Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Boy Games

Yesterday I was feeling owly.  I'm not sure why because I made my sleep goal and I had plans to dance around the house, cleaning and tidying.  Somehow, I was bitten by the crabby bug.  Thank God it passed!  It may have been noise.  After a busy weekend, I think I need quiet and Bill doesn't move around our house soundlessly.  Picky, huh?

Today, I hope to feel bouncy like Jenny's chicken.  

Even a long walk didn't really help!  Ha!

 Our boy weekend was GREAT!  The three grandsons were together and everything we did was fitting for the little guys.

 Finn loved playing with his uncles.  He even called Auntie J Uncle Jenny.

 Here's James' green pumpkin.  It will make a monster jack o'lantern! 
And speaking of James.  He "helped" his parents do a little painting last weekend.  Ack!

 We ate kid food.  
 Bill took the boys to the elementary school to play with the remote control car, so I made our Sunday dinner.  It was YUMMY!
And Sam made YOU a Halloween cupcake.  She is having fall break from kindergarten and she told her mother that she wants to do something fun EVERY DAY this week.  She's coming over here for lunch today.  I hope I have some FUN left in me!
We decided to stay in town on Halloween and eat burritos before going on a little trick or treating venture around the neighborhood.  I am going to zip zip zip my gypsy skirt up with the sewing machine today or tomorrow.
We are going to Mexico with James and his parents next week.  We'll be right where the storm was supposed to touch down, but all is well there apparently.  
My new swim suit is coming in the mail soon and I am looking forward to the swimming pool, the sandy beach, chasing little James and enjoying Christie and Jeff's company (and Bill's!) for a few quiet (warm!) days.
But, that's not until next week and there are sweet days this week to enjoy.
I think I may have felt owly due to too many Milk Duds from the Halloween pumpkin. 
Today I'll eat pears instead.
Thank you for popping by!  I hope your day chugs along peacefully.

Yay!  These princesses come home today!  They've been in Moab visiting their great granny.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Oh yes, you have to perk up, for your party this weekend!!!!!!!

Pumpkin hugs,

Farm Girl said...

There you are!! Maybe you are just tired out. I wondered what you did yesterday. I am glad you had the boys to play with. How fun! Getting to go on a vacation.
I hope you get your gypsy skirt all made, your Halloween sounds nice.
Have a lovely day today.
I have been trying to knit, I am not a very good knitter.

Henny Penny said...

What a good grandma you are! And, what a nice big pretty yard you have for the children to play in. That is a fine looking pot of soup!

Heather LeFebvre said...

Oh this "owly" term is good to know. Hope you are perking up. I'm having trouble with owliness myself. Hope the paint cleaned up off that floor!! Ever read "Helpful Henry?" It's a great book!! How exciting that you have a new swimsuit coming and you are off to Mexico! Have a wonderful trip. We are settling in here and, yes, doing lots of laundry. Fortunately, these things seem easier as the kids get older.

Granny Marigold said...

First of all... I hope that paint came off the wood floor! The Minestrone looks sooo good ( must make some soon). The grands are cute and wonderful. Don't we wish they'd stay little as long as possible!! I can't imagine you 'owly' since you always seem to take everything in your stride. Guess we all have off days.

Happyone said...

Looks like the boys sure had fun. : )
Hope your happy now.
Ah pizza - I must still be a kid because I love pizza. : )
A trip to Mexico - how nice!!!!

Amy at love made my home said...

Sounds very busy indeed!!! I know what you mean about needing peace, I feel like that after the weekend and need my quiet time! Hope that you are feeling less owly now and that you will have a great time in Mexico! xx

TexWisGirl said...

cute and rambunctious.

NanaDiana said...

Karen- What a wonderful post. Your "kids" are just adorable- one and all. There is nothing like them to keep you feeling young and busy...and then they leave and you feel old and tired. I am just like you- after a busy few days I like some DOWN time (quiet please) and MyHero likes to talk...and talk...and he must call my name 100 times a day to ask me a question. I get a little crabby after that, too! lol xo Diana

Kezzie said...

I feel quite exhausted after all that!!! Hope that you have a fabulous time. Swimming!!!

Gumbo Lily said...

I know that sometimes for me being a grammy is hard work that wears me out. Hoping that your Halloween time is fun and a wee bit scary and spooky!

Have fun in the Mexico Sunshine! (Do you know the James Taylor song, "Mexico"?) One of my favorites.

Betty Wood Fairy said...

Just look at how your followers group is growing! because I'm not the only one who loves to read your day to day goings on - you always have something fun happening - can't wait to see what you have in store for the weekend! We have pumpkins but we aren't carving them any more as the boys are grown - I do have a huge black cauldron full of sticky 'eyeballs' though for trick or treaters! Betty

Nancy McCarroll said...

Hope you are back to your perky sell by today. This weather must be the cause of being out of sorts. Everyone around me yesterday was prickly and out of character. Hmmm, maybe it was the moon causing side effects on demeanor.

Cute kids, as always!

happywonderer.com said...

Glad to hear the boys weekend went well. I understand the need for a little quiet to enjoy. That's a great goal to do something fun each day! Enjoy your getaway next week.

Lisa Richards said...

Yes, a little quiet to recharge the batteries is necessary. Especially with the pace you keep up! And the pears may help, too. :)
It's pretty special the way your grands love being with their grandparents so much. Have a warm and wonderful time in Mexico!!

GretchenJoanna said...

I feel tired just reading about all the goings-on in PomPom Land. But then, I was very owly (as you make me to understand the world) the day after you, and probably haven't recovered. I keep moving on to the next day!

MEXICO! I'm so excited for you and your companions. I'm sure you will have lots to take pictures of and to share with us. Thank you in advance, Dear. XO GJ

Fat Dormouse said...

It looks as though you all had a wonderful time but YIKES! on the painting "help"!

I know about owliness - I was like that on Tuesday - I couldn't get going doing anything! Except sleep.

ann said...

Boys do go about play in a different way, don't they? Cute little guys. And the paint job. I am wondering how James' parents removed the paint from the hard wood? Have a wonderful Mexican holiday.

karen said...

I bet you slept really really well after all the excitement and activities. Lovely photos and a beautiful family :)