Sunday, January 20, 2019

Some Color and Bird News

The throw quilts came so I hung them up in our bedroom.  I love the clip curtain rings because it's so easy to change things a bit. They are a little bright, but I like them a lot.

I am taking a knitting vacation, and it is really helping my tendons and muscles.  It's worth it because I DO need my arms to keep house and such (LOL).  I can cross stitch instead, but I am very out of practice.  I'm an old school cross stitcher anyway.  I don't like squinting to see linen or trying not to pull too tight with each stitch.  I need the remedial BIG Aida cloth just as a first grader needs manuscript paper.
 Baa!  Baa!  Aren't the sheep on my mug silly?  
 Here is our baby petty pet.  He's such a cuddle bug.  He trusts us completely. Bill says he wants to be constantly watching God like Timothy constantly watches us.  I do, too.  

We've had a quiet Sunday.  We went to church, but then we came home to do things here.  I had some computer work to do and I watched Brad's sermon on Youtube.  I took a nap on the sofa with the space heater close by.  I do get cold in January.  I'm convinced it's because of where the sun is in the sky.  Soon we'll have a warmer house.
I still haven't made it to the swimming pool.  Do you think that once I go for the first time that maybe I'll be more exuberant about it?  I hope so.  
I sure hope you have an uplifting week.
I hope you feel the joy of all the little things you are blessed to have in front of you.
I hope you laugh and smile a lot.
Thank you for stopping in to say hello!

PS:  Finn's parakeets laid four eggs and three hatched!  Now they are growing feathers and peeping away.  Amazing, huh?