Friday, September 11, 2009

Award and Sharing

Angela at Tracing Rainbows gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award a few days ago! Thank you, Angela! Her blog is newsy and fun! If you haven't already visited, rush on over there and say hello! I'd like to give the award to seven other blogs.
1. Jeff's photo blog (Mama is so proud and loves Jeff's poetic eye!) The Windswept Sky is filled with photos from all Jeff's visits around the world.
2. Brad's blog (Mama loves her son's heart for Jesus - smile) Not All Who Wander Are Not Lost is where Brad shares and questions some deep stuff.
3. Love Stitching Red is Carolyn's blog and you will find BIG inspiration there.
4. Shiny Red Houses is a funny blog. Sara shares about her girls, her house, her husband, her home, and she is a great writer. Oh! She has some VERY cute pugs.
5. Songs of Light features GORGEOUS photos.
6. A Quiet Country House also holds pretty pictures and lovely poems.
7. Reader's Book Blog is fun to read. Baley displays her skills as she reviews all kinds of good books.
Back in June, I chose seven blogs for this award, too. I have a lot of favorite blogs so I think I should invent a Pom Pom Award. I'll work on that!
When the recipients accept the award, they post it on their blog, give it to seven more people and then say seven things about themselves. So here's my seven things for today:
1. I'm a fish out of water at school. Most teachers are very school-y and detail-y so I really don't fit, but the Lord must want me there and I try to improve my organizational skills, my "bottom line" skills, and act more like a teacher . . . but it's hard.
2. I love Mary Poppins.
3. I sit around a lot.
4. I love OTHER PEOPLES' dogs. I don't want one of my own, because I can't keep up with the cleaning and sometimes I just don't want to be needed.
5. I buy too many books because I enjoy reading about things to do, but I don't necessarily ever DO those things. Example: writing books, knitting books, teacher books.
6. People who can't get by outer appearances make me mad and critical.
7. I started following Jesus 32 years ago and I still find Him absolutely fascinating.
So, if you'd like to go back to my June post and see the seven blogs and seven facts about Pom Pom I came up with THEN, please do!
I love blog land. I find such inspiration and entertainment as I pop in for visits. If you are reading this, you are part of that FUN for me. See you soon for more ponderings.



Hi Pom Pom, thank you so much for the very pretty blogger award. I am very honoured to be third on your list after your beloved sons. Thank you for your kind words

Now I can't think what I'm going to have for my seven things. I'll put my thinking cap on!

Don't ponder too hard this weekend - enjoy! :o)


Andrea said...

Dear friend, it was a delight to read your sharing of seven things.

I imagine you as a wonderful teacher. I cannot believe otherwise. And fitting in is often not God's way.

And I am with you on the outer appearances. There is so much more to people and life.

Many blessings to you! Have a wonderful weekend!


Aisling said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the award and hope that I express that by posting and passing it on. I hate to admit that I am poor at follow through on this sort of thing, but I really do appreciate your including me in your list! I love visiting your blog too! :)

Heart Felt said...

As always...thanks so much for all the lovely blog links. xx

Deborah said...

Congratulations on your award!!

Even if you think you are a fish out of water at school, I have a suspicion that if you were my teacher, you would be my favorite!! I can tell by the way you write on here and what you write about with your students. I would be enthralled!


PS We read The Giving Tree the other morning. I'm so sappy I almost couldn't get through it. Thankfully the kids are used to their Mama bawling through books :o).

Lisa Richards said...

We have so much in common! I visited Jeff's blog and love his photos. I hope to visit the others soon.

Your blog is a lot of fun!

Baley Petersen said...

Muchas Gracias, Pom Pom! I am honored to be given such a prestigious award! :D I do so appreciate your continued readership. What lovely serendipity that brought our blogs together! ;)

Angela said...

Dear PP - thanks for following through on the award thing - and pointing me to some great new blogs to read!
Your blog always puts a smile on my face
blessings xx