Sunday, February 18, 2018

February Color

 Somebunny is working on an old cross stitch project again.  Stitching on linen isn't as easy as stitching on the Aida stuff.  Oh well.  I am making a few counting errors, but I think it's okay.  I bought this at least twenty-five years ago.  I was loving bunnies then.  I still love them but I don't have a lot of bunny stuff around the house anymore (must have been major breakage in the meantime).  I guess this proves that I save stuff.  
Last Monday I went to Whole Foods and spied this lovely flower.  Wow!  It tasted like any cauliflower. 
 Timothy continues to enjoy cozy early morning naps.  Right now he is napping on my quilted laptop case.  I think he's pouting. 
 Birdie turned 11!  How can it BE?  We went shopping (I tagged along). She bought clothes with all of her birthday money and then we lunched at P.F. Chang.  Following the Weight Watcher's guidelines, I was allowed about six bites.  
 I like to tuck Tim in my fluffy robe.  He tolerates. 
 Aw!  My Valentine is so sweet. 
 We ate lunch with dear Brad again.  I ate beans (zero points) and chicken.  Qdoba is a Weight Watchers-friendly place but it didn't taste that delicious.  Okay, no more WW talk - I'm boring myself! 
 I think Lizzy's paintbox makes a pretty picture, don't you?
 This was VERY tasty and just the right amount of food. 
 Every time I pick up this little shortie sock knit I think of my elementary school because the "Vikings" proudly displayed green and gold.  
 This was Tim and I this morning.  It's been warm but tomorrow I shall wear slippers.  The weather is switching it up again. 
 I am making progress on my Sockhead hat. 
 I'm still poking away at my Penguono sweater.  I tried it on today and it's quite a sight.  I'm still not sure if I'll wear it much (maybe at home when wool sweaters are required because of the cold) but I've learned a lot making it and I do want to finish soon.  

What have YOU been up to?  Are you a February person or are you itching for Easter?  I DO love the Easter stuff at the grocery store, but I shall try not to buy any of it because I do not have space for one more cute thing.  I'll try.
Thank you for popping in.  I hope you're feeling fine, thinking about the beauty of your heart and soul, and giving yourself to others often.  We need quiet to commune with God and then we need good and meaningful conversations with others.  I hope you're accessing some sweet connections.