Saturday, September 5, 2009

Carolyn's Inspiration

First off, Kelli is still sick so I went over to their house yesterday to help a bit and Birdie wanted Mommy to wear THESE shoes when she was lying on the bed. Pretty!

Carolyn from Love Stitching Red featured a fantastic artist on her blog today and I am CRAZY about the paintings, so I was inspired to draw and play around. FUN! The artist's name is
Kristin Vestgård and she is a Norwegian. Her art is amazing! You can go to her website, too. Pop over to Carolyn's blog again if you haven't already. She's my artist heroine.

Pom Pom tries to copy.

Pom Pom needs a nice tray of water colors.

Look at the pumpkin patch! MORE baby pumpkins! Yay!

Everything is so beautifully wound and tangled. I wish you could see the morning glories in real life. The blues!

The sweet peas are still performing and the zucchini are growing over night!
My pepper plants have now produced two normal looking peppers!

I am SO grateful for Labor Day weekend. I can putz around the garden, grade papers, plan Shakespeare lessons, watch movies, sleep in . . . I hope you are having a happy end-of-the-summer weekend. I think all of us are enjoying some real life peace and warm people-y love. I hope you feel an unexplainable lift in your spirit and an inspired surge of go, go, go. BIG love ~xopp



How lovely, Pom Pom, that you were inspired by Kristin's painting to draw and play. I love your drawing and I can see you enjoyed it! Isn't Kristen's work beautiful!

Your veggies and flowers are gorgeous! I would love to "potter" in a garden like yours

Hope Kelli gets well soon. Has she been checked out? Sending her some love too!

BFN and have a lovely Sunday
Love - Carolyn ♥

SuKnitWitty said...

Mornin Glories, SunFlowers, and Veggies...doesn't get any better than that. Course seeing your drawing interp was fun too. Very creative and artsy...wonder how your ClassKids would like to do the same for R&J? Do you watch the movie while reading R&J?

Angela said...

Oh I LOVE those shoes!!

have a lovely weekend.
and thanks for voting for my Liz and Battersea Dogs Home!

Alberta said...

I'm so glad you shared a link to this artist; I had not been aware of her before, and I love the dreamlike delicacy of her work. Your garden is dreamy too! My Labor Day weekend will be much like yours, but I'll be planning lessons for The Crucible instead of Shakespeare. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog; I hope you will come back often and visit me. I think someone who loves Harriet the Spy and Rosamund Pilcher might just be my kindred spirit!

Probably Jane said...

I love the way you garden - letting nature do the work and enjoying the results! I think we have similar tastes although your pumpkin growing is more successful than mine so far.

Thank you for visiting my blog - finished knitting soon to be revealed...

libbyquilter said...

the blue of those morning glories is a wonderful compliment to the bright yellow of the sunflowers~!!~


Deborah said...

LOVE those shoes!! I'm afraid they would make me over six feet tall though :0)!

The Mud Spattered Man said...

Is that fancy shoe on a dead person?

Bradley Maston said...

What fun. I love your drawerings!