Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trees and a Tree Hugger

 Two cutie pies!  Isn't Noah growing like a weed?  Pray that he'd sleep through the night.  His parents are tired. 

This is the view from my sister's deck.  Isn't it glorious?  Wouldn't you LOVE to look at the Puget Sound every day?  She sent me the photo but I visited her house last summer. 
 And thanks to photo sharing, I present this little tree hugger!  Aw!
 And three forest friendly hikers!  

 I love my camp cup.  It's perfect for tea.

And I love this little bug.

I went for a stroll today.  Marcie hosts strolls on her blog so I'll share my Sunday stroll.  It was quick but the evergreen features in the neighborhood were worth acknowledging.  

It's always nice to come home to this dapper fellow.  Jenny took this photo last night.  He's rather hidden amidst all the brick a brac! 

I'm sleepy on this Sunday afternoon.  Do you like weekend naps?
Thank you for popping in.  I hear the geese honking so I'm going to step outdoors again and look at them.
It's almost February!  Yahoo!  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ordinary Days Ahead - YAY!

 Hi Everyone!  I've been back from Disneyland for a few days, but I've been sort of busy granny-ing and doing my work for Bill.  Finally, some Magic Kingdom pics!  (Well, and some pretty strawberries, tulips, love dishes)

 We drove straight to Laguna Beach and Jenny loved the sand and cold ocean. 

 She bought lots of taffy at the sweet tourist shops. 
 Disneyland was beautiful again.  One of the days was an especially energy expensive venture - 20,000 steps for chubby ol' Pom Pom.  
 Jenny danced with Goofy.
 You can tell what Granny likes from the photos I took, can't you?

 What I loved most was the joyful time spent with our sweet daughters.  Aw!  It really was incredibly delightful. 

 The girls were happy to have their mommies home on Friday. 
 I splurged on tulips the other day.  It's very grey outside and the temps are freezing.  I ordered a warm fleece jacket and a cheap soft coat because I think the winter is going to be around a while.  

I hope your January has been good.  Now that I'm home for a long while I plan on placing some markers in my days.  This involves sitting at my desk because Timothy will take a lap if he sees even a small bit of space.  My sister and I are making notecards to remind us that we want to live very healthy lives.  I'm still reading the book of Romans.  I'm reading Thin Within again and my sweet friend Sondra and I are working through Jasona Brown's book Stone by Stone.  I'm reading Robinson Crusoe for book club.  It's kind of slow reading.  
I'm knitting on all of my UFO's (unfinished objects).  I think the days ahead are just ordinary days.  I like that, don't you?

Monday, January 16, 2017

A Surprise Gift - A Trip!

 Hello Sunflower Face!  I'm posting again because I'm going to California with Kelli and Jenny tomorrow.  They cooked up a surprise Mama/daughter trip to Disneyland - just the three of us.  They wanted to scoop me from home and head straight to the airport, keeping me completely in the dark, but when I started planning to travel to Washington to see my mom and sibs, they had to begin parceling out information.  So here in Denver it's a snowy day while we all pack and anticipate a warmer clime.  It's 60 ish in Southern California.  Woo hoo!  I'm excited.  We'll be back on Friday. The dads and Grampy are handling all of the parenting, holding down the forts. So kind. 

Today we went to the grocery store and I spied this lovely pile of artichokes.  God makes VERY cool stuff, don't you think so?
 My sister wanted to see a full-on James smile and he delivered.  Handsome! 
 And Noah Joe is very generous with his sweet grins!  
 And here we have Mr. Nap-a-saurus.  Have lap/will nap.  That's his motto.  
 On Saturday I had a wee nap and Bill snapped this picture of Timothy.  He really was born in Texas and he likes to be warm.  
 Here's Jenny's tough cat George.  I appreciate Jenny sending me photos of him.  He's so gorgeous.  
 The snow piled up this morning as I was ironing.  I like the screen as a filter.  
 And here is me peeking at YOU, smiling at you and liking you.  Thank you for your sweet comments and your attentive blog reading.  
 Silver Paws must know you like him. 
 I couldn't leave the grocery store without clicking a few flowers for you.  My oh my, the tulips are gorgeous!
 And the green and yellow contrast of the dafs.  WOW!  Spring is far far away in this neck of the woods, but I think it's pretty important to feast our eyes on spring's wardrobe whenever we can. 

I'll take many photos at Disneyland.  I do love the ambiance there, the architecture and the cheerfulness.  The last time we went it was spring break and there were one million strollers to dodge.  This time it should be a little less crowded. We figure we can saunter around, look at pretty sights, ride some of the slower rides as well as the speedy ones (my favorite is Splash Mountain).  It will be a fun break for the mommy girls and a lovely feast of sweet company for this mama.  
Thank you very much for your kind visit.