Thursday, October 14, 2021

A Sweet Day

 If you've never watched Stitched by Mrs. D on YouTube, you might want to! She is a maker from Norfolk England and right now she's posting a video almost every day (Vlogtober they call it).  Anyway, last year when she did daily Christmas posts during December she showed this cute jam Advent calendar so I ordered one this year.  Each day in December you open a new little jam.  Isn't it cute?  I love Advent and I'm already excited about it!  
Our weather is going to get cold tonight so I harvested tiny zucchinis today.  I'm sad that my zinnias may be completely withered in the morning. Oh well.  Fall and crisp weather are lovely.  The yellow trees are incredible this year. 
Here is the last of the rhubarb!  I added strawberries and I ate it for breakfast the day I baked it.  Thankfully, Bill ate the rest.  He loves rhubarb now!  Yahoo!  A convert!
One of my good friends and I were texting back and forth about the Eloise Wilkin books.  I gathered mine (on the ironing board) and sent her this picture.  I realized I didn't have We Help Mommy and We Help Daddy (I'm sure our children wore them out) so I ordered them.  My friend Kristi ordered We Help Mommy.  I tried to read We Help Daddy to the two and three year olds yesterday at Bible study, but they were distracted and basically not interested😂.  We decided that we love the houses, the rooms, in the stories and we'd like our houses to look exactly like Mrs. Wilkin's  illustrations.  What do you think?  I remember enjoying the pages just as much as my copies of Country Living when I read them to our kids. 
It's cozy around here this morning.  I made a coffee cake.  Right now Timothy is downstairs on the spare bed, sleeping on top of a big pile of comforters and quilts.  The heat is on so he'll stay down there under the ceiling vent. He'll sleep there for hours.  I would like to stay home all day.  I'll go for a walk and listen to Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher.  I'm just about finished (I've read it several times).  I resisted Audible for the longest time, but I am enjoying it so much.  Yay!
I'm making a red sock.  I am knitting so many things.  I love knitting so many things☺️at once. 
I just might move some furniture around today.  We moved our bed from under the window to beside the window.  I get to sleep near the window and I LOVE cold air coming in and I love seeing the moon.  Anyway, I must shift my night table/cabinet now.  It's going in the living room, so our old scruffy wing chairs will probably be relocated.  Isn't that always the way?  In order to move one thing, another thing must be moved and then all the floors must be swept and mopped, and this takes lots of time and that's when I want to take a nap.
When I don't know what to do first, I iron.  That's what I'm going to do now.  Bye bye, sweet reader!
Oh!  Jolly landed in Ireland.  He's going to take it slow there.  You may not hear of his doings for a while, but rest assured . . . he's in the hands of wonderful Mags.  She's got to be one of the friendliest people on planet Earth.  Remember how it took me about two years to launch the Jolly Postman?  Yeah, so he is not on a time schedule at all.  Wouldn't it be great to travel around knowing that if you wanted to pause your trip, you could?  Jolly told me that he wanted to stay longer at each stop.  I wonder if he's still texting Annie in Scotland.  He really likes her. ❤️
I am going to read We Help Mommy and We Help Daddy before I go to the ironing board.  When Bill leaves for his lunch meeting, I am going to sing from my hymn book.  Then I want to open my Bible and pray prayers from the Psalms. I'm going to have a sweet day.  I hope you do, too.  (BIG HUG!)


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Birthday Fun, Family Fun, and Jolly Fun!

Hello Everyone! Whoa!  I can barely keep up with Jolly's trip!  All of the hostesses have kept him very busy and now he is off to Ireland!  I'll link Anne's posts below!
Today is my birthday!  That little girl picture is me in kindergarten!  My bangs were very short, huh?  So funny!
Finn is in the bagpipe band now, too!  That's FINN and Brad in their kilts.
I made a poncho and socks!
Lizzy and Noah had their birthdays!
My birthday friend (we share a birthday) had a gluten-free pancake at a yummy breakfast place. I went to a lovely dinner with my friend Sondra.  We met Brad for birthday lunch. They gave me the fun Tilda book and those darling little paper dolls!
My sister gave me a very fuzzy blanket that Tim loves!  Ha!
I've had a busy and fun week and there is more fun to be had today and tomorrow!  Woo hoo!
I hope you are very well and that you are enjoying Jolly's journey!
Happy fall!  xoxoxo
Links to Jolly's wife hunt:

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Flowers, Knitting, and Jolly's Journey

