Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, how are you this lovely Sunday morning? The sky is brilliant blue in my neck of the woods. I couldn't resist pointing my humble, little camera up at the vast, endless beauty this morning!

See? I mentioned that our leaves aren't changing yet. This is our maple tree. She turns a stunning shade of gold when the frost is in the air. I'll make sure you get to see her transformation. Isn't she just lush and rich now? Don't you want to climb up and perch for a while?

These black-eyed susans have volunteered to spread some sunshine in random places. Speaking of random - yeah, this post WILL be.

Farmer Pom Pom's harvest! The first picked pumpkin, more zucchini and yellow squash, and another green pepper!

I can't get enough of our blue sky!

Poor pansies. They can't grab enough ground. The cosmos pushed them, shaded them, and the sprinklers pound them every day. Don't you wish you had a hat that looked just like this pretty posy?

Time for a little more blue!

Birdie and Miss Bug came by for dinner while their parents went on a little date. I hope Birdie is not distressed when she realizes she left her dolls behind.

After "junking" yesterday (those photos are coming - I'm building suspense!) I went to Jenny's house to see Samantha's "digs" and took a few shots of her happy home!

Here's my "baby" in her baby's room! It still seems like too long until December!

This dog baby ought to get ready for a tiny (and maybe rude) awakening when Samantha Rose comes! She rushed out to greet me and wanted me to carry her around her house. When she comes to our house, she won't even slow down long enough to let me hold her.

Don't you love Jenny and Scott's view? I grew up across the street from a golf course. Maybe that's why I always marvel at this landscape.

Now for the treasures. I found a book I had read long ago and probably given away. The Road from Coorain by Jill Ker Conway is a delicious read. It's about the bush country in Australia and tells a fascinating story. Jill Ker Conway went on to become the president of Smith College. It's a beautifully written, compelling memoir. Read it if you can get your hands on it.

I found a couple good books for the eighth graders, too.

Best book find! Look at this inscription from the grandma!
Whoever the recipient was, he is probably about thirty years old now!

The fun book:

. . . and another useful find!
Two sturdy shelves to be painted and hung - 6 dollars each.

For $2.99, five places for light to dwell.

I'll try another thrift shop next time. This one has lots of clothes and way too many Halloween costumes. I'll check back, however.

I stopped at the pumpkin patch and took this farmy photo. Sorry you can't see the pumpkins very well. This is right outside of busy Denver and I'm thankful for such glimpses of country, so close to home.

Today I must hunker down and prepare the mailing list for our eighth grade parent newsletter, put together the reading notebooks, plan a Shakespeare final assignment and create an assessment for West Side Story. Hmmmm. What about my bunting? Sigh. Oh well. I'll get to it. Thank you for your sweet visit today! Here's a little quote for you:
"Make friends with angels."
Saint Augustine


Gigi said...

Love your new header Pom! Good old "Peanuts". I remember my parents and friends standing around after church (when I was a kid) laughing & talking about the "Peanuts" cartoon that had been in that morning's paper.
And your punkins! You smart girl! Isn't there something just so satisfying about harvesting something you grew your own little self?
The baby's room is so sweet as is your beautiful little daughter!


Deborah said...

We have had days and days of blue blue skies and remarkable sunrises and sunsets too! The kids tease me,
"How many pictures do you need to take, Mom?"

Summer was so long in coming this year that I am soaking these dry blue days up as much as I can!

Samantha Rose's room is lovely. Greens are so perfect for a wee one. I hope your "baby" will take these last few months to rest as much as possible because life will never be the same! I mean that in a positive way of course!

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely header!
and also what a pretty baby many nice things on your post today.

scrappy quilter said...

What lovely pictures. I love the baby soft, warm and inviting. Just perfect for a wee one.


So many wonderful images of your lovely life. The thing that comes shining through is your great love of family - you all sound so close - it's wonderful!

Love farmer pom pom's pumpkin and also love your new Charlie Brown header with the pumpkins. I would say you are a little way behind our autumn, although we are still having glorious weather here

Great thrift finds and Ilove those baby quilts. They are gorgeous!

Has she really got to go to December? Phew!

Sending bloggy love n hugs your way. Have a perfect week. Hope your 8th graders love the books

Love Carolyn x

Angela said...

Ooh! I got really excited when I saw the Felicity Wishes Fairy Picture. The english artist who paints FW [Emma Thomson] lives in Kent, and we visited her studio once. Do you have much FW stuff where you are? there is LOADS over here.

libbyquilter said...

visiting your blog always makes me feel like i have made a freind with an angel so i'm pleased to know that i'm following good advice~!~


p.s. i agree; the banner is awesome~!~