Saturday, May 26, 2018

Feels Like Summer

Hello friends!  Here's a cup of tea for you. 
Maybe you'd rather have this green drink I sometimes use to swallow my vitamins.  It isn't AWFUL if it's mixed with orange juice.  

We had fun when the girls stayed with us.  We went to the mall to meet James, Noah, and Christie for lunch.  The girls LOVED Claire's and had fun choosing girlie treats (lip gloss and such things - pretend) 😃

 When I look at Cadence and Birdie (blue shirt below) I remember why I quit teaching school.  They are growing way too fast.  If I had waited until I could really retire (because remember I was a late bloomer and didn't start teaching until I was 45) I would have missed spending time with them.  I just wish our Ft. Collins grands lived closer.  

The girls liked running around and tumbling in Grampy's green, green, green grass. 
 Look who has his nose out of joint.  
 We made journals. 

 My peonies are coming along.  This is the big white one.  YAY!
 My rhubarb bolted.  I like to say she simply felt the need to show off a bit.  I cut four stalks this morning.  
 See what I mean when I say green, green, green grass?
 The California poppies are so thick. I'll thin them. 
 Plum came over and helped the girls plant.
 My neighbor brought a bouquet.  LOVELY! 
 We're going with orangey pink this year.  

 When I took the girls home to wait for their parents to return, Winnie gave a friendly welcome. 
 Missy Plum Cake graduated from preschool. 

 She told her mother that she would not sing unless Sam stood up with her. Sam is a good sport.  The teacher (Miss Jelly Bean) has been teaching preschool for years and knows that fifteen minutes is the perfect amount of time for a program.  They came in to the song Love Train.  So funny! 
 Kelli brought me a lovely little clock and a gorgeous key fob from the beach.  They had a wonderfully relaxing time.  
 And now this one is happy again. 
 I'm so pleased with the girls' planting efforts!  
 She's back!  I hope she scares the magpies away.  They are so loud. 

 My neighbor still has lilacs.  I'm so glad. 

The garden part of summer is cheerful.  On Monday morning I shall finish my planting.
I have garden flags to sew and a curtain to make for the Wendy house door. I must repaint the gnomes (they are so faded after all these years).
I have lots of supplies to make my version of a junk journal.
I am knitting and reading and writing.
There are so many good things to do, aren't there?
Time for a cup of coffee and a bit of knitting.


NanaDiana said...

Karen- What a fun post- You have been a busy, busy girl. Aren't you glad you retired early so you could do all those things with the kids? I retired early, too, but went back to work this year. I do love working and the kids are older now and not at Nana's house like they used to be. I still have lots of hands on with the 5 year old because I work with his daddy.

Your lawn (lush) and garden(s) look beautiful. Enjoy your whole weekend- I know you will. xo Diana

Kim said...

Yes, there are so many good things to do, especially if it is Spring/Summer. Everything looks sunshiny and colourful up there. Enjoy your week!

Julie said...

There sure are so many good things to do dear friend. I love spending time with my grands too ... they grow so very fast. I only have two so far but have hopes for more :-) Your garden is looking beautiful & colourful ... so lovely to see such blue skies & green, green grass. Have a wonderful week dear Pom Pom Xxx

Julia said...

Your grands are really growing fast. I can't believe how lush and green your lawn is and how well maintained, not a single weed in sight. Mine is full of weeds and bare patches. The grubs got at it and ate the grass roots.

I'm impressed at the great job the girls did with the petunia planting. Such cute little gardeners. I love the Super Girl gloves.

Your garden is much more advanced than mine. Nothing planted yet, the soil is still to wet from the flood and the rain but the spring flowers are blooming. My neighbor has moved and left a nice lilac bush behind and it's starting to bloom. I'll go pick myself a bouquet.

I hope that you have a nice day tomorrow.
Hugs, Julia

Lisa Richards said...

Wow! The grandkids are growing fast! So glad you can spend a lot of quality time with them. My Hazel just graduated from preschool, too. Audrey will go into second. Time flies!
Your flowers are beautiful and the girls did such a good job planting. I'm going with a lavender/purple/yellow theme this year, though I only have some pots on my deck. It's enough for now!
Enjoy all the good things of summer! :)

Granny Marigold said...

There's always so much happening at your house. I'm glad you quit work so you could be home enjoying these precious years with the grands.

Gumbo Lily said...

So many, many things happening around your house! The neighbor's bouquet is so pretty! My aliums are just beginning to bloom, but no lilies yet. I love Bill's green, green grass! I wish mine looked like that. It's a little brown right now and in need of a good rain or a good, long sprinkling with the hose. Your grands are growing up WAY to fast, even for me. How does that happen?

Your flowers are pretty and I can only imagine how full and beautiful your planters will be in mid summer. Orangey-pink is what I'm doing too! I think we are soul sisters.

It sure feels like summer here -- 90* here today. God bless! ~Jody

Henny Penny said...

I've been missing you! Your girls are adorable! Oh, and all your flowers are beautiful. Can't wait to see the white peonies opened up. Timothy is a sweetie-pie. Your post are always sweet and fun...and pretty.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Pom Pom, Yes, there are so many fun things to do that how could anyone be bored! Hard to choose what to do first. Looks like you had so much fun with the grands. What a lovely idea to make journals. What did they put in theirs? What is a junk Journal? Poor kitty. Hard to share your love. Pretty flowers the girls planted. Nancy

Nana Go-Go said...

Happy post. Those girlies are all so darling. Love the Superwoman gardening gloves! Yay for Summer.xx

Farm Girl said...

So nice to see a post. I am so glad. It looks like you had a lovely time with all of your girls. So true, time passes by too fast so I am glad you are getting to do all that you do now.
It looks lovely. Ben and Megan are in Colorado. They are loving it.

happyone said...

Lots of fun always happening at your house. What lucky kids your grands are. : )
My rhubarb did the same thing this year. Never saw that happen before.

Marcie said...

So much fun to be living life in the sunshine with all the little ones blooming alongside the flowers. You are living the good life, Pom!

Pom Pom said...

Hi friends! The girls will use their journals for writing down there thoughts, observations, and maybe prayers.

Lowcarb team member said...

What a brilliant post, it was so nice to see your photographs.
A post full of fun and happiness, and special memories to share.

All the best Jan

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Lovely post!

Wood Fairy said...

Hi Karen, enjoyed seeing your girls, Claires is such a great place to go for little treats for girls. Looks like your garden is getting lots of love and care with so many helping hands. Our grass is mostly weeds, it looks ok when mown, we gave up trying to improve it as being by the woods everything just lands in it and grows! I do love peonies, the have cut bunches in the shops so I will get some.

Sara Lorayne said...

Hello there! It looks like life continues to be VERY good in your world! It's always a joy to visit and read about your latest adventures and see all the color everywhere in your photos....your neighbor certainly chose the perfect bouquet for you with those warm vibrant colors. Enjoy what's left of your Monday and may the rest of the week be blessed for you and yours!

M.K. said...

The girls' garden is looking delightful and very tidy. I'm glad you had so much fun with them. Summer is here, and with grass and flowers and fun, I know they will be over at your house a lot :) Enjoy your tea, and avoid that scary green drink, haha!!

Fat Dormouse said...

Lots of lovely things to enjoy here, Pompom! You look as though you have had a great time with your family. God bless xx

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Looks like you are really enjoying your grandkids! Such pretty plants. They did a great job planting the flowers!