Sunday, August 12, 2018

Flowers and a Little Jane

 Hi friends!  Brace yourself for a lot of flowers.  Our flowerbeds are bursting this year.  I'm not sure why other than all the sunshine and a bit of afternoon rain.  This is such a pretty time of year! 

 I can't believe how high these mammoth sunflower seeds grew!

 My neighbor gave me a lot of Blue Willow!  Do you like this tray?  I might serve salmon on it tonight. 

 Here's the summer view.  We've been enjoying the back yard so very much.  We dine outside at dinnertime and we sometimes sit in our rockers and chat, too. 

 Bill was in the Philippines for a week and I began my Jane Austen festival.  I viewed (we bought a new telly FINALLY) and I read a bit.  I colored. 

 I started the same Jane Austen Knits mitts that I began last year but with different wool. 
 I have to read my book club book, too!  I like sitting by the wool and the sheep poster.  
And more knit, knit, knitting.  

 I pulled just a few Jane books from the shelves and I'm keeping them close for when I have time to lazily read. 

Jeff and Christie took the boys fishing when Christie's family came to town.  CUTE!

Here's Brad (he went with Bill) teaching in the Philippines.  Funny face!  

 I rearranged my winter flowers.  Aren't them gorgeous?
 I began the Jane Austen doings the day Bill left and then three grands came for a few days, so I had to hop off that horse and ride the Granny horse for a while.  We had a lovely time, watching movies, shopping, eating out, and resting (they were tired from camp).

Jeff sent me this photo this morning.  Superman likes to ride around the neighborhood now.  Aw! 

I can't remember if I told you that as I was scurrying around getting ready for book club last month, I recovered two fence chairs just for fun.  I used the high power staple gun.  

 We had to get a new bed frame because the other one was so noisy (iron) and now we are stable, not waking up every time the other one turned over (CREAK!)
 See what I mean?  Flowers like hot summers.

I've been eating SO MUCH fruit.  Yum!

 Here's a little Jane Austen-ing from last Friday.  

 And plums from my neighbor's garden.
 The Jane mitt pattern - pretty, right?

 Yum! We had to have a summer evening Dairy Queen run.  I don't eat ice cream anymore because dairy just doesn't agree with me.  It's not even tempting. 
 This one missed Bill terribly.  He likes having two laps to choose from!
 The crab apples are a reminder that fall is around the corner.  
 The school playground nearby will soon be full of children but we had fun climbing there on Saturday. 

Tonight Kelli and Jenny and their families are coming for dinner.  Tomorrow night Jeff and Christie and the boys will come.  We are happy as clams, I tell you.  Tuesday Sam and Plum are coming to spend the night and the next week I am going to see my mama and sibs in Washington.  When I get back I think I will feel a bit fall-ish. Are you feeling fall-ish yet?
If you got this far, bless you.
Thank you for visiting me.  I love it when you do.