Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Gnomes and Camels

 Just riding on camels . . . 😄 Kelli's girls had fun trying their horsemanship skills on camels.  Kelli thinks that when Millie laid back, she invited a tick to crawl on her.  They found it later and THANK YOU GOD that it didn't bite her.  Shiver. 

A fairy set up shop in the battered Wendy house.  
 Last year I planted a bag of wildflower seeds and this year they came up again.  I love the poppies. 

 As you can see there are a few weeds around the bird bath.  Weeding.  Pfffft. 

 Weight Watchers is going just fine and I KNOW I need a program to adhere to, but it feels silly counting out 55 Goldfish crackers for 4 points.  Hmmmmm.
 Baaaaa!  I love wool and I especially love the wool that comes from Nebraska.  Brown Sheep.  Favorite. 
 I FINALLY finished the gnome make overs.  I sprayed polyurethane on each one and then I had fun hiding them around the garden.

 Jenny's family is camping in Moab, Utah.  SO PRETTY!

We don't know the people on the left!  Ha! 
Here's another knitting project - a hat for an Australian friend.  
 Please pick a mug (beaker) and I will brew you a cup of coffee or tea.  

I hope your June is going well, that you have some people to attend to, and that your time alone is rich and meaningful.  Lately, I've been going slow when I read God's Word.  I've also been enjoying Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts Devotional.  You read a little and then you write.  I love that kind of stuff.

I think a thunderstorm is coming.  It's gray and windy outside.  Thank you for popping by. I am thankful that you call in.