Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Around the House

 Hello!  Do you love glads?  One of our Australian house guests is sitting in the rocking chair.  They are extremely easy guests.
 I tried to grow glads last year, but they didn't come to anything.  I probably neglected to give them extra drinks.  I found these in the floral department at the grocery store. 
It's time for strawberries.  We can buy strawberries all year round now, but June is the best REAL time for them.  They are so photogenic.
 On Saturday one of Jeff's Hawaiian friends made us a lovely plate lunch.  You know, a meat curry, rice, and macaroni salad.  Now, I must confess that I tend to think of mac salad as an old fashioned side dish, but now I have new vision for it.  They say that the key is the mayonnaise.  It MUST be Best Foods brand.  I am going to make some myself for our cookout night.  I will put in tiny diced carrot, celery, red bell pepper, and green onion.  I'm inspired to mix it up and continue to tweak my own mac salad.  Come over for a plate lunch? 
 Our guest Heather's boots.  Made in America but much cooler on Australians!  Ha ha ha!  Just kidding. 
 All of my linens are old.  I lose track of time when it comes to cloth.  I gave some sheets to the Goodwill recently because I don't need more than two sets of sheets, but I used to think I did.  My tablecloths are practically antiques.  I still like using them.  
 I went shopping for bookends.  There are not enough bookends in this house.  I found that pretty bookends are quite expensive.  I bought another set of the chairs!  They were reasonably priced and they work!  Bookends are better than all the piles that accumulate around here. 
 After cleaning like a good housemaid (I really was surprised at myself - the basement is tidy and web free!) I feel lighter.  I meandered through a few (way too many) containers in my office (all tucked under the desk - messy!) I found a sweater that I began knitting for Kelli 32 years ago!  Gasp!  In the same basket were a couple of ugly black moths.  So scary.  I threw away some of the wool, but the sweater is made of acrylic yarn so it is soaking in the bathroom sink.  I just might finish it and see if I can talk Plum Cake into wearing it.  I fear it's not pink enough for her fairy/princess/pretty pony taste. 

 I've been watching lovely UK podcasts and who knew I would find them SO inspiring as well as entertaining?  I like Sew Sweet Violet, Little Bobbins Knits, Cherry Heart, and Amy at Love Made My Home. I am thinking about what to make with the golden yarn Debbie sent me in the stationary swap that Elizabethd initiated.  The podcasters are so inspiring! 

I've been a very busy granny and house mouse, but next week is pretty free.  I want to knit and watch this. 
 Ginny from Small Things and Yarn Along recommended this book.  It's nice and fat.
 I'm still clearing a place at my desk, but this is my new treat.
 Kelli gave me gift cards, a massage, and lunch to say thank you for keeping the girls while they vacationed.  Isn't the card pretty?  I do not need gifts for taking care of our grands, but she insists.  
 Jenny gave me this for Mother's Day.  Isn't it sweet?  It makes me think of Susan Branch.  She says dreams come true.  So cute.
Tomorrow the temps are supposed to be in the 70's so I might pull some weeds and plant red petunias.  Our cucumbers are coming up.  Hooray!
Oh, and I want to make our home look more like a Brambly Hedge home so I have an idea about using tension rods and making curtains in places other than windows.  I am on the lookout for places where tension rods could tuck in.  The green gingham above is going in the dining room and if I get the jazz to pick off wallpaper borders in the family room, I shall add two flouncy curtains to that room, too.  I also want to paint the shelf over the fireplace white and make a ruffle to go around (like the mice do!).  
I did not realize how haunted house-ish our basement was and now that it is clean, I feel bouncy.
Oh, I forgot to take a picture of the square of Tickleberry cake I ate but it was scrumptious!  Happy wedding month! On to the red, white, and blue month.
Thank you for stopping in and saying hello!  

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Girl Fun

 The kids gave Bill a very cute Father's Day gift.  Each grand is holding a letter to spell grandfather.  Even the expected baby got in on the act.  Aw!
Samantha is pulling out so many teeth!  Jenny says that pretty soon she might have to use the blender to prepare meals!
 Grrrrrrr.  Bunnies are eating the pansies.  
 We're eating summer fruits.

I survived the swim meet and the girls were extra cooperative. We didn't miss an event and I was able to slip between people/timers/parents and watch the girls swim, too!  

 We loved having three little girlie girls in our house for six days.  They are so comfortable and happy.
 They went to theater camp.  

 They wanted a tea party.

 They had fun talking to Grampy.
 I slept with Millie Rose because she is at the age when kids have nightmares.  She's a cuddle bug.
 Crazy hair day at theater camp

We watched some movies

We had hot weather for slip and sliding!  

 On the last day we gave in to lots of screen time.

 We had so much fun and I am so thankful for such a sweet visit with them.  I am richer for it.

This morning James came over to mow the lawn.
 We drove to the mall to run around, throw coins in the fountain, and eat breakfast.
 Sweet Miss CB had a swim meet today!  I bet she swam swiftly.  

 Here are two lovely bug catchers!
 And sunhat wearers!

Hydrangeas grow inside at the mall but not outside in Colorado.  Aren't they gorgeous?

I kept seeing this lovely zine on Instagram and on blogs and finally I found the website so I could order it.  Susan B. Anderson AND Alicia Paulson (Posy Gets Cozy) are two of the contributors.  Do you ever feel like there are big gaps in your online knowledge?  I have learned so much about the creative world from reading blogs but there are so many trends that pass me by completely.  I am very glad that sweet and lovely book/mags are being made these days.  Some of the sad lostness of our current times make me feel pretty bummed out. 

I really want to make this little project.  Isn't it darling?

We have some Australian house guests coming next week so I must tidy the basement where one of them will sleep.  It's a rat's nest down there.  
I have other fun family things planned and a sweet lunch with a good friend on Thursday.  

The cucumber plants are growing.  One area of our garden isn't doing so well so I think I need to add some vitamins to the soil.  I really should put on my boots and weed a bit, too.

I've been craving wedding cake and I think I know why.  Our wedding was in June and my parents' wedding was in June.  The next time I go to the grocery store I will buy a piece of white cake with white frosting, eat it and thank God for marriage.

I am very interested in Brexit.  I LOVE my UK blog friends and quite simply I LOVE the UK very much and want it to thrive and be sound.  I hope good will come from the decision the people made.
I am reading JAMBUSTERS and I am thoroughly enjoying learning about the W.I.  
I bought some new tubes of watercolor paint and I'm itching to do a little painting and drawing.  I'll let you know how that goes.
Take care, sweet visitor.  I'm so thankful that you come by as often as you do.   

Friday, June 17, 2016

Sun and Fun

 How many days until summer officially begins?  Just a few!  It already feels like summer in our backyard.  Bill spent quite a bit of time in the early morning pumping up the pool and filling it with very cold water.  
 Sam wanted to have a party for her rainbow snake.  We did!  

 We may have gone a little overboard on sugar today.  

 James was with us, too.  I left my phone inside during some of the splashing so I didn't get a photo of the speedy little puddle jumper!  
 And here is some lovely lobelia.  Mmmmmm.
Tomorrow morning (before 6am) I must head over to Kelli's and pick up the three mermaids so they can attend their swim meet.  Mommy and Daddy will fly away to Mexico and our six day stint will begin.  Pray that I don't melt at the swim meet.  It's been REALLY hot here.
After the meet we'll come home and cool off and get ourselves all situated. They have theater camp all week so Granny must stay on top of the schedule.  I'm looking forward to good conversations with them, artsy work at the dining room table, and ice cream runs.
I hope June is treating you very well this year!  See you soon!