Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A Rabbit and Two Tweedles and MORE!

Samantha was a brilliant White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland last weekend!
Lizzy and Millie were funny Tweedles! 

We have one more show weekend and then . . . October!  Woo hoo!  I've loved September but it's been full and busy. 
Lizzy is now (gasp) 8!
I went for a walk with a friend and the leaves are turning.  I pray it doesn't snow, so we can have all the colors of an Indian summer!

We went up to visit these four precious ones!

And this little darling is officially 4!
I spent a few hours cleaning up the garden.  New bunting (snow proof) is needed.  Bunting is so fun to sew!
I took the photo below of my favorite page of a new book.  It's titled Starting School and it's by Janet and Allan Ahlberg (Yes!  They wrote The Jolly Postman books!) It's an adorable story and the illustrations are precious.  Especially the one below.  A Christmas play! 
Thank you for stopping in.  I hope your days are perking along well.  (HUG!)


Monday, September 14, 2020

Joyful Busyness

Hello friends!  We HAVE been busy with theater shows, so I haven't managed to organize The Jolly Postman's journey.  Will I EVER do it?  I hope so!  Anyway, look at our Birdie!  She was Belle in Beauty and the Beast.  She was WONDERFUL!
And look at lovely Miss Bug!  She was a silly girl!  SO cute!   

Look at this gigantic succulent I bought at the grocery store last spring.  It lived outside until the recent snow (so weird) and now it's inside.  I think it will bloom again but I can't believe how big it is now!
Mr. Lazybones is still seeking lap time at every opportunity.
I'm seeking tea time at every opportunity, but because we aren't used to being quite so busy with the shows, I'm realizing I'm not great at managing my time anymore.  I don't like to live by the clock, so I am not what you would call super productive.  Oh well.
My birthday isn't until the end of September but I'm having fun buying a few gifts for myself.  This set of Little House books is illustrated in color!  SO PRETTY!  Oh, I could just sit around and read them all, one after the other, AGAIN!  Such favorites!
One day last week it snowed!  We had to hem costumes upstairs in Kelli's barn where she stores all the costumes.  I fixed jumpers while the girls positioned themselves close to the WIFI.  Aren't they cute with their hats? Kelli was running from here to there doing a million things.  She's so busy! 
In the first weekend of shows, Miss Bug was Mrs. Potts and Samantha was Chip!  They worked so well together!
Birdie was the wardrobe! She had to carry around a box (which I don't have a photo of!).
Bill and I are used to eating dinner at home.  We don't go out to eat that much, but dashing off to help with the shows makes the dinner hour tricky.  I did make this turkey sausage/cabbage dish one night.  It was okay tasting but I thought it was beautiful in the pan!
I love to make granola!  Do you?
Can you believe Noah is almost four years old?  Ack!  How fast the years go! 

Even though we had a few days of cold snow, it really is nice again and even hot!  There are many fall days ahead for walking and biking.  Yay! 

I'm doing two Bible studies this year so I'll be busy pouring over God's Word every day, every week.  I'm so happy to do so.  It's amazing what happens in our hearts when we read the Bible.  

I hope you are well and enjoying your days.  Things have sort of changed forever on the physical level and hopefully on the unseen level, great insights and transformation are occurring for YOU!

Talk soon!  (BIG HUG!)