Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Gnomes and Camels

 Just riding on camels . . . 😄 Kelli's girls had fun trying their horsemanship skills on camels.  Kelli thinks that when Millie laid back, she invited a tick to crawl on her.  They found it later and THANK YOU GOD that it didn't bite her.  Shiver. 

A fairy set up shop in the battered Wendy house.  
 Last year I planted a bag of wildflower seeds and this year they came up again.  I love the poppies. 

 As you can see there are a few weeds around the bird bath.  Weeding.  Pfffft. 

 Weight Watchers is going just fine and I KNOW I need a program to adhere to, but it feels silly counting out 55 Goldfish crackers for 4 points.  Hmmmmm.
 Baaaaa!  I love wool and I especially love the wool that comes from Nebraska.  Brown Sheep.  Favorite. 
 I FINALLY finished the gnome make overs.  I sprayed polyurethane on each one and then I had fun hiding them around the garden.

 Jenny's family is camping in Moab, Utah.  SO PRETTY!

We don't know the people on the left!  Ha! 
Here's another knitting project - a hat for an Australian friend.  
 Please pick a mug (beaker) and I will brew you a cup of coffee or tea.  

I hope your June is going well, that you have some people to attend to, and that your time alone is rich and meaningful.  Lately, I've been going slow when I read God's Word.  I've also been enjoying Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts Devotional.  You read a little and then you write.  I love that kind of stuff.

I think a thunderstorm is coming.  It's gray and windy outside.  Thank you for popping by. I am thankful that you call in.  

Friday, June 15, 2018

The June-i-est June

 Kelli's family went to Niagara Falls!  It looks exciting, doesn't it?
 They actually went a lot of places including the big Bible museum in Kentucky.  Look at the doors to the ark!
 The prince says hello.  It's hard living such a pampered life. 

 Even though the weather has been extremely hot, sock knitting still occurs. 
 Here is my knitting view.  Gumbo Lily's sheep stare at me.  I love their faces. 
 I went out to the retreat house to pray with my prayer ladies.  Isn't it lovely country?

 Bill and I celebrated our 40th anniversary!  No, we didn't do a big "woo woo" something to commemorate four decades of marriage.  We had a nice outside dinner and talked.  It was perfect. 
 And the next morning we went for a lovely walk. 
 I ordered this old pattern from Etsy.  I really like its fanciness. Yes, it is a maternity pattern, but sometimes they make the best tops!  Ha!  Isn't it cute?
 I sewed bunting/flags for the garden.
 Our anniversary gift to ourselves was a patio table.  We've never had one before and we've been enjoying it so much! 
 The scarecrow girl is doing her job.  No crows!  Magpies, yes.  The birds (or squirrels) planted the sunflowers. 
We spent a few days in Golden, retreating with Bill's ministry staff.  Our Brad and April provided the worship music so I was thrilled to have a chance to hang around with them.  I love them so. 
When we returned home, this one was angry.  He's recovered now.
 Plum even came over to see him while we were away.  
 My lovely neighbor Reve gave me her dishes.  They were in her garage and now they are in our cupboard.  I love them. 

I planted this flower area this year.  I think I just stored stuff here last year.  
 I thought I'd show you my funny shoes and socks.  
 Here is the granny dress!
 And one of the re-painted gnomes.  
 Another sock (I'm working on the pair).  I think you've seen this one many times. Sorry. 
 Here is my little journaling spot.
 Before my sister suggested the plastic drawers, I was quite overwhelmed.  Now it is orderly, but I haven't really gone downstairs to the basement and enjoyed all the orderliness.  I'm not sure why. 

Maybe it's too cold (the air conditioning keeps it breezy in the basement).  I do love to iron, sew, and now glue, draw and cut in my little lower domain. 
Now we are home and summer can just be.  The weather is supposed to cool and I think that'll be nice for gardening.  I have some weeds to attack.
I hope that YOU are feeling good in your skin, aware of the God of the universe, and interested in the world around us.  God be with you, kind visitor.