Monday, March 23, 2020

Pink Around the House

(I reinforced the spine of my fat Bible and I LOVE washi tape stickers!)

 Hello cozy-makers!  How are things going in your lovely homey homes?  As we "shelter" so many of us have the blessing of a shelter that is so "us" and so warm and snug.  Our homes are very much HOMES, aren't they?  When I look on Zillow at houses that are on the market (just for fun - we're NOT moving anywhere else) I feel like they all look the same after a while.  The decor is whatever the current decorating trend might be.  Every once in a while, you see a zippy one where the owner just couldn't tone her (or his) creativity down.  I like those.  I like the funky furniture and the romantic colors.  

It's kind of hard to change our go-go and do-do mindset and just relax, isn't it?  I'm not going anywhere.  I will walk a little,  but ever since I was a classroom teacher I have a tendency to feel like I should be using my time more wisely.  I was blissfully unfamiliar with this when I was a stay at home mom.  I would like to find that spot again. 
So I shall still look forward to lilac season because there are always generous lilacs lobbing themselves over the fences when I am out walking.

 When I pinked things up this summer I did not know how happy it would make me now.  In Rumer Godden's book This Far and No Further she says that there should be pink in EVERY room.  I've mentioned this before, but I stand by it now.  Pink is a good thing.

Tim has colorful toys, doesn't he?  They all end up under sofas or in the basement. 

 This little bear says, "Don't forget to enjoy fika every day!  Coffee and a treat! Make treats!"
 This lovely friend says, "Don't forget!  Ironing can soothe your soul. Get those wrinkles out and admire your work.  Press those seams (this applies to Pom Pom's sewing tasks) and hang things straight.  Good job!"
I made a mistake on my sewing yesterday and I decided that there are certain times of the day that are better for sewing than others.  Tired sewing often has wonky results.  So, today I shall fix the mistake and sew a little more. I want this sewing job off my plate so I can fiddle around with other "make-y" things.
Well, I hope you are feeling peaceful and free in your spirit because the Holy Spirit is your comforter and your counselor.  What a fine counselor He is!
I might bake a sponge (Lynn!  Thank you again for the sponge tips!) for fika.  I'll put some jam on it.  Yummy!
I'm thinking of you all.
This too shall pass.