Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Pink Book From the Shabby Bookstore Goes Global

 Hello, friends!  Once again, I took too many photos to include in a single post.  Are you intrigued already?  The pink edition of The Wind in the Willows, purchased at a real messy used book store, flew around the world.  Now it holds such precious words and drawings.  
 When I re-read this upon receiving the book again, I thought, "Ah, how nice.  Good words, Pom Pom."  Do you ever do that?  Look at your written words and feel a deep sense of satisfaction because they make YOU feel real?

There will be more literary jazz, written in the pink book from the shabby bookstore.  For now, please join us in a world wide tea party in honor of the book and boys that traveled from happy home to happy home, playing and adventuring their way into our hearts (again!)
March 1st is the party day.  Link to Mags or me (and let us know that you'd like to share your tea party with everyone!)  Mags says we must photograph our frocks.  This gives great "scope for the imagination" doesn't it?  Have fun with this one!
Set your table, do it your way, and invite us in to your sweet world, won't you?
More book photos to come soon.

Don't you love the way your blog friends think?  I do!  I'm richer for it!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Willows Return Part One

 The Three are back!  Badger was all gussied up, ready to greet them.  They had to wait in the mail package until he was all bathed and dressed.  He was nervous.  They've been away so long.
 First, he sniffed around the New Zealand mail labels.  "I'm ready.  Open it up, please."
 "Fine fellows!"  (We were both sort of emotional!)

 He and Mole had a little chat.  I'm not sure what their conversation was about.
 I am overwhelmed by all the hostesses' kind gifts and additions to The Grand Tour!

 The little goodie envelope in the back of the book held a toadstool button from sweet Angel in the Garden, Catherine.  LOVE!

 There are so many sweet treasures here now. I feel very loved, very blessed.  I cried when I looked through the passport.  Aren't their passport photos fine?

 Angela from Tracing Rainbows made a snug pouch for the passport, book, and BOYS!



Can you get your mind around how LOVELY literary women are?  I am blown away by the imagination and the creativity I have seen.  My next post will show you the book.  It's gorgeous!  I took a photo of almost every page, so I must break this "telling" up into two posts.
I really only started loving this story about five years ago.  Who knew that women all over the world love it, too?  
Would you like to participate in The Grand Tour Welcome Home Tea Party on March 1st?  You can set the table for the boys and Badger, you can talk about the book and your favorite parts, and you can link to everyone and raise a cup for the kindness and hospitality that carried Ratty, Toad, and Mole through the mail, to the lovely homes of childlike-hearted women.  
Soon, Mr. Badger will be winging his way to Mags in Northern Ireland.  He's launching his own Willows event from there.  When will it all end?  Never, I hope!  
Thank you for believing in their "real" journey and chuckling with us along the way.
Next post coming very soon! (and more gushing on and on about the hostesses!)