Monday, November 27, 2017

Early Advent

 I promise to make a video of Tim actually walking around so you can see that he isn't suffering from iron poor blood.  He's just a snuggle bug through and through! 

 Going back to some of my cross stitch projects that are fifteen years old (or so) is interesting.  I can see my flub ups but I don't care.  Yay!  I just keep going.  I like the orderliness of cross stitching.  I also like the patterns, supplies, and thread colors.  It's so fun and a nice little change of pace from knitting, but I still love to knit. 
 Jeff is crafty.  He built a wood tunnel in the dining room of their house.  It's fun to crawl through!  (not for Granny, of course)

 We started our family advent times early.  Next week Bird and Miss Bug sing in the Colorado Children's Chorale's Christmas concert on Sunday night.  I can't wait to see them and hear them crooning Christmas tunes with all the other children! We'll have to skip our advent gathering and resume the following Sunday. 
 The kids are SO cute dancing to the guitar playing and singing jingle bells.  (I'll put a video of them dancing at the end of this post!)
Noah LOVES the guitar! 
 Sorry for the blur but aren't Jeff and Christie adorable watching their boys dance? Sorry my Croc-ed foot is in the photo!  ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

 The weather is in the 70's, so it's gorgeous outside and I am not in the mood to put up the Christmas tree when it's so balmy outdoors.  I walked down to the grocery store and found this by the greens and trees that are for sale.  It's a pinecone on a stick!  It made me laugh because it reminds me of a caramel apple!
 I added it to some greens and baby's breath. 
 Our old realtor brought by a lovely poinsettia!  
 We still have some leftover Thanksgiving blooms.  

It's still November but I'll be geared up for holiday decorating soon.  I want to use some Santa fabric my friend Reve gave me and make a curtain for the dining room window.  I want to frame the Father Christmas cross stitch projects, too.
I sewed this morning!  I made some pants out of denim.  (I guess we could call them jeans๐Ÿ˜) and they are kind of wide, but comfy.  They are in the dryer right now, but I'll take a photo.  My next sewing project is a linen polka dot dress.  After that I'll try the blouses. 
I wish I was a fast painter because I want to paint our entry way.  I also want to remove the wallpaper borders and make some pretty curtains for under the shelves.  I am still intent on turning the family room into a photo from Brambly Hedge.  
Enjoy the last of November, sweet friends.
December will be LOTS of FUN and very good, very holy.
Thank you for popping in again!