Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Snow and Horses

 Hi from snowy Colorado!  If you are a house cat you feel like snoozing.  
If you are a grand you feel like DOING!  We had fun going to the fabric store for supplies.  
 We went out to Kelli's and I met the two new mini horses - Batman and Robin!  They are very cute!  
 I've been sock knitting.  I finished one sock and the yarn is so soft!  I must hurry and finish sock #2 so I can wear them!  Woolley wonders!  
 Timothy is so loved.  He has no stress in his life.  Ha!  

 This is what it looks like today, too!  
 Last week we played at the McDonald's play land and Noah looked on!  Crazy hair boy!  
Here is Mr. Cuddle Bug again!  
My sweetie pie sister sent me some goodies!  I may attempt making my own shower bombs.  
 A cute reindeer stopped by.
 James LOVES to play with other kids at parks and play lands!  
 Here's Kelli's jumbo horse Sven!  

 The girls and I made ornaments for their tree.
  . . . and Timothy snoozed.  

The grocery store is so crowded and I must go get my Thanksgiving brunch makings.  First a list.  The Whoville tree is not up yet because I am afraid Bill is right when he says Timothy WILL climb it and chew on it.  Soon.  I'm going to put the other tree in the family room and I think he WILL climb that tree.  
Since Bill and I will be "just us" at Thanksgiving dinner we are having a big green juicy salad, grilled rib eye steaks and apple pie.  That's it!  Yum!
Here's a cute view of two of our snow sprites!  Just wanted to share our snow with you . . . lol!
I'm thankful for YOU!  (BIG HUG!)


Melanie said...

Beautiful snowy photos! They make she shiver. My daughter and SIL in Colorado are also posting snow photos on Face Book. Beautiful country. A great time with the grand babies! Stay warm and cozy, my friend.

Kezzie said...

Timothy!!!! My favourite grandson is here-the delightful James!!! The weather looks cool! Are those Glue lids you used in the snowmen Christmas decorations? Genius if so!

Gumbo Lily said...

It looks like it was the perfect snow -- straight down and light, fluffly stuff. Wonderful! Your grandkiddos are so cute. Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving with Bill and those good, beef steaks!

Angela said...

Lovely snow. We had rain here, but saw two fantastic rainbows today. What a lovely reminder of God's faithfulness. Great pictures of the children - how blessed you are xx

Cat Lover said...

Great video of the two little ones playing in the snow. Love all the photos of Timothy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jennifer Hays said...

So you did get snow up there! We had almost half an inch of rain and I can just see a dusting of snow in the foothills from my back windows and I think the snow line must have been fairly low, about 6000 feet, so it only just missed us. Oh, well, hopefully soon. I loved seeing the mini horses, so cute and compact. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happyone said...

Our snow is just about gone now, though it is still pretty cold.
Love your snowy picture.

Deb said...

I guess you got our snow (Canada) up there. We are now in a winter wonderland. Loved your photos today. It's always fun to see your Timothy and all the grands. You do have a blessed life. :) I'm starting to have fun with decorating for Christmas and i look forward to seeing you decorate your home. You can expect Timothy to climb the tree. I would suggest tying it to the wall.

Elizabethd said...

I think I would rather like to be Timothy, what a lovely life!
No snow here yet!

NanaDiana said...

I have always said that if I get a chance to come back I want to come back as someone's big fat spoiled house cat. lol Timothy is very cute....but not as cute as all those grands! They are all just darling! Love the hair on that baby....lol.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving even if it is just you two. I will have a house full here. xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Love that crazy hair! Batman and Robin are very cute, indeed. Good to hear from you. I hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving eating steak...yum.

Granny Marigold said...

So does Kelli have a full sized horse plus two miniatures? Can the miniatures actually be ridden, maybe by children?
On the subject of children, I see those little ones running in the snow and wish I had their energy.
Your snow is very pretty.

Julie said...

I am amazed to see the snow in your part of the world dear Pom Pom. How wonderful. Timothy sure does have no stress in his life. He is so adorable. Your socks are looking pretty adorable too. x x

Debi said...

Timothy looks so comfy sitting on your lap. We only got about an inch of snow, which is fine with me for right now! I love the ornaments that you made with your grands. Happy Thanksgiving!

magsmcc said...

We've had snow on the hills last weekend- which is still quite early for us, but everywhere it is cold, cold, cold! A very happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow xx

Henny Penny said...

I don't think you could have picked a fuzzier, sweeter, little Tabby kitten. Your posts always make me happy. Now we know why children don't get cold playing in the snow...then keep moving. Happy Thanksgiving! It will be just Poppy and me here too for tomorrow.

handmade by amalia said...

Looks like fun times at your home. Happy Thanksgiving.

Farm Girl said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving being just you and Bill and Timothy!
It sounds wonderful. Especially with the snow.
Your pictures always make me happy.
Yes, that grocery store will be crowded.
Blessings from my heart to yours.

sandy said...

Grand kid times are the best! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wood Fairy said...

I would love a little sprinkling of that snow in my garden! lovely video. I am so pleased for you having Timothy, he is giving you such a lot of love back. I am letter writing this week and painting my guest bathroom pink. Betty x

Kit said...

Wow! Snow already and we have no flakes at all. But soon, I hear snow is coming Monday. Everyone looks great, I just love Noahs hair! Ever so cute. Happy Thanksgiving! :) Kit

M.K. said...

Hi, Pom! I'm off work, the house is nearly clean for company, and at last I get to read a few blogs. Yours is FIRST :) Your Timmy Kitty is just so lovely. How I wish I could have a cat! I will have to settle with enjoying yours long-distance. Your snow is pretty! Adam wants me to make bath bombs too. I'm thinking on it.