Saturday, September 28, 2019

Flowers and Other Golden Sights

 My mama sent a big bouquet of tulips for my birthday!  Aren't tulips miraculous?
 And aren't sunflowers amazing?  I am going to cut this and put it in the squirrel area.  They will keep themselves busy filling their cheeks with fresh seeds.
 One of the birthday gifts I bought myself:
 Ernest H. Shepard is my favorite illustrator for Wind in the Willows AND Pooh.
 This "pair-fect" yarn is very fun to knit. 

 And Bill gave flowers, too!  I am rich in flowers!  (note:  Lynn, I wish they would last until you get here, but I shall replenish)

 Some of the leaves are beginning their change!

 October is very soon and isn't she golden?  I can't wait to see her glory. 
I have been writing weekly notes to my class of CBS students.  I bought so much stuff for journals so I have many stickers, lots of washi tape, stamps, markers, gel pens, ect.  They appreciate getting pretty mail so it's worth the two hours it takes me to do it.
They are so dear, so fun, so energetic.  They want to learn God's WORD.  One friend said (very wisely) that the homeschoolers are going to save us from the dismal course that society is on right now. I think she's right. 
Thank you for popping in and visiting.  It warms my heart when you do! 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

September FUN!

 Hello!  Oh my!  I've been away so long! Look at my cute mama saying hello to Atticus on the day we went to Ft. Collins for lunch.
 All the grands got to see GGJo! James and Noah (and their sweetie pie parents) came for dinner one night, too.  I guess I didn't have my phone nearby. It made my heart happy that my mom and sisters got to see our whole brood!

 We went to tea! My sister treated us.

 My sister's daughter (my niece) and her family came one night!  I guess a few people were still in the kitchen for this picture.  I was so busy enjoying the guests, I dropped the ball with the whole photo thing.
 After they left (sad) I enjoyed Kelli's three girls for a few nights. 
 This one survived. 

 We had another tea party at home.

When you take all the photos, you aren't in any of the photos, so HELLO TO YOU!

Now Bill is home from New Zealand and Australia!  Yay!  We are getting a new roof tomorrow so he's excited about that!
I have been teaching 4th/5th graders at Community Bible Study and I love it.  The leadership ladies are a delight, all so good and true.  Teaching just ten kids is WONDERFUL!  I think they gave me all of the sweetie pies because every Wednesday is FUN!
I had book club yesterday so today I am just messing around doing little jobs.
My birthday is next Wednesday and I shall be 61! YAY!  I'm bringing cupcakes to Bible study.  I might bring balloons, too.
I hope you are having a lovely September.  I think September goes way too fast.
October is absolutely gorgeous, too.
Thank you for stopping in and checking on me and my doings.  It's very nice of you.