Hi friends!  Jolly has hopped from England to Scotland!  I must catch you up on his dates while visiting Angela!
I can hardly keep up with Jolly because his hostesses are all so efficient and helpful!  I'm so grateful that he is being treated so well!  I'm not sure if I told you that one lucky hostess is going to choose his wife!  Wow!  That's not going to be easy, is it?  So exciting!
The flowers in the garden are waning, but the zinnias continue to show off.  The sunflowers are varied and plentiful.  It's just starting to look tangled, so a long morning clean up is in order.
I finished knitting a cowl!  Do you like it?
The stripes are a cardigan, so soft, but WOOL!
My friend and I went to The Cheese Emporium for her birthday.  Remember this lovely little shop in Longmont?  I bought a fan for a friend and some tea towels.
What have you been up to? 
Thank you for popping by!  I so appreciate your time!  Love love love! 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Jolly Latest Date!

Please pop over and see Jolly's latest date!    →→→
          What does Jolly think? 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Summer Stuff

Hello friends!  I'm having a wee problem with blogger at the moment. Maybe it's just waited this long to update. I'm on a different computer, so bear with me. 
It is that time in the summer season when all the garden plants get either tired or tangled.  I could pull out garbage cans full of excess right now. Do you feel that way? It's only August and I am feeling ready to pull things up for fall.  
The flowers are lovely though.  I won't tug and pull and be ruthless just yet.
I wanted to link to Jolly's visit at Angela's so here you go:  
Oh!  Tim had a birthday some time in the summer (we don't know the exact date of his birth because he was rescued in Texas and driven up to a pet store in our area).  He received gifts.  He's very spoiled.  He and Noah are near the same age.  Can you believe they are 5 years old?  Wow!  Time flies.   
I am going up to see my mom on Tuesday.  Jenny is coming with me. It will be so nice to be in her company.
I'm trying to think about the fall and what my time will be like.  Will I be super busy and exhausted?  Will I find a rhythm?  My Wednesday commitment will be more all consuming than it was before.  Zoom wasn't all consuming but teaching the fourth and fifth graders and going over our Bible study with the other teachers and leaders took a good amount of time.  Now I want to support the teachers in my new role, but I'm still learning the ropes.   I hope I feel like I have a handle on it soon.  
I need to turn over a new leaf in regard to house cleaning.  Things around here need to be shored up, shined up, and pared down.  Sigh.
I want more time to spend communing with Jesus, singing to Him, praying thoughtfully and with a worshipful heart, and writing in my journal.  I WILL do it.  I want to move away from overthinking things. Do you overthink things?
Anyway,  I thank you for popping by. I hope you are well.

Friday, August 13, 2021

You MUST See This!

 Oh my!  Jolly arrived in England without a hitch!  I really LOVE it that each hostess has taken her time to entertain him, find him wife candidates, and apply her own style to his tour.  Aren't people kind?  I'm so thankful!

Angela will keep him for a while and I will keep you updated when she posts about Jolly.  Here is the recent post about his arrival: Jolly in England

It's yarn crawl time which means Colorado knitters visit as many wool shops as they wish to and get stamps or stickers for each shop.  I don't participate but I did get a bargain when I happened to be in Longmont near the shop there.  Many yarn stores hold special sales during this time. These are mini skeins for socks or shawls. Aren't they lovely?

A sweet friend and I organized the teacher resources for the children's program at Bible study.  Doesn't it look great? 
I got this book in the mail.  Does it look interesting?
I think THIS one looks VERY interesting!
I've had this book for a while, but I'm revisiting it.  There are so many yummy veggie recipes inside!
The glads that Millie Rose and I planted are wonderful!  I've never been successful with them before so YAY!

Thank you for visiting Angela (and Jolly) and thank you for visiting ME.  You're nice.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Rivers, Rocks, and Jolly Leaving for England!

Sondra and I went to a lovely park up in Lyons, Colorado and had a rainy picnic! There were many families there enjoying all the park features.  We even saw rafts of moms, dads, and kids going down the river!

Today Bill and I are going up to meet our Brad for lunch!  He and April had their 19th (or was it 18th?) anniversary yesterday!  WOW! They are a lovely pair!  

MK did one more post before she sent Jolly off to Angela!  Definitely go read it.  It's darling!

Jolly Heads for England! 

I pray you are feeling encouraged.  I pray that you look to Heaven as your forever home.  

I am so glad you come by and say hello to me. It really is wonderful!