Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pictures of Now

Do you like this lemon yellow sunflower?  It's growing in the crazy cosmos bed and I must pull some things to make more room.  I hate pulling up flowers.

Here's a cozy spot for you to sit. 

The sky has been very blue.

I washed my bunny slippers.

Tim likes having us home a bit more.  He has two possible laps for his multiple naps.

Sondra and I went exploring and ate our lunch by the river.

We came upon adorable nuns! 
I've been loving this day-by-day book.  It's so good to pray scripture.  I like saying God's WORD when I pray.
I'm cross stitching a little, so I was sort of sorting threadsšŸ˜‚ and I'm not sure I'm an organized cross stitcher. 
August is full-on flower time and the blooms in our garden are so happy looking.  Today I took a little nap in the sunshine (it was a little cloudy, so bearable heat-wise).  I know I want to savor summer.  I'm really hoping for a little wood stove to go in the fireplace spot so I can make my hobbit hole a bit warmer.  Bill doesn't like to mess with wood, so it might not happen.  It's fun to think about though! Cold weather is a long way away.
God bless you.  Thank you for coming by to say hello!