Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cute Trick or Treaters

 Yay!  Everyone had a lot of fun on Halloween!
Argh!  I couldn't stand the gypsy eyebrows and after this photo I washed them off and applied more moderate gypsy glow. 
 Costumed cutie pies raced around the house!

 I put too much sugar in the apple crumble.

 Bill was looking scary!

 James did not like his panda hood, but we were able to snap one photo!

 We had lots of trick or treaters!  It was a happy Halloween.
Tomorrow, I must iron, pack, clean a little and in the very early morning on Monday, we'll be off to Mexico.  I'll take lots of pictures.
I hope you had a fun Halloween, too!

Friday, October 30, 2015

End of October Anticipation

 (Here are those two big pumpkins that grew in our garden!  All carved!)
Yay for the end of October and tomorrow's festivities!  I finished my gypsy skirt and now I need to buy purple eye shadow at the grocery store.  More candy must be purchased as well.
Woo hoo!  Look at the cutie pies from Ft. Collins.  It'll be a Pokeman Halloween festival for them!
 Our refrigerator is crooked.  I think a wheel is broken but Jeff (and James) tried to fix it.  So cute!
 Remember the way that toddlers use anything for a step stool?
 I downloaded my two favorite magazines (Christmas!) and in British Country Living I found this article.  Sweet, right?  Pet Christmas service in Truro!  

 Maybe I'll take my dog to church on Christmas.

I made a birthday cake for our Jenny.  Carrot.  The cake tastes good but the Bundt plan was not super "Great British Baking Show" worthy.  I watched the first season and LOVED it SO MUCH!  Anywho, this collage shows my gypsy skirt AND the sunbeam that was shining in the back yard that day.  Aw, the good life.

 And soon our November will be upon us.  I am so appreciative of the gracious vision that comes upon me, the vision for our family dinner and the hope and glory of Christmas.  I saw a cute and funny tree at Costco that looks like a cross between a "Who" tree and a Charlie Brown tree and Bill said, "Let's get it!" so I might venture to Costco and buy it today.  Wait, it's already 9 am.  Ack!
I'll be back to share photos of the trick or treaters AND the gypsy!  (BIG HARVEST SMOOCH!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Boy Games

Yesterday I was feeling owly.  I'm not sure why because I made my sleep goal and I had plans to dance around the house, cleaning and tidying.  Somehow, I was bitten by the crabby bug.  Thank God it passed!  It may have been noise.  After a busy weekend, I think I need quiet and Bill doesn't move around our house soundlessly.  Picky, huh?

Today, I hope to feel bouncy like Jenny's chicken.  

Even a long walk didn't really help!  Ha!

 Our boy weekend was GREAT!  The three grandsons were together and everything we did was fitting for the little guys.

 Finn loved playing with his uncles.  He even called Auntie J Uncle Jenny.

 Here's James' green pumpkin.  It will make a monster jack o'lantern! 
And speaking of James.  He "helped" his parents do a little painting last weekend.  Ack!

 We ate kid food.  
 Bill took the boys to the elementary school to play with the remote control car, so I made our Sunday dinner.  It was YUMMY!
And Sam made YOU a Halloween cupcake.  She is having fall break from kindergarten and she told her mother that she wants to do something fun EVERY DAY this week.  She's coming over here for lunch today.  I hope I have some FUN left in me!
We decided to stay in town on Halloween and eat burritos before going on a little trick or treating venture around the neighborhood.  I am going to zip zip zip my gypsy skirt up with the sewing machine today or tomorrow.
We are going to Mexico with James and his parents next week.  We'll be right where the storm was supposed to touch down, but all is well there apparently.  
My new swim suit is coming in the mail soon and I am looking forward to the swimming pool, the sandy beach, chasing little James and enjoying Christie and Jeff's company (and Bill's!) for a few quiet (warm!) days.
But, that's not until next week and there are sweet days this week to enjoy.
I think I may have felt owly due to too many Milk Duds from the Halloween pumpkin. 
Today I'll eat pears instead.
Thank you for popping by!  I hope your day chugs along peacefully.

Yay!  These princesses come home today!  They've been in Moab visiting their great granny.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Mr. Badger is Snug at Lisa's

Mr. Badger is happy in Minnesota at Lisa's house!  She's a snug hostess so far!  Pop over and take a peek!