Thursday, October 15, 2015

Little Things

 Do you know about Shopkins?  They are tiny little "things" that can be purchased for a few dollars (or more) at stores like Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us.  Samantha and Plum Cake received quite a few from their other granny and sometimes Jenny buys them instead of a candy treat.  At first I didn't really understand them.  Now I've watched Youtube videos with the girls (grown ups talking while they open little bags - it's the surprise factor, I guess).  Anyway, I DO see the appeal because it's fun to sort them and line them up and just "look" at them.  Kids like collecting things for lots of reasons.  When our kids were little I would dress the Barbies, "talk" them until I ran out of material, and promptly get up and continue on with my house doings.  Our girls had a moderate population of Barbies.  Now kids seem to have SO MUCH OF EVERYTHING.  Times change.  Jenny works at keeping the toys streamlined and to a minimum and I admire her for that.  I must admit, I find the little Shopkins shapes pretty interesting, so I might overbuy if I shopped at the stores that sell them.  What do you think?
I went to Jenny's because she was feeling horrible and I had the same symptoms yesterday so I knew just how she felt.  Sam, Plum, and I let the chickens out.  One egg in the morning.  One egg in the afternoon.
 Pictures turned to paintings (via Waterlogue).  This is Kelli's barn.  Bright  and simple photographs make the best paintings.  
 Now I'm home!  Yay!  Tomorrow I will drive up to meet our April halfway and pick up Cadence and Aria. We shall enjoy a girl weekend.  Bill's speaking at a men's retreat.
We'll play with cousins, watch movies, draw, make cookies, eat whatever tickles our fancy, and hopefully sleep well.  I am an early to bed, early to rise sort of person.  I hope they are, too.
I hope YOU are happy and busy in your home sweet home.  


Anonymous said...

I do not know about Shopkins. I am way behind in the baby, toddler, little kid world since I do not have any grandchildren yet. I'm sure I'll get right up to speed when the time comes.
Have fun with your girl time!!

Happyone said...

I never heard of the little Shopkins but love them. So cute and I can see why kids would like to collect them. I might start a collection myself. : )
Yes, I'm happy and busy in my home, after all, I'm happyone : )

Happyone said...

Left a comment but it didn't take, so you might get two from me.
I have never heard of the little Shopkins but I love them. So cute and I can see why kids would like to collect them. I might start a collection of them myself. : )
Yes, I'm happy and busy in my home, after all, I'm happyone. : )

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I've never heard of Shopkins but enjoy those little "motion" characters found at $ Stores. They have a little sun catcher...oh Karen...what are they called? They "catch" the sun, the sun makes them move and they remind me of bobble heads. Totally cute! I have a sunflower in the sun room and an orange pumpkin fellow in the orange Honda Element. Whenever I'm driving, the little bodies just bobble along and makes me smile.

TexWisGirl said...

you love your color and fun stuff. :)

Granny Marigold said...

Surprisingly enough the grands have not mentioned 'Shopsies" but Miss C. is 12 and not into that sort so much and the littlest is all Lego these days.
Yes, I am very busy and happy in my home. Enjoy those grands of yours!

Terra said...

The doll house is cute, and I learned here what Shopkins are. I had not heard of them before, I can see how kids would like to collect them.

sandy said...

Shopkins are new to ME! But I'm sure my little granddaughter would love them because she loves little things like that. So I'll have to look for some around here.

Gumbo Lily said...

Shopkins are new to me. It seems our grandkids have so much stuff that I rarely buy toys. They like my funnels, plastic scrubbies (clean ones), measuring cups, and ribbons from my aprons -- all these they find in my kitchen drawer. Rocks are the newest "it" for the grands. Sometimes we paint them into "toys" or little people.

Betty Wood Fairy said...

I think the reason Shopkins are taking off is that they require good old fashioned imagination and can be for one person play or for many and can also be displayed and admired! you make your own games, stories, scenes with them - isn't that the best kind of play? I think so - we don't have them here but I bet we will do soon! my boys used to like scalectrix and meccano - these are toys that have existed for generations - my brothers and I had them too, they are building and thinking toys aren't they Pom Pom. I do hope computer games and technology don't take children away from 'proper' play completely in the next generation. Have a lovely weekend. Betty x

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

These 'Little Things' are certainly cute. Depending on how little they are, I'd think one would have to judge, if their children could possibly try to choke on them though....

And being a 'grumply gus'... I have to pout about plastic toys. Unlike wooden toys, they will never, never, never compost. They will still be around, in land-fills, a zillion years from now. -sigh-

Yes, wooden toys are expensive, unless you have a "Pop" who makes them. :-) But do children need loads of toys?

Happy that Jenny works at not having tooooo many toys in the house.

Enjoy your weekend,

magsmcc said...

I'm the opposite of early bed early rise. I wish I wasn't. It doesn't suit my stage in family life at all! I think that I streamline my boys and keep it realistic, but you wouldn't know that after ten minutes in this house! Hope you'll all be well and joyous this weekend x

Julia said...

Those little things are cute and I bet fun to collect. They look pretty small and might pose a chocking hazard for little tots.

Oh I love that Waterlogue water painting. i've never heard of it. Is is an app? It's pretty cool.

Nana Go-Go said...

We don't have those little things here yet but boy, do I have a HOUSEFUL of other little stuff!i.e. Polly Pocket, Sylvanian Families, Barbie, etc. I'm afraid I have to own up and confess that, after having two boys, buying 'girlie' stuff is rather delicious and I tend to indulge my rather delicious grandbabies to the same effect but I do insist that when they come to visit, all technology gets left behind and we concentrate on the manual stuff here. I'm rather old-fashioned like that. That's how I roll! They seem to like it too. Have a great weekend, my Friend. xxx

M.K. said...

I am at home-sweet-home right now after a lovely afternoon. Back to the grindstone tomorrow :) So glad you get to have a nice girl weekend away. Enjoy!!