Thursday, March 3, 2022


Hello!  I knit and knit and knit so I could get this butterfly in her cocoon made for a friend who is a new grandmother.  She is flying to Japan tomorrow to meet her granddaughter and I wanted to send it with her.  Do you like it? It's a Susan B. Anderson pattern. 
Look at this lovely set of mini skeins!  I'm not sure what I'll make with them, but the pinkness! LOVE!
We've been juicing!  Brad taught us how to do it. We bought a fairly inexpensive juicer.  The juice is full of good veggie and fruit vitamins.  It tastes like dirt, but Bill says it makes him feel good!  Beets make a lot of juice and up until now, I had not consumed a beet.  Change is good.
Little Mr. Faithful has been a tiny bit perturbed because a neighbor cat has been showing up at our door.  At first we thought he/she was cold and hungry, so we gave him bowls of kibble.  Now we see that the wanderer is getting fat, so I think he is just double dipping.  Tim gets furious when he sees this opportunist at the glass door.  We'll keep feeding the friend, because he is outdoors a lot.
I ordered an Emma Bridgewater mug.  My first.  LOVE!
It was SO cold last week, so I wore my cowl.  I do like it very much!
I've been so busy and finally I have a quiet day, so I am making chicken soup.  YUM!
My sweet friend, Kristi, gave me this adorable mug for Valentine's Day.  I am mug-rich. 
I brought this trifle to a Bible study dinner.  I love how pretty it is, but it's rich and a lot of creamy stuff to eat, so it's an "every now and then" type of dessert.  Don't you think so?
There's a lot of unrest in the world, in this world, but a better world exists.  Heaven will be a wonderful place, don't you think?

 About Jolly - well, he's joined the recreation center and honestly, he looks funny in his stretchy exercise shorts and his sneakers.  He has joined the Silver Sneakers club and he's made lots of friends.  I like to ask him to recollect his dates and I'm trying to get a bead on what he wants to do in regard to his love life.  I'm holding off drawing the name of the hostess that will decide his wifely destiny. Why?  I don't know.  He won't drink our juice, by the way.  He says it doesn't go with marmalade.  I shall buy him a kite, so he can get lots of fresh air.  He knows that he must pose with all the potential wives for one more Pom Pom post before he leaves forever.  He's pensive.  He's cautious.  He should be. It's fine.  Maybe we'll go for a bike ride today, before it snows again this weekend.  He loves tooling around the neighborhood.

God be with you, sweet reader.  I'm so glad you popped in!  xo