Friday, December 13, 2019

Merry Merry Merry

 Hello holiday merry makers!  December is sailing by, isn't it?  My mama sent me a pattern for a prayer square.  Isn't it nice?  I think it's just for holding, kind of like a clinging cross.  
When I sit, I sit here.  I'm usually surrounded by books, journals, knitting, stickers, pencils, and coffee.  I think I may have a tendency to sit a little too long.
 I've been working on my Advent journal.  It's a "junk journal" by design, but I am filling it with thoughts of Advent.

 I found a recipe for date bread in that Ideals publication.  It was so tasty.  Too tasty.

 The four kids cannot agree about which Christmas troll is theirs.  I like groups of four.  Smile.

 More of my journal. 

 We've had an eventful December with children's theater shows, chorale concerts, small group meeting, Christmas party for Community Bible Study leadership council, and soon we'll have grands about and then Christmas!  Wow!  
This one is completely worn out.  He enjoys many naps and looks adorably cute so he receives boundless love.

How is your Advent coming along?  Have you been baking?  Addressing Christmas cards?  Watching movies?  Taking walks?
Thank you for stopping by!
I am brewing up The Jolly Postman's adventure.  It's going to be very wordy and very sweet.
Merry merry merry to you!