Friday, May 29, 2020

Poppies, Tea, and Yellow Wool

 It's poppy time!  These are not MY poppies.  I found them growing in a neighbor's front garden while out doing my walkies.  I really want some of these.
One of the things I love about them is their hairy buds. 
 Our Brad gives me delicious teas and I remembered to brew some today.  This tea is called Lychee.  Yummy!
 I had to move the pansies in the pots because they were getting too much sprinkler water. 
 Brad and April gave me a geranium for Mother's Day (and a solar toadstool light and a cute basket).
 This is my newest wool acquisition.  It's from the Brown Sheep Company in Nebraska.  The color is Lemon Pound Cake.  Scrumptious.  Remember that Vincent Van Gogh said, "Yellow is capable of charming God."  Maybe that's why I love his work.  He liked yellow, too. 

Today I met my friend Sondra at a park.  We had so much fun eating our lunch and visiting.  She painted and I knit (for a while, and then I wanted to watch her paint).  It was fun, fun, fun, except for the bugs.  There were aphids and ugly small black bugs.  I do not like bugs.  Well, I like ladybugs and katydids, but that's all.
The flowers are calling to me.  They are a wee bit thirsty.  Shrimp and vegetables for dinner and then a walk (if it doesn't rain).  
Thank you for answering my comfy clothes question.  I have another question.
Sondra told me about her favorite pajamas.  They are cotton and they sport flamingos.  Could you describe your favorite nightwear?  I wear men's boxer shorts and t-shirts, because I like to be cool and our comforter is too warm. 
I'm curious because maybe there are things I don't know and you do. 😂 
I am reading a REALLY good book titled The Benedict Option.  You might want to look into it.
 Thank you for stopping in!  
You're friendly.