Friday, November 25, 2016


 My fear of putting up the two trees and Timothy climbing them is waning.  It would cut into his napping. 
 Our Thanksgiving/Sam's birthday brunch was a bit Christmasy. 
 Kelli holding the brothers!
 Tim in a pouch!
 Here is Sam at the mall after we went to the American Girl store.  She smiled and smiled. Birthdays are super fun. 

 I have lost my pie baking skills.  This pie crust was just okay and the filling was too sweet.  Bill thought it was good but I long for my mom's apple pies, a highlight of childhood holiday meals.
 We've had some gorgeous pink sky mornings.

Thanks to Bill we are officially lighted!  

The deviled eggs were scrumptious.  Why don't we eat deviled eggs on a regular basis?

 Donuts for grands because I couldn't remember if they appreciated cinnamon rolls.
 Here's a thankful sweetie pie - Miss Bug! 

 Noah's crazy hair and his cute mommy peeking around the corner. 
 Hi Noah!  He better get used to being surrounded by girls. 

 The birthday girl!  Seven years old!  LOVE!
 Millie Rose and Plum playing with the old fashioned phones (lol!) The kids had a lot of fun together before they went to their other grannies' homes for turkey.  
I have not been super productive today.  I've been knitting and watching screens.  I went for  a good walk.  After eating steak and cauliflower cheese (and sugary pie) for dinner, I didn't sleep very well.  Too much food! 
I also took a big fleecy blanket off of our bed and replaced it with a quilt.  I felt buried under that big blanket!  Also, Timothy sleeps on the bed with us and takes up space and I'm adjusting.  I moved our bed and I am embarrassed to say that the dust bunnies were epic.  Argh.  Oh my goodness - isn't all of this riveting?  Sorry!
I'll be back as soon as I assemble the Whoville tree.  I'm waiting for the mood to strike again. 
Back to my knitting.  Tea is needed.  I hope you are enjoying your holiday prep!  What's your favorite part?
Thank you for popping in and reading my ramblings!   

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Snow and Horses

 Hi from snowy Colorado!  If you are a house cat you feel like snoozing.  
If you are a grand you feel like DOING!  We had fun going to the fabric store for supplies.  
 We went out to Kelli's and I met the two new mini horses - Batman and Robin!  They are very cute!  
 I've been sock knitting.  I finished one sock and the yarn is so soft!  I must hurry and finish sock #2 so I can wear them!  Woolley wonders!  
 Timothy is so loved.  He has no stress in his life.  Ha!  

 This is what it looks like today, too!  
 Last week we played at the McDonald's play land and Noah looked on!  Crazy hair boy!  
Here is Mr. Cuddle Bug again!  
My sweetie pie sister sent me some goodies!  I may attempt making my own shower bombs.  
 A cute reindeer stopped by.
 James LOVES to play with other kids at parks and play lands!  
 Here's Kelli's jumbo horse Sven!  

 The girls and I made ornaments for their tree.
  . . . and Timothy snoozed.  

The grocery store is so crowded and I must go get my Thanksgiving brunch makings.  First a list.  The Whoville tree is not up yet because I am afraid Bill is right when he says Timothy WILL climb it and chew on it.  Soon.  I'm going to put the other tree in the family room and I think he WILL climb that tree.  
Since Bill and I will be "just us" at Thanksgiving dinner we are having a big green juicy salad, grilled rib eye steaks and apple pie.  That's it!  Yum!
Here's a cute view of two of our snow sprites!  Just wanted to share our snow with you . . . lol!
I'm thankful for YOU!  (BIG HUG!)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Quick Check In

 Hello!  The crows above were hanging around Target.  They were HUGE even though they don't look huge in the photo.  

I'm still messing about with lots of bulky wool, making a short sleeve crazy creation.  Will I wear it?  Huh.  Well, I do understand why people lean toward grays and tans when they add to their wardrobe.  I'm not sure I want to be quite so conspicuous.  
 We were at Home Depot with James and I spied a fire.  So, if I can't have a real fire (Bill hates all the fuss) I have a fake one now.  It works!  It'll do!
 This cute lazy bones is constantly on the lookout for sunbeams.  Smart. 
 We went to Oregon for a few days and Tim stayed behind.  We bought him a fancy fountain so he wouldn't thirst to death in our absence.  
 It was a gorgeous flight going up and coming back!

 Our friends in Oregon have a big mossy tree on their property.  
 And a beautiful old house.  
 Of course they are outdoor enthusiasts and have a canoe hanging in their garage.  
 They lived in Sweden for a while.  I love this sign that hangs near their back door. 

Now that we're home to stay for a while I can put together my Whoville tree.  I didn't want Timothy to chew on it while we were away.

More later . . . just wanted to say a quick hello!