Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pom Pom

Happy Birthday to ME!
Fifty-one candles on the cake!
Fifty-one lovely, happy, and sweet years of a simple walk on the earth!
18,615 days of good air to breathe and 18,615 nights of snuggles in a safe bed.
I feel VERY loved by a personal God who knocked on the door of my little pink heart, came in, and continues to cover me with a generous blanket of grace. In light of FOREVER, this little blip (my lifetime) has filled me with wonder, schooled me in humility, and brought me again and again to the point of glad surrender. That's what I'm thinking today, September 25, 2009.
At this juncture, I'm drawn to happy images. I wanted to share some of my loved stuff with you today.

But, first . . . have a cupcake!

It's a thunder-y rainy morning here and reminds me of the birthdays of my youth. Growing up in Western Washington gave me many rainy birthdays! Memories of Karol, walking with me in the Sunday downpours . . . smile.

I'm so thankful for a husband that loves children.
I'm so thankful for our children and THEIR children.

Since I learned to hold a pencil and form letters, I've counted it a great privilege to write.

And you know I love Ann.

I'm thankful for the lessons of Much-Afraid.

I've never met a Mary that I didn't like.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you for your fine reading voice, your willingness to sit in the reading chair and take Karol and I to the Hundred Acre Wood.

Rabbits that live in the woods. Naughty rabbits. Maternal rabbits.


These guys.

Women who walk with courage.

Artists like Grandma Moses who painted pictures that find homes in souls.

The moon. It belongs to all of us.

Colors. Yummy purple, sassy red, lemon yellow, clear blue, earthy green, pumpkin orange, pretty pink . . . so good.

Mr. Ordinary. I love him.

Magic bubbles.

Clown accessories.

People like us - with BIG imaginations.

The voices that speak for children.

Tasha Tudor who shared her ways of simplicity, hard work, earthy beauty. An artist, an individual.

Movies that move me.

Writers with the unique ability to transport and cheer.

Van Gogh. Enough said.

Comment today and you're in the drawing for the Pom Pom Birthday Box. Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party here in blog land. You are someone who stays on my mind, resides in my heart and cheers my soul. (HUG!)


libbyquilter said...

Happy Birthday Pom Pom~!!~

that cupcake looks like i could reach into the computer screen and stick my finger into the frosting and . . . yummmmmm~!!~

love the children's book illustrations and that MOON~!!~ WOW~!!!!~

enjoy your wonderful day and may it be full of even more of the rich treasures of life~!~


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have the loveliest of days! I'm glad I could come to your
blogland birthday party today!


Karol said...

Wish I could be there in person to give you a big birthday hug. I count it a honor to have been your sister for so many of your years. You are a true gift. Love you so much. Karol

Gigi said...

Happy happy birthday!
Thank you so much for sharing your infectious attitude of gratitude with us!
Wishing you even more blessings on your day and through the days to come,

April said...

Happy Birthday MomPom! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pom Pom. I've been visiting for a while but not commented until now. You have a lovely blog. Have a wonderful day,
Holly (in the UK)

Elizabethd said...

Bonne Anniversaire dear Pom Pom!
Have a wonderful day, and blow out all your candles!

Susie said...

Happy birthday PomPom! Hope you're having a beautiful day x

Baley Petersen said...

Happy Birthday, Pom Pom! Bon Anniversaire! Feliz cumpleanos! Thanks for throwing such a great party! I loved the cupcake! Hey, my best friend's boyfriend's granfather is the Gruelle who created Raggedy Anne and Andy! :D Tidbit for ya. ;)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

A very happy birthday to you!

Helen said...

Many happy returns of the day, dear Pom Pom. I know you will have a lovely day - you have such an infectious appetite for living life in such a glorious, happy, happy way. Many blessings to you. Helen xx

scrappy quilter said...

Happy Birthday dear friend. What a wonderful bunch of pictures. I love what Helen said "you have such an infectious appetite for Living Life in such a glorious, happy way". That is so very true. Your blog always brings a smile to my face. Hugs on this very special day.

Deborah said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Pom Pom! Haaaapppppy Birrrrthhhdayyy to you!! (Good thing you can't hear me actually sing it ;o))!

Thank you for sharing your loves and joy with us! May the Lord bless you with MANY more!

(You'll have to share the titles of your favorite movies. I'm due for a good movie soon)!


All things bright and beautiful... said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
May God bless you and keep you
Happy Birthday to yoooouuuuuu!!!!!!

It's funny, Pom Pom, but as I read you fave list I was thinking - "mmm me too" kindred spirits :)

Pom Pom said...

Thank you! All the dear and personal comments have made my birthday even sweeter! I'm going to draw for the birthday box on Monday! Stay tuned!

Aisling said...

A very Happy Birthday Pom Pom! You're 51 years young! I hope it is the beginning of the best year yet.

warm regards,

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! DEAR POM POM!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! That was my song for your YESTERDAY! Whaaaaa! I was gone all day and didn't get back to computer til late and then I had to post PinkSaturday...BTW, thanks for visiting...and Double WhaaaaWhaaaa! I know you had a great day! I loved your BirthdayBlog! SuKnitWitty

Clevelandgirlie said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! What a wonderful post - I knew when I saw Language Arts teacher (I taught 10th grade World Literature) and that one of your favorite movies was Dead Poet's Society (have you ever seen Mona Lisa Smile? or the Emperor's Club - or Good Will Hunting, all movies about academia) and the picture of Robert Redford and Meryl Streep - we have some serious things in common! Came across your blog through Love Stitching Red's wonderful blog. So happy to find it. I will be back to visit soon.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Many happy returns
Thanks for the Virtual Cupcake [wonderfulyl calorie free]

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Happy birthday, Pom Pom, one day late! I hope you had a wonderful and blessed day!


Bradley Maston said...

Happy Birthday Mama.

Yoos the best!

SusanB-knits said...

Happy Birthday! (a day late) I hope you had a wonderful day and got to do what you wanted.

Sara Padrusch said...

Happy Birthday! Your gratitude warms and cheers me!



Dearest Pom Pom

I'm sorry that I am a couple of days late in wishing you a very happy birthday. I am sad that I missed the day but now I know when it is I won't forget next year!

I feel it is you that should be receiving the gifts so please please send me your address as I have something for you!

Thank you for your wonderful insights, fabulous pictures, delightful memories and sharing your special day with us


ps. The Shell Seekers is one of my favourite books of all time, as is the movie Out of Africa. Did you enjoy The Bridges of Madison County? Very thought provoking!

Heart Felt said...

I'm so behind ~ trying to catch up on your blog ~ Happy Birthday! xx