Tuesday, June 11, 2024

A Soft Friend and Creativity Suggestions

Hello everyone!  Look at the peonies!  They pop out so fast!  Many ants traverse their leaves and buds so they really aren't allowed inside.  Tim likes tipping over vases so . . . 

I finished the dolly for the cute big baby who invited me to her birthday party.  I had taken a thirty year break from doll making, so I labored over her for quite some time.  She's cute, isn't she?  The recipient was nonplussed😂 and stared at Birdie the knot head doll with a confused look on her face.  Her brother buckled Birdie into the doll bed I found and then we concluded, "Okay, she's gone to bed." That was the end of that!  It was fun to sew, so yesterday I sewed a pair of linen pants and I really followed the directions and now they fit perfectly.  

The other day I was buying a Bundt cake from the fancy cake store and I had to wait for them to frost the cake (15 minutes) so I went to the doughnut store and had the doughnut below.

 It's already ten o'clock and I'm meant to be out planting.  I wonder if it will be fun 😂.  It's a wee bit exhausting hauling hoses and filling water cans.  We'll see!

I received a impersonal email that was about furniture, but it contained 5 ways to foster creativity and they are:

1.  Spend time alone

2.  Create every day

3.  Surround yourself with inspiration

4.  Stay organized

5.  Keep a creativity journal

Do those sound doable or interesting to you? They sound very nice to me.  

Thank you for stopping in to see my dolly make and I pray today that you recognize eternal peace and love.  I hope you can touch something pretty and experience refreshment.  (BIG HUG!)