Tuesday, January 7, 2020

January Doings

 Lemons from California! Thanks to my dear dear friend Kim.  Beautiful, right?  I wish I had citrus growing in my garden!

My beautiful mama turned 90 and had a very fun party!  Kelli, Jenny, and I got to go! Isn't she a wonder?

 James is playing on a basketball team now.  Go James! 
 I've been enjoying my coffee the "pour over" way.  YUM!
 Still clicking away on this sock.
 Working on my handmade journal. 
 And I finished a vest that I started forever ago!  

I'm still brewing up plans for The Jolly Postman's letter-full jaunt across the blog miles.  I'm waiting for all of the inspiration to line up and sort itself so I can send Jolly and his envelope package on his merry way.
I hope you are doing well, enjoying your weather and feeling the sweetness contained in the month of January.  I love it because our Brad was born in January, we became parents and all the fun began!  
Kelli and Jenny are beginning the spring theater season.  We have a white rabbit, a tiny Alice and a mad hatter so far!
I had better warm up my sewing machine.
God be with you.  Thank you so very much for calling in!