Sunday, October 11, 2015


 The sunshine is highlighting my neighbor's maple tree, turning it golden.  SO pretty!
Isn't this a stunning zinnia?  Light pink and dark pink.  The geraniums are putting on a glorious last act, too.
 Sorry for the blur, but this red fox came by this morning.  Look at her tail!  She's lovely!
 The neighbors are really Halloween crazy around here.  I must dig out my leaf tablecloth and orange lanterns.  Birdie, Bug, and Millie Rose asked me when I am going to decorate for Halloween.  They stayed overnight last night and will be back for dinner Tuesday, so I had better get cracking with the orange stuff.
 Still we have crops to harvest! The zucchinis are pretty darn perfect.  I was surprised to find so many beans, too.  Next year I am planning the garden a bit more carefully.  The pumpkin vines were invasive and the beans were disorganized.
 The family room is littered with popcorn droppings and blankets, toys and cups.  We have the Ft. Collins girls coming Friday for more ongoing slumber party fun.  I might clean before then because it's fun to prepare a place for those we love.  
How is your autumn story coming along?  Are you stirring soup in a copper pot?  Are you baking scones for tea?  Are you sweeping up dead leaves on your front porch?  Are you sewing your gypsy skirt?  Smile.
Sending heaps of love your way, good human.
(big hug around the neck)


Debi said...

I love autumn and I love seeing everyone's photos! I've done a little fall decorating, we've had chili, but not soup yet, no scones but apple pie and banana bread, definitely sweeping up those leaves! We are going to the orchard this afternoon to pick some apples. Sending a ((hug)) right back to you!

Kezzie said...

Hello lovely! Those leaves and Zinnias are beautiful and whilst I really don't like Halloween at all, that skeleton is very clever!x

Betty Wood Fairy said...

As soon as I read your posts I feel inspired to do something creative - this is a gift that you have Pom; I have decorated for halloween but in a 'fall' kind of way this year as the boys are now men and nobody wants anything too in your face - I found a little orange wooden painted cat yesterday for my vignette and have fresh pumpkins/squashes - will do a post and include a pic. I like to prepare the place for those I love too - even when we have an unexpected visitor I like to rush round and set the lighting, seating and move plants etc round to make it feel welcoming (I also always always keep a spare toothbrush for guesty sleepovers, always hoping)! I keep a frozen meal for unexpecteds and pretty serviettes, am I obsessive? probably but homemaking is such a wonderful thing to indulge in. I am just about to make bread rolls and your post has given me that 'push' I needed! Betty x

Farm Girl said...

How fun!!! That bone guy would be too scary for my crew. It is almost to scary for me. :)
I think it sounds like you had a nice evening. I love all of your pictures. That fox is beautiful. Don't you love how they float when they run?
I hope you have a lovely day.

TexWisGirl said...

my autumn story is still hitting low to mid-90s each day, dry without any rain for a long time. *sigh* some of the trees are beginning to turn, though. from drought.

Lisa Richards said...

Can't have disorganized beans!! :)
I mowed my lawn today to empty the gas tank of my mower. That's my fall work all done.
What a pretty little fox!
I should get out my Brambly Hedge books. I don't think I have the fall one, but they all speak of hygge! I've been watching crocheting videos in preparation for taking the leap into the crocheting adventure. That will be a very fall-ish activity.
A hug for you, too. :)

karen said...

nice shot of the fox! I've seen them around here but as of yet have not been able to photo him/her. they are FAST.

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Oh, the fox!! We have a fox here, but I've never been able to get a photo.
Have a great week.

Gumbo Lily said...

Wonderful photos of the golden tree. How I love it. The trees here are golden too and yet today the wind blew SO hard, most of the golden leaves are gone. (sad) My autumn story is that I'm sweeping leaves from my front porch and my front entry where they blow right in! I'm also transplanting some oregano from the garden into pots so I can bring them in the house when it gets cold.

Happy Golden days!

Anonymous said...

Coming in late on the weekend! Wow! You saw a fox!? That's great, and to catch it with your camera is amazing. The golden glow in your first photo is lovely. I made a big pot of chili today that was perfect for a fall afternoon. Love that last illustration!

Granny Marigold said...

My Autumn story is really in full swing now because it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and you know what all that entails. Family, Food, Fun, maybe even a Frolic?
Your beans may have been ,what was it you called them, disorganized?) but they sure produced. Next year I will plant mine at 2 week intervals and maybe then I'll have fresh beans in October too.

I love old Mrs. Mouse in the brambles.

Nana Go-Go said...

Love your Autumn/Fall post but my old eyes are having trouble reading the comments section, as lovely as the script is! Have a good week, my friend. xxx

Pom Pom said...

I changed the font. The Dancing Script was too dancing! We're back to the print that I'm used to and you guys are used to, too. Thank you for your input!

Janette Wright said...

Pretty pictures of fall. Well it was warm enough that we went to the lake and Ben swam yesterday, so a couple more weeks before it really like fall. However, I am still going to go get some mums.

Amy at love made my home said...

Your neighbours tree is beautiful isn't it!! I love the skeleton too, very funny! xx

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Love the glow of Autumn trees!

Thank you for reminding me! It's time for "Autumn Story"!!!!! :-)

Andrea Davis said...

Fall is such a wonderful time of year. The trees in our yard are really starting to pop with color. Happy times indeed.

Happy Knitting from Andrea @ This Knitted Life

sandy said...

Hi Pom Pom - thank you for your visit - you asked about the collies - we saw these twins one day on our walk around the lake. I photograph every dog we see. Sometimes they are adorable like these two. I love your fall photos. So happy autumn is here.

Heather LeFebvre said...

Oh I love the autumn glow!!! And those pink zinnias!!! Yes! Autumn. Rachel made two apple pies yesterday. The perfect thing to eat! We are having fall break! YAY!!! Am trying to enjoy the break without being overwhelmed by the amount of "other work" there is still to do during break. But we are going to Williamsburg on Friday and maybe that will be special!

Happyone said...

The colors of fall are just beautiful and you've captured that in your pictures. : )

Aida said...

Life is busy, busy not only with the garden but with your sweet little ones too. Love looking at those falling colourful leaves.
Enjoy decorating for Halloween Pompom. The kids will love it. We are not big on Halloween here in Oz.

Have a good week.