Saturday, May 26, 2018

Feels Like Summer

Hello friends!  Here's a cup of tea for you. 
Maybe you'd rather have this green drink I sometimes use to swallow my vitamins.  It isn't AWFUL if it's mixed with orange juice.  

We had fun when the girls stayed with us.  We went to the mall to meet James, Noah, and Christie for lunch.  The girls LOVED Claire's and had fun choosing girlie treats (lip gloss and such things - pretend) 😃

 When I look at Cadence and Birdie (blue shirt below) I remember why I quit teaching school.  They are growing way too fast.  If I had waited until I could really retire (because remember I was a late bloomer and didn't start teaching until I was 45) I would have missed spending time with them.  I just wish our Ft. Collins grands lived closer.  

The girls liked running around and tumbling in Grampy's green, green, green grass. 
 Look who has his nose out of joint.  
 We made journals. 

 My peonies are coming along.  This is the big white one.  YAY!
 My rhubarb bolted.  I like to say she simply felt the need to show off a bit.  I cut four stalks this morning.  
 See what I mean when I say green, green, green grass?
 The California poppies are so thick. I'll thin them. 
 Plum came over and helped the girls plant.
 My neighbor brought a bouquet.  LOVELY! 
 We're going with orangey pink this year.  

 When I took the girls home to wait for their parents to return, Winnie gave a friendly welcome. 
 Missy Plum Cake graduated from preschool. 

 She told her mother that she would not sing unless Sam stood up with her. Sam is a good sport.  The teacher (Miss Jelly Bean) has been teaching preschool for years and knows that fifteen minutes is the perfect amount of time for a program.  They came in to the song Love Train.  So funny! 
 Kelli brought me a lovely little clock and a gorgeous key fob from the beach.  They had a wonderfully relaxing time.  
 And now this one is happy again. 
 I'm so pleased with the girls' planting efforts!  
 She's back!  I hope she scares the magpies away.  They are so loud. 

 My neighbor still has lilacs.  I'm so glad. 

The garden part of summer is cheerful.  On Monday morning I shall finish my planting.
I have garden flags to sew and a curtain to make for the Wendy house door. I must repaint the gnomes (they are so faded after all these years).
I have lots of supplies to make my version of a junk journal.
I am knitting and reading and writing.
There are so many good things to do, aren't there?
Time for a cup of coffee and a bit of knitting.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Bugs, Kids, and Flowers

 I bought some bugs because they are so cute, but now I am not sure what to do with them.  If I put them in the garden (my original intention) they'll get buried in dirt.  Any ideas?
I'm trying to finish the other sock to go with this scrappy one. 
 Look!  All the grandsons!  Aw! 

Millie was a goose in The Aristocats.
 Missy was Duchess.
 Birdie was a genie in Aladin.  
 James had a birthday!  Four!  Yikes!

 I put on gardening clothes and planted four seed packets (sweet peas, bachelor buttons, and nasturtiums).  I have MUCH more to do in the garden.  Now. 

 Plum lost a tooth!  How is she old enough to lose teeth?  

 My Norwegian mittens come up high.  I'm learning.  It takes me a while.  I have to take an emotional rest after each row.  😊
 Timothy is a shiver bug.  He roasts himself in front of my little heater. 
 Now both Kelli and Jenny have trailers, so both families are on the road right now.  Winnie (Kelli's golden retriever) is happy as can be.  Isn't the lake pretty?
I have been reading and writing.  Knitting, ironing, and making soup.  We have a busy weekend ahead and in a week three granddaughters are coming to stay for five days.  It will be one long lazy slumber party/tea party/ice cream fest/long sleeps (Granny hopes).
I think I said this last year, but so far I don't have a lot of summer vision.  I like swimming and looking for flower blooms. I do not like to sweat and I don't sleep well when I'm too warm.  Whine. Whine. Whine.  I'll think of something to relish about the sunshine season. 
What have you been up to?