Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apple Trees, Posies, Billy!

Shiny jewels grace the produce section of my grocery store. I grew up in apple land (Washington State) but often the apples are even better here . . . maybe because those Washingtonians ship their first fruits out of state. Honey Crisp apples taste WONDERFUL! I miss Spokane, Washington. We often visited Green Bluff with the kids. Riding on a little farmer bus, we buzzed out to the orchards and picked our box - so fresh, so crisp, so juicy. Apple season ROCKS!

Thanks to the Internet, we CAN visit the orchard even if we wish to remember blossom time!

Okay, well anyway - after that gush about apples . . . BILL is HOME! After a long drive from school to the airport, we hurried home for dinner. Bryan and Jeff were waiting for us and Brad is here now. All the boys are about. Scott (the eternal good sport) went "Samantha Rose shopping" AGAIN with Jenny so we actually didn't get to see THAT boy, but usually I see the girls around more. It's fun to listen to the boys. Bill has already hung out his washing! He wastes no time, but he DID sleep for nine hours on the plan from Sydney, so he's not too jet lagged . . . YET!

The sky, the evening cool, the quiet. So lovely, so welcoming, and YIKES - it's time to light my candle!

So, for reading tonight I browsed through some friendly blogs and also leafed through Sunset magazine and Better Homes and Gardens. They think it's fall but we don't see changing colors yet! Everything is all green and full - take a look at our green grass! It hasn't slowed down much.

Hello, dear little finch! Thanks for perching on my peak!

Yahoo! He's back from his trip around the world! It's a long way to Uganda and South Africa! It's quite a trip from Africa to Singapore and then on to Australia! I'm so glad he's home!
Real quick, I have to tell you how awesome the eighth graders have been. On Tuesday, I staged a big verbal fight between the Sharks and the Jets (West Side Story) and then again for the Romeo and Juliet readers (the Montagues and the Capulets) and let the kids stir up a little "mean" toward their rival. So, they came in and sat where they wanted and then I made them stay there for the "back and forth" just to prove the point that hate is contagious! I had some second thoughts when they were getting all angry, but the next day they smiled on in and behaved like angels! I was shocked! I thought they'd still be loud and excited, but they understood and now are a million times more interested in the stories. They all wanted to act today - they are so bold! So, I've had extra energy for them!
Now the bubble bath is beckoning - I'll take my candlelight there. First another cuppa and a tiny lemon cake. I send you a HUGE HUG and if I could, I'd whisper this in your ear, "Remember what Doris Day said? Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty." Thank you so much for visiting me!


Gigi said...

Hmmmm -- all those apples must be where you got those pretty rosy apple cheeks of yours?
Love the comment about hate being contagious. My DD and I were talking about that the other day and that positive attitudes are 'catching' also -- like yours Miss Pom. You're a contagious carrier of goodness!
What a nice warm face your Bill has -- lucky you and lucky him - two good face folks ;-).
And love the Doris quote too -- so true!
Blessings to you,

All things bright and beautiful... said...

You & Doris are so cool!


I love to visit you for your thoughtful insights. Love the orchards full of blossoms

It is almost autumn time here. The trees are turning red and brown. It will be a very colourful fall because of all the rain we had. I've enjoyed my recent ramblings. The sunshine is warm with a chilly nip in the air and it gets dark much earlier now

I love to hear what it's doing where you are!

Deborah said...

I'm so glad Bill is home safe and sound from his travels! Your grade eight class sound like a very fun bunch of students. I'm going to add Doris Day's quote to my ever growing list of favorites! Thanks!!


Bradley Maston said...

WOnderful times! I hope you enjoyed your evening and that the kids continue to enjoy Romeo and Maria! It's good to have Dad home!

Saleslady371 said...

Love your pics! I'm an apple lover, too, all kinds! The Doris Day quote is great!

Alberta said...

Visiting your blog is like a cozy chat, wrapped in a meditation, sitting on the porch listening to the rain. It makes me feel nourished and centered and happy. What a gift of words you have! And your lucky, lucky students. You tell them that I said so.


Oh,and thank you for the beautiful birthday presents; you seem to know me well!


Dear Pom Pom, when it's time, I would love to see a single lone RED maple leaf! There are no maple trees where I live

Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to be able to visit with you today!

We are enjoying such lovely September weather here that it doesn't quite seem like the beginning of fall is next week! All the colors are so pretty at your house!

I hope your weekend is a blessed and sweet one!

Andrea said...

What a lovely post!

We used to take our boys to an apple orchard. They have vivid memories of it still. And so do I. The beauty and the smell were so wonderful.

I wish I could join you for a cuppa and a little lemon cake. What a glorious chat we could have.

Take care, dear friend. And thank you for praying for my son and dil. They are doing well. They went down the Niger River in a canoe yesterday. Had two people saved in a meeting last night. Chris says he is seeing so much hunger for God.

Blessings to you and yours,