Thursday, June 9, 2016

June Doings

 I had a feeling that you'd like a bowl of flower soup.  Am I right?  
The two rock stars below made it for you.
 I thought that when our floors were finished I would be super diligent about sweeping and mopping.  Uh. No.  Rugs help.
 Samantha and Plum Cake went camping!  Lucky ducks!
 I went up to Ft. Collins to the women's conference that our April organized.  I had a lot of fun!  Cadence helped with music, too!
 We went up to the mountains earlier this week for a yearly retreat with Bill's coworkers.  I am always blessed when I am around this special group.  
 We're celebrating today because 38 years ago today we got married!  Bliss!
 We saw James this morning while his mommy went to her monthly baby check.
 The peonies are blooming!  I'm going up to Washington for a wedding and I'll be gone five days.  I hope the peonies hold until I get back.
 Inside we have a few flowering plants and they ARE holding on for a good long time. 

Thank you so very much for your kind words about my Rule.  I'm going to answer a few questions real quick.
Elizabeth:  Yes, I read a bunch of books about creating a Rule of Life and quite a few about spiritual disciplines.  Yes, I LOVED The Cloister Walk.  I read it a few years ago and it stuck with me.  
Betty:  The Examen is a way to reflect on God's movement in your day.  Google it and you'll find different guidelines.
Heather:  I have not read Tim Keller's book on prayer but I do love his work.
Frances:  Yes, Phyllis Tickle.  So good.

I'm a little tired because the bed up in the mountains had a big dip in the middle and I kept sliding into it and waking up.  I am turning into a grumpy sleeper.  I think about it too much.

The wedding is on Guemus Island so tomorrow night I shall sleep by the sea.  I'll take lots of photos and share them with you when I return.

Take care, sweet visitor.  Thank you for clicking by and checking on me.
God be with you.  


TexWisGirl said...

happy anniversary to you both!

love your grands.

Marcie said...

What a great life-filled post. The white peonies are beautiful! I only have two pinks, and they are in bud.

Kezzie said...

Happy anniversary my lovely! I love your peonies and flowers and flower soup sounds very nice thank you!!

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you sleep well by the sea. Have a good time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope the rain holds off for your wedding on the island. We are headed to Leavenworth on Saturday for a extended family gathering with our newest married kids. Blessings!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Happy anniversary!

And as a matter of fact, I love flower soup. Please send a bowl ASAP.

Enjoy the sea!


Farm Girl said...

Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy your time away. I will pray you are a good sleeper and have a nice bed in which to lay your weary head.
Lovely photos! I like your rocking chairs.

Gumbo Lily said...

38 YEARS is AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!
I'd love some flower soup. So yummy!
Have fun at the wedding. Sleep well too.

Elizabethd said...

Lovely peonies, I'm rejoicing over one single flower! Have a lovely time at the wedding.

Wood Fairy said...

Happy anniversary! you have so much to celebrate this month - a wedding by the sea is going to be fabulous. Thanks for info on Examen I will look it up. I got your letter/replied hope it's waiting for you on your return :D Flower soup would be delicious, also a flower bath equally so. Have a wonderful week. Betty x

magsmcc said...

Mmmm. Falling asleep to the Sea Lullaby. Nice. Sleep well, your joy will shine x (And belated anniversary congratulations to you both xx)

Fat Dormouse said...

Happy, happy anniversary to you both. We're a year ahead of you! Have a wonderful time away. It's always lovely to read about your exploits.

Jean | said...

Your flowers are beyond beautiful! I need to get back to the garden, been missing it. Happy 38th Anniversary to you both! And have a wonderful trip.

Heather LeFebvre said...

I love the flower soup!!! :) Happy Anniversary!! So happy for you guys! The peony is gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to hear about the wedding!

elizabeth said...

that's so wonderful about your anniversary!!!

I don't know if my husband and I will ever get to so many years (nearing 90 if husband makes it that long) as we married later in life.

very neat about Cloister Walk... I also loved her Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith...

I am not where near that sort of rule but am trying to move towards something better.... :)

love that you are out there in this world, making it a more beautiful one! :)

Granny Marigold said...

Belated anniversary wishes!! I fear you won't have great weather for your time in the Pacific Northwest. It's such a mix of showers and heavy rain followed by hot sun peeking through. I'm sure you'll have a lovely time in spite of any rain.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Beautiful flowers and Happy Anniversary to a special couple!

M.K. said...

I hope you enjoy your island and the sea. Come home refreshed!

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great time by the sea. Love your rug, it looks like crochet!

Happyone said...

Happy Anniversary a little late. : )

Kit said...

Congrats on 38 years! You and I have been married the same amount of time. :) I hope you are having a great trip. Sleeping by the sea is the best. I am hoping to be doing that myself in a couple of weeks. You take care and have fun. Kit

Lisa Richards said...

Happy anniversary!
The flower soup is beautiful!
Enjoy the wedding! :)

GretchenJoanna said...

It's easy to think about sleeping a lot when you are NOT sleeping. I hope you are sleeping a LOT in WA, and that your flowers are still blooming when you get back.

A belated but very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!