Friday, May 31, 2019


 The problem with waiting too long to post is it becomes impossible to put all the photos on the page.  Oh well, at least these glorious columbines (Colorado's state flower) are post worthy!
 Sometimes I walk on what I call "the ridge" which is actually just an open space with a high walking path.  I found these lilacs lolly gagging over a fence.
 Noah likes to play with all the old toys in the scruffy basement.  He has a good imagination!
 James wanted to try on my glasses.  Adorable.
 Birdie, Miss Bug, and Millie gave us a piano recital. 
 Sam and Lizzy agreed to go to the garden center with me.

 We watched Pooh  movies and Plum wanted to crochet.  She concluded: It's hard. 
 I made new garden flags.  I wish my seeds would grow faster. 
 I wasn't sure what this flower was.  I planted a bunch of wildflowers last year and when this came up, I couldn't identify it.  Kim from My Field of Dreams could!  It's Sweet William! 
 More pink knitting!
 A cup of peach tea and Swedish ginger  cookies before bed.  I took a nap today and it was a doozy.  I had two dreams.  In one I was driving and falling asleep, so much so that I couldn't open my eyes.  In the other one I was having book club and when I went to get my book I decided to take a nap on the bed.  I think I was VERY tired, don't you?  I went to aqua exercise twice this week.  While I was there I felt like a dolphin, happy and bouncy.  Later in the afternoon, I felt like I'd run a marathon.  Hopefully, the fitness level will improve.  LOL!

It is  only June (tomorrow) but for some reason I have unrealistic expectations for the flowerbeds.  I seem to think the seedlings should be shooting up.
Maybe I'll post a little more often in June.  Flower season inspires.
Thank you for popping by!