Thursday, November 9, 2023

Coastal Rainbows

Hi friends!  I recently returned from Washington State.  Jenny and I visited my sweet mom and my brothers and my sisters in law.  We went to my brother's new island home.  Isn't this view incredible?  We sat and talked, looking out the window, and reveling in God's amazing work.  

This is Jenny's birthday pie.  Yummy!  It's the month for pie baking.  Maybe I'll lug the food processor down from the inaccessible cupboard above the refrigerator today.  It's so heavy but I have apples that want to be a pie.  I also have bananas that want to be banana bread.  I better get baking!  When I read my grandmother's diaries I find many entries that speak of baking.  Who ate all those bakes?  I really don't know but I am always inspired by baking talk.  Are you?  

I've also been thinking about sewing.  I love needlework of all sorts and I can't do it all (at least I don't think I can) but I do have three or four things to finish (a dress, linen pants, pajama pants, a long smock/blouse).  Remember when I was sewing all those costumes?  Wow. Now I don't know how I did all that.
Here's what I love about November:

the cool air, the leaves, family birthdays, thoughts of the Thanksgiving feast, anticipation of Christmas festivities, cheery retail displays, holiday ideas . . . 

What are your November thoughts?