Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quilt Shop

Reve (my fun next door neighbor) and I scampered down to the quilt shop this afternoon. If your heart is feeling a bit messy, well, this is the best place to view some color-graced order and hope it irons out some soul wrinkles.

My Norwegian blood thickens and warms when I see blues like this. Blue oceans, blue mountains, blue boats and blue shutters and my blue wall (which is actually a robin's egg blue not a navy) all bring about joyful associations. My mom had some lovely blue and white ironstone dishes when I lived at home. More blue, I want more blue in the world. But, today I did not buy any blue. Boo hoo.

Pom Pom needs a new clown dress and it must match the purple wig. I made up my mind, I thought, no more clowning. When I see all the wardrobe options like the ones pictured above . . . well, maybe another clown outfit is in the works.

You are smiling, aren't you? I knew this rack of red would tickle your color fancy!

The colorways are so perfect, aren't they? I want to live in a house of calico!

These remind me of pillowcases and prairie dresses.

When I was a middle school kid, my dad painted my room purple and my sister's room lime green. Wasn't that nice of him? He was way too busy for such projects but we felt blessed.

So I bought fat quarters for my bunting project. I loved what I came home with but I promised myself I would grade essays before I cut and sew. As soon as my bunting is done, I'll take it to school and "bunt up" the back wall and maybe the chalk board, too. More homey love for the kiddies to behold. I think you'll like the colors. I've never made bunting, but it is easy, easy, easy.

Petunias! They have some holes and they stand a little ragged, but they are still the queen of the flowerbeds, aren't they?

The morning glories are spreading themselves all over. They weave around the peppers and every other patch of color.

See? They are cuddling with the old lawn mower, too!

The bird feeder birthed a kernel of corn that produced a stalk! I pulled one out, but this one gets to stay.

Aisling from The Quiet Country House made a great point today. She said that the light of fall changes the way we see the flowers. She's right. The light IS different and it draws me to each patch of color.

So, more grading. I had such fun today finding Romeo and Juliet stuff. Suknitwitty emailed me some GREAT ideas. I'll share more later, but I will just let you know that the kids are going to have fun with color and images as they listen to Romeo and Juliet. Thank you, SKW!
Jeff went to Vail today and Bill is in Uganda, getting ready to fly to Singapore and then to Australia. Kelli is well (YAY!) Brad and April have new cherry wood floors thanks to Bryan and Jeff (and BRAD!) and I bought Jenny's cradle today. Her baby shower is Saturday at our house. Little Samantha Rose's parents are having such fun preparing a sweet place for her! And guess what? Another baby is coming in April! We shall have SIX grandchildren all three years old and under. Is that fun or what! Bliss! Back to essays, tea and music. I send my love to you. I hope your weekend is filled with color, JOY, LOVE, and happiness!


Gretchen Joanna said...

I have really enjoyed visiting the quilt shop recently myself!
As to color, the hot-pink-on-lavender format of the first part of this blog makes my eyes hurt. Forgive me for complaining...maybe you already noticed.

Pom Pom said...

Sorry, Gretchen Joanna! I agree. That hot pink on the lavender made my eyes hurt, too. Is this better?


Well, that was a feast for the eyes and off to a good start this dull, grey, rainy Monday! Of course, I love the RED the best, as you knew I would, but the rest are so pretty and so desirable! It made me want to go to the fabric shop, but I can't, you see I am trying to save my pennies for The Creative Stitches Show and I will maybe do some retail therapy there instead!

Looking forward to seeing the colourful bunting! You know, I might make some bunting some time soon!

I now understand why you love Kristen's work apart from the obvious beauty of her art, it is in your blood too!

BFN, have a lovey day Pom Pom

Carolyn x

Tabiboo said...

Such a beautiful array of colours - fabric and flowers.

Nina x

SuKnitWitty said...

Ohhhhhh!The shelves of ColorCords take me back to Sue's Quilt Shop and wonderful memories. Thanks, Pom! Whaaaa!My Petunies are hot even in the shade..yours are still so pretty! Will look forward to R&J report. Stay Laborless today and enjoy.

Angela said...

What glorious fabrics- how inspirational!
And how lovely to be a grandmother and have babies to sew for

scrappy quilter said...

Oh those colors draw me in. I now need to visit a quilting store...oooh I can't wait until I can. The greens and the pinks..and now I'm becoming a blue quiler too. How can you tell I love color. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs..

GretchenJoanna said...

Oh, yes, those colors are beautifully readable! Now I can think to say, the pictures from the quilt shop make me want to sew more! When I was IN the quilt shop I was focused on my current quilt project, but your mention of pillowcases and dresses expands my mind.
I love how the morning glory is using the lawn mower. Those plants are assertive in spreading their color. It's fitting to consider them along with the bolts of pretty fabric.

libbyquilter said...

nothing like a trip to the fabric store to add inspiration to any day~!!~


Deborah said...

A feast for the eyes!! I've been on a fabric fast. (I am not allowed to buy any more until I have used up a great portion of my stash). At least with your photos, I could enjoy without the urge to spend.

Your petunias and other flower photos are beautiful too. It is true, the light of fall changes how you look at the flowers!

Bradley Maston said...

Beautiful cloth, beautiful day. Have a great day tomorrow!

Willow said...

Fall hasn't happened here yet. I'll watch for the changes in the light. Then I'll know autumn is here.

Quilt shop colors completely overwhelm me! I love color in small doses, I guess. I used to sew a lot but then I just quit. I have a new machine and am deciding what to sew as its maiden project.

Enjoy your days in eighth grade!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, lovely colours! I am making bunting too Pom Pom! Can't wait to see yours! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh and congratulations on another grandbaby! YAY!! :)