Friday, November 25, 2016


 My fear of putting up the two trees and Timothy climbing them is waning.  It would cut into his napping. 
 Our Thanksgiving/Sam's birthday brunch was a bit Christmasy. 
 Kelli holding the brothers!
 Tim in a pouch!
 Here is Sam at the mall after we went to the American Girl store.  She smiled and smiled. Birthdays are super fun. 

 I have lost my pie baking skills.  This pie crust was just okay and the filling was too sweet.  Bill thought it was good but I long for my mom's apple pies, a highlight of childhood holiday meals.
 We've had some gorgeous pink sky mornings.

Thanks to Bill we are officially lighted!  

The deviled eggs were scrumptious.  Why don't we eat deviled eggs on a regular basis?

 Donuts for grands because I couldn't remember if they appreciated cinnamon rolls.
 Here's a thankful sweetie pie - Miss Bug! 

 Noah's crazy hair and his cute mommy peeking around the corner. 
 Hi Noah!  He better get used to being surrounded by girls. 

 The birthday girl!  Seven years old!  LOVE!
 Millie Rose and Plum playing with the old fashioned phones (lol!) The kids had a lot of fun together before they went to their other grannies' homes for turkey.  
I have not been super productive today.  I've been knitting and watching screens.  I went for  a good walk.  After eating steak and cauliflower cheese (and sugary pie) for dinner, I didn't sleep very well.  Too much food! 
I also took a big fleecy blanket off of our bed and replaced it with a quilt.  I felt buried under that big blanket!  Also, Timothy sleeps on the bed with us and takes up space and I'm adjusting.  I moved our bed and I am embarrassed to say that the dust bunnies were epic.  Argh.  Oh my goodness - isn't all of this riveting?  Sorry!
I'll be back as soon as I assemble the Whoville tree.  I'm waiting for the mood to strike again. 
Back to my knitting.  Tea is needed.  I hope you are enjoying your holiday prep!  What's your favorite part?
Thank you for popping in and reading my ramblings!   


Deb said...

I always enjoy your rambles, Pom. "Happy Birthday" to that sweet face.
I'm sitting here with my grand (3 years old)deciding what movie to watch before bed. These sleepovers are lots of fun. The decorating will go on for awhile around here. I think we will just have a table tree this year because our temporary dwelling is so small. Nevertheless, I'm sure Audrey will have her way with it. =^..^=

Farm Girl said...

I always enjoy your posts. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures. I think you pose a great question about deviled eggs. We should eat them more. I am so glad your Thanksgiving turned out. Timothy is a very loved kitty. Its so nice seeing everyone enjoying themselves. I hope you have a lovely Saturday.

Anonymous said...

A sweet happy birthday to your dear grand. Beautiful skies. I now am craving a deviled egg. Yum. And I'm trying not to focus on those wonderful cinnamon rolls! I still love that crazy hair! Happy first Advent weekend to you!

Granny Marigold said...

A belated happy birthday to sweet Sam!!
Timothy has to be the most laid back kitten ever!
Love the shots of the pink morning skies.
Your food looks delicious (although I don't eat devilled eggs ever).
Happy knitting and post Thanksgiving relaxing!!

Beca said...

No Christmas decorations for us yet. I'm still waiting for the mood to strike. It doesn't feel like Christmas to me yet though. But maybe it's because there's no decorations. :) Apple pie is my favorite! ♥
xx Beca

Wood Fairy said...

Many happy returns to the birthday girl. Your plans for decorating are ambitious but I am sure Timothy will respect a no climbing policy as long as he is not left alone with the tree for too long! Even old Amber is occasionally tempted. I am going to be minimal on decorations this year as we have little space and it feels cluttered to me, but we will have lots of colourful lights! The shops here are heaving with decorations and it all feels a bit early for me :D

Elizabethd said...

Timothy makes me laugh! I'm making a pie today, from Rhubarb grown in the garden.

Nancy McCarroll said...

A nice holiday week for you, plus a fun birthday! Your pie looks luscious, too. Noah's crazy hair is cute.

Laura Boutin said...

Beautiful family pictures!
Oh that baby hair!!!!

Happyone said...

Wow so much food, I'm full just looking at it. : )
Beautiful sky pictures.
Happy Birthday to Sam. : )
Our Christmas decorations don't go up till sometime in Dec. One day I'll just do it.

Debbie Harris said...

Hi Karen~~I enjoyed your ramblings.:-)
Your apple pie looked beautiful whether it was too surgery or not.
Your grand's looked like they were enjoying themselves and a birthday is always a blessing.
My favorite part of Christmas is decorating the home, baking and sharing love with others with visits to their homes.
I decorated four trees (not all large ones by the way) and they were such an enjoyment to do this year, not sure why? I felt like I had angel wings helping me along.
I'm planning on hosting some friendship teas throughout the month of December for my dear daughter's, sister's and friends. The tea parties will be one-on-one so it will be a busy, but very enjoyable December.

Have a beautiful day~~

Kit said...

Your posts always, always make me smile. Your cute house and the love of your grands is wonderful. Since Thanksgiving, I have just been relaxing and enjoying the quiet. Today we will put up the rest of the Christmas lights. :) Have a great weekend! :) Kit

Kezzie said...

What a joyful [post! That picture of Timothy zipped up is adorable!

ann said...

My but you had a robust holiday. The children are so cute and the baby is really growing. I have never been to an American Girl Doll store. I'd probably bring one home.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

cute pic of birthday girl and cake; cin rolls...yum!. prepping for Christmas...might have photo cards made, still thinking about it. there are miles to go before I get to Christmas. said...

I just love your post because they always make me smile, which tells me there is a lot of smiling and giggling at your place.
Cute..cute pictures.

Gumbo Lily said...

I love your family posts and pics. Your home looks like a very happy place to be. I like lighting candles at Christmastime and twinkle lights. I haven't put up my retro-tinsel tree yet, but soon.

magsmcc said...

Oh such food and such family! And how I envy you your walks! I will say that we have had such skies- but at dusk. Is my dusk your dawn? Must investigate...

Fat Dormouse said...

I have never made cinnamon rolls (I'm a bit scared of yeast!!) but I noticed Ikea had bags of frozen ones. I could be tempted!
My mum used to make epic apple pies - every Sunday we would expect one, and there was always disappointment if she hadn't made one. I'm afraid I don't have "pastry hands" (too warm) so I rarely make it. I do buy puff pastry from time to time.
All your grandchildren look so happy and smiley and lovely. Long may it continue! And Timmo the cat is just gor-juss! Especially in the sling!

Cat Lover said...

Wonderful photos! How lovely to see your family. Timothy continues to be extra adorable. I don't think I have eaten devilled eggs in years .Must make some.
Have a wonderful week!

Lisa Richards said...

I love hearing of all the doings at your place!
The Super Girl outfit is the bomb. I remember having a Super Girl shirt when I was about her age. I adored it!
Yummy food!
Stay snug and warm and keep on knitting! :)

handmade by amalia said...

Looks like wonderful family time, this is what the season is all about.

M.K. said...

Oh, Pom, speaking of dust bunnies beneath beds ... I dropped an earring back and had to hunt for it. I got on my tummy and looked under the bed and night stand and a chair, etc. The dust colonies there! I found a sleep tablet and old candy wrappers and lots of things but no earring back. It ended up being on a shelf of the night stand :) Cleaning is happening! Those cinnamon rolls look fabulous, better than donuts even! Your grandies are growing so fast!!