan's house! Kelli cooked a delicious meal for all of us and we had fun visiting with each other and I had fun opening presents!

Finn can walk fast now and bopped around Kelli's house and yard getting completely wet (loves the water table) and dirty!

Lovely April who is pregnant with grandchild number SIX!

Hello Miss BUG!

Busy back yard!

Kelli and Birdie in the kitchen making it happen!

Grampy and Brad on the deck, staying out of the way.

Kelli's girls - the sisters! So cute.

Potatoes for Pom Pom

Kelli's fat cat again . . . Wilbur.

Jenny Rose's baby bump!

Love them.

The face of youth and the face of Granny! Fifty-one year old GRANNY!

Our Brad and Finn!

Wonderful JOE!

Jenny and Miss Bug!

More fairies from Reve!

Papery goodness from April and Brad and pampering goodness from Reve.

Kelli and Bryan's sweet gift! Travel bag for Pom Pom!

More jewels for Pom Pom!

Fuzzy CROCS from Jenny and Scott and (GASP! THANKFULNESS!) bookstore gift cards from Jeff and Bill. Wacky Birkenstocks in the mail (6-8 weeks delivery time - not sure why) that are RED PRINT! I'll show you when they come! THANKS, Honey!
Green zinnias in the September garden! Yes, more large plastic shoes on my feet.

Saturday's harvest!

Reve's stunning coleus!

The playhouse windows. Pleasing to me.

Friday, when I was up in my class room talking to friends, the office called and said that a student was downstairs with a little something for me. Cute Blake (doesn't look like the cookie baking type, but is an absolutely delightful student) made me chocolate chip cookies for my birthday! DELICIOUS! So, as you can see with all these blessings and all your cheerful, loving, generous greetings - I had a birthday filled with high joy! THANK YOU so much! Tomorrow I shall post the winner of the PPBB (Pom Pom Birthday Box) and please feel a big surge of my gratitude for visiting me, reading and looking and caring . . . xoxoxo PP
Oh, and I promise to ease up on the constant talk about ME and ponder a few other important issues, ask your opinions, and post happy images in the future! Thanks for bearing with me, sweet ones.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pom Pom

Happy Birthday to ME!
Fifty-one candles on the cake!
Fifty-one lovely, happy, and sweet years of a simple walk on the earth!
18,615 days of good air to breathe and 18,615 nights of snuggles in a safe bed.
I feel VERY loved by a personal God who knocked on the door of my little pink heart, came in, and continues to cover me with a generous blanket of grace. In light of FOREVER, this little blip (my lifetime) has filled me with wonder, schooled me in humility, and brought me again and again to the point of glad surrender. That's what I'm thinking today, September 25, 2009.
At this juncture, I'm drawn to happy images. I wanted to share some of my loved stuff with you today.

But, first . . . have a cupcake!

It's a thunder-y rainy morning here and reminds me of the birthdays of my youth. Growing up in Western Washington gave me many rainy birthdays! Memories of Karol, walking with me in the Sunday downpours . . . smile.

I'm so thankful for a husband that loves children.
I'm so thankful for our children and THEIR children.

Since I learned to hold a pencil and form letters, I've counted it a great privilege to write.

And you know I love Ann.

I'm thankful for the lessons of Much-Afraid.

I've never met a Mary that I didn't like.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you for your fine reading voice, your willingness to sit in the reading chair and take Karol and I to the Hundred Acre Wood.

Rabbits that live in the woods. Naughty rabbits. Maternal rabbits.


These guys.

Women who walk with courage.

Artists like Grandma Moses who painted pictures that find homes in souls.

The moon. It belongs to all of us.

Colors. Yummy purple, sassy red, lemon yellow, clear blue, earthy green, pumpkin orange, pretty pink . . . so good.

Mr. Ordinary. I love him.

Magic bubbles.

Clown accessories.

People like us - with BIG imaginations.

The voices that speak for children.

Tasha Tudor who shared her ways of simplicity, hard work, earthy beauty. An artist, an individual.

Movies that move me.

Writers with the unique ability to transport and cheer.

Van Gogh. Enough said.

Comment today and you're in the drawing for the Pom Pom Birthday Box. Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party here in blog land. You are someone who stays on my mind, resides in my heart and cheers my soul. (HUG!)