Tuesday, September 11, 2018

More Knitting and Sweet September Glimpses

Hello kind visitor!  Jenny and her family are out in California for a few days (little vacay) so I thought you might like a beach photo.  Pretty, huh?
 I took a walk a while back and noticed that this tree is already changing!  It's HOT this week, but fall is rolling in.

Noah looks scared but he isn't scared of ANYTHING.  He's almost 2!  Wow!
 I finished the Shetland Wool Week (last year, I think) hat for an Australian friend.  I made a few boo boos but overall I think it turned out well.  I look very funny in hats, don't I?  I used the alpaca (brown) that I won at April's women's retreat two years ago.  It's warm and soft.  

It's pretty neat on the inside, too!  Yay!
I've finished all four seasons of Shetland (a detective show that takes place on the Shetland Islands) and I am sad that I have to wait for them to make another season.  I really want to go to Shetland one day.  I know it's expensive (Nana Go Go told me) but I want to see it.  I'm going to re-watch the seasons because I love the terrain.

 Mr. Spoiled has missed his guy (Bill gets home tomorrow).  He loves me, but he really loves Bill.  
 Bill bought one of these bands/wraps for his tennis elbow so I bought two for my knitting soreness.  They are nice!  They help!
 Ha!  I didn't take a complete break from knitting.  I finished this mitt that I began during my Jane Austen week.  

Saturday five grands were here in the morning.  I love photos of the little darlings running around in the green grass.
 My neighbor Reve made a pretty quilt for her grand niece.  Isn't it GORGEOUS?

 The garden is bursting.  The sunflowers by the chimney are HUGE and they are starting to hang their heads so soon we'll cut them down.  The zinnias are very tall, too!  What a summer! 

 Now that the Japanese beetles have left (I guess they went back to sleep) my roses can grow.  Isn't this a lovely grocery store rose (that's where I bought it a few years ago)?
 A friend of ours was promoted to battalion commander in the Army National Guard.  I tagged along with Kelli's family to watch the ceremony on Sunday.  I loved seeing all the Guardsmen and women all lined up so respectfully.  It was fun to see the helicopters.  These women and men fight the Colorado forest fires.  I was proud as I looked upon hundreds of service people.  
The girls liked sitting in a helicopter. 

We had to show our drivers licenses at the gate but we were on a list, too.  The guardsman asked, "Two adults and four kids?" Bryan said, "Two adults, three kids and a granny."  Birdie added, "But she's harmless."  Cracked me up.
I am going over to visit Jenny's cats today.
I will also stop in at the office store because I need page protectors for my knitting patterns.
I'm very grateful for simple doable errands.  I am sure all of you have had plenty of days where the errands were overwhelming and the to do's around the house were the same!  Sometimes I still feel that old pressure of "too much to do and not enough verve to do it" but really I don't have a lot of pressing tasks and I am grateful.  Very grateful.
Now, I shall take a nice bath (I bought some essential oil bath packets) and then I'll get dressed and head out to Jenny's.
Well, maybe I should do a little watering first, fill up the bird bath for the thirsty birdies and admire the show off-y flowers.
Thank you for popping in, good neighbor.