Monday, September 14, 2020

Joyful Busyness

Hello friends!  We HAVE been busy with theater shows, so I haven't managed to organize The Jolly Postman's journey.  Will I EVER do it?  I hope so!  Anyway, look at our Birdie!  She was Belle in Beauty and the Beast.  She was WONDERFUL!
And look at lovely Miss Bug!  She was a silly girl!  SO cute!   

Look at this gigantic succulent I bought at the grocery store last spring.  It lived outside until the recent snow (so weird) and now it's inside.  I think it will bloom again but I can't believe how big it is now!
Mr. Lazybones is still seeking lap time at every opportunity.
I'm seeking tea time at every opportunity, but because we aren't used to being quite so busy with the shows, I'm realizing I'm not great at managing my time anymore.  I don't like to live by the clock, so I am not what you would call super productive.  Oh well.
My birthday isn't until the end of September but I'm having fun buying a few gifts for myself.  This set of Little House books is illustrated in color!  SO PRETTY!  Oh, I could just sit around and read them all, one after the other, AGAIN!  Such favorites!
One day last week it snowed!  We had to hem costumes upstairs in Kelli's barn where she stores all the costumes.  I fixed jumpers while the girls positioned themselves close to the WIFI.  Aren't they cute with their hats? Kelli was running from here to there doing a million things.  She's so busy! 
In the first weekend of shows, Miss Bug was Mrs. Potts and Samantha was Chip!  They worked so well together!
Birdie was the wardrobe! She had to carry around a box (which I don't have a photo of!).
Bill and I are used to eating dinner at home.  We don't go out to eat that much, but dashing off to help with the shows makes the dinner hour tricky.  I did make this turkey sausage/cabbage dish one night.  It was okay tasting but I thought it was beautiful in the pan!
I love to make granola!  Do you?
Can you believe Noah is almost four years old?  Ack!  How fast the years go! 

Even though we had a few days of cold snow, it really is nice again and even hot!  There are many fall days ahead for walking and biking.  Yay! 

I'm doing two Bible studies this year so I'll be busy pouring over God's Word every day, every week.  I'm so happy to do so.  It's amazing what happens in our hearts when we read the Bible.  

I hope you are well and enjoying your days.  Things have sort of changed forever on the physical level and hopefully on the unseen level, great insights and transformation are occurring for YOU!

Talk soon!  (BIG HUG!)



Lynn said...

Hi Karen. You have been so busy😊
I don't live by the clock anymore. I don't even wear a watch! I made my first granola this year using my USA maple syrup my sister in law gave me... delicious. Your weather changes are amazing! We have a mini heatwave at the moment. Noah 4? How time flies. Lovely to read your happy post.x

M.K. said...

You are so busy, Pom! I know it's a joy to be very involved with your grandgirls' activities, and doing shows like that is very fun and rewarding. They will have such memories! So odd to have that early a snow, but glad it is warmer again. Our ladies' Bible study started up again yesterday. Soon we will begin studying the book of Ruth.

Granny Marigold said...

What strange weather you're having. Snow in the first half of September!!! I'm glad it has turned nice again.
Your granddaughters are looking so grown-up already and Noah is almost 4!!!
I have made my granola in the past but recently I'm too lazy so I just buy some. I hope in winter I'll be motivated to make some again. Take care, GM

Debi said...

You have been so busy! The costumes look wonderful, I'm glad the show was a success. I do like to make granola, we like to stir it into our yogurt and sprinkle it on ice cream. I can't believe you had snow already! I can wait a while for that to happen here.

happyone said...

So nice to read your post. Busy days for you, leaves no time for being bored!! Snow already, wow, that is early.
Grands sure are getting big!!

My Tata's Cottage said...

I am always looking for a good granola recipe. Love it! The photos from the play were amazing. What a bunch of talented kids. W O W ! Your words today are quite thoughtful. I am waiting on Jesus. I just know His coming is close. We had some snow too and now it is in the 80's again. HaHaHa! Weather can't decide what to do but the darkness falling earlier makes me sad. I love the bright days. H*GS across the miles XO XO

Kim said...

How fun in all that busyness of the shows. Fabulous costumes! Do you know, sometimes I never know what time it is; such are my days filled with stitching, books and flowery spring. I suppose it won't be too long till your lovely place will be a white wintry wonderland.

ellen b. said...

Theater really takes a lot of work. How nice that you help with the costumes! My brother's family was in Estes park in their 5th wheel when that snow was predicted so they left for their next destination in Wyoming before the snow came because they are novices in the 5th wheeling world and didn't want to have to drive in the snow!! 4 years already! Time flies when you have grandkids! Have a good last week of summer!

Julie said...

You sure sound busy dear Pom Pom. Gosh its hard to imagine it has snowed already there. I had a succulent very similar to your one & I had it outside & the frosts burnt it ... so I have bought it in to try to resurrect it. Have a lovely week my friend xx

Happy@Home said...

Looks like busy and fun times for you. Hard to believe you have already had snow. Wow! I have been making granola weekly. It's so simple and nice to control the ingredients.

Jeanie said...

Happy Early Birthday! Have you been following the weekly Decor to Adore Laura Ingalls Wilder videos? They're such fun -- Laura Ingalls Gunn is remarkable with them.

Give Tim a big pet for me!

Unknown said...

Hi Karen!
I love reading your blog and looking at all your pictures! Your grandchildren are beautiful and you are so blessed to be involved with them in the way that you and Bill are.


gretchenjoanna said...

It's hard to believe those are your granddaughters -- !

All the theater productions look like a LOT of fun, and also so exhausting! But everything seems exhausting at this moment, as my lively Colorado family just departed and I'm on the mood downslope.

Farm Girl said...

What a lovely walking path. My gosh, I can't believe how much the kids have grown. Its always stopping in to see what you have been doing. You are so busy. :)

Lisa Richards said...

Such sewing talent! The show looks like fun! I hope you get a chance to send the Jolly Postman for a visit, but a person can only do so much, lol. The Bible is so important for our lives and sanity. I'm also enjoying YouTube videos of various Christian teachers and hearing their insights about the Word and how God is working in our current "situation". God bless you all, and enjoy the fall weather!

Kit said...

Oh look at all those lovely actors!! You are so sweet to help out. I heard you got snow. We only got some in our mountains. Now we are cloudy with smoke. Hoping for rain tomorrow. Take care. Kit

Lowcarb team member said...

Your turkey sausage/cabbage dish looks tasty and colourful.

Happy Early Birthday Wishes.

All the best Jan

Bonnie K said...

You have been crazy busy. Love the costumes. Thanks for sharing.

R's Rue said...