Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Feelings

The weather has turned cold. Yesterday at school, we had a fire drill and stood out in the blustery rain while the "powers that be" checked safety procedures. Brrrrrrrrr! I hope the kids don't catch colds! Even my cave-like classroom has been cooler! So, even though things are busy - it's time to revel in the lovely vibes of fall!

One of my beautiful friends (Shannon!) gave me this book some years ago. It profiles some brilliant women writers. It's a graceful "coffee table" type book, inviting and sophisticated. I stored some leaves in it, so I took it out to show you some saved treasures.

Here's Virginia Wolfe with a lovely golden maple leaf!

Here's Vita Sackville-West's write up, graced by a stunning red maple leaf I found in downtown Littleton, seven years ago. Here is your red maple leaf, Carolyn!

Susan Branch, one of my favorite artists and favorite cooks wrote and illustrated Autumn. The pages of this book are pure inspiration!

A Sunday afternoon trip to the bookstore for a book the kids at school have been dying to read also required a purchase of the most recent (here!) edition of my all-time favorite magazine! You know this. I blab about it all the time. Images. I'm so thankful for images.

This week has been lovely with the eighth graders. They are so sweet, smart, calm and dear. Today they have Explore testing, so we'll have a different day. Tomorrow is their "Friday" because the real Friday is a teacher work day. Yes, a teacher work day on MY birthday! It's okay. I don't mind. Stay tuned though. I am going to have a give away for my birthday, because all of you are so fun and kind. Come see me Friday. I send BIG fall love your way, good blogger super stars! I'm so glad you popped in for a visit today. You are good. I like good people.


Gretchen Joanna said...

I like the way you started out with WORDS and quickly progressed to your love of IMAGES. Very clever! And I love to see inside your books.

libbyquilter said...

love the look of the book and the shots that you have taken with the pressed leaves are fabulous~!!~
yes~!!!!!!!!!!~ images are the stuff of life, i agree~!!~ and yours have made my day more beautiful~!~ thank you for sharing~!!~


p.s. it's YOUR birthday; shouldn't we be sending YOU goodies~!?!~

Gigi said...

Well, great minds thinking alike again ;-)? I have the same books! And "Country Living" is pretty much the only magazine I ever buy anymore -- love love it.
Happy Birthday to you! At least work days don't involve students
;-) -- a little more peaceful maybe?

SuKnitWitty said...

Hi PrincessPomPom....yes, we were both Homecoming Princess...did you have elbow length gloves that fit? It's almost your Birthday! The leaves are beautiful and neat reminders of that?'s our reminder for the time OK, will be here for your B-DayParty....Sue

Deborah said...

Now that it is fall I have had to turn on the air conditioning for only the second time this year. The humidity is waaay up and our temperature had gone up with it. Even the evenings are suddenly warm. I'm sure the cooler weather will be here again soon though.

Did you save those leaves from last fall? It's so fun when you open a book and forgotten leaves come floating out.

Enjoy your newest magazine!


Bradley Maston said...

Autumn is the most delicious season that there is. I'm sorry your students got rained on, though! I love you!

Baley Petersen said...

I LOVE autumn. It's my very favoritest time of year. There's nothing better.

Alberta said...

I'm home sick with a headcold today, but, I admit, I'm having way too much fun. I loved this post and the whole idea of the different writers with their individual leaves. Wouldn't a compilation of these make a beautiful book? I'm going to follow your example and do the same thing when the leaves start to turn here. You absolutely SHOULD do canvas journaling with your students. I did it last year with my writing class (check out my Aug. 14, 2008 post), and they loved the activity. I think I still have the link to my old student blog with some of their examples. If I do, I'll send it to you. I also did art journaling with the same class for an end of semester poetry scrapbook last year. Providing an artistic outlet to help so much to motivate students who don't have an aptitude for written expression or technology. YOur students are so lucky to have such a creative teacher who loves her students so much, especially in middle school. They REALLY need you then, and so few people can relate to these strange 13 and 14 year old creatures. I look forward to reading more about your students and their activities and hopefully seeing some of their art.


theshepherdshouse said...

Hi Pom Pom ~

We are enjoying some lovely fall weather here in the Pacific Northwest! It's such a lovely time of year. It looks like you share a birthday with one of my girls ~ Happy Birthday to you!

Sweet blessings,

Angela said...

What a beautiful looking book - and those leaves are gorgeous.
Hope your Teacher Day/Birthday goes well

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love your leaves!

And seeing your country living, I'm wondering why I don't have this issue yet (I'm a subscriber). Grrrr!

Happy birthday! Big love fall love right back at ya!


scrappy quilter said...

Love the look of the books. I always enjoy reading Country Living.


Dear Pom Pom

Thank you for the RED maple leaf. It is very beautiful as is the book in which it was pressed. The photo of Virginia Wolfe is very lovely. I also love Country Living. Do you get the English version as well?

I adore your book with the Autumn illustrations. How wonderful is that. Just makes you want to light a fire and curl up with it and a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie, of course!

Now, I am off to catch up with your next few posts. I'm sorry that I haven't been over this week. I've been posting and running which is very naughty, but I had to get a heap of work done this week for our business accounts

Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend. I wish I had known beforehand

Lots of love
Carolyn xx