Saturday, September 28, 2019

Flowers and Other Golden Sights

 My mama sent a big bouquet of tulips for my birthday!  Aren't tulips miraculous?
 And aren't sunflowers amazing?  I am going to cut this and put it in the squirrel area.  They will keep themselves busy filling their cheeks with fresh seeds.
 One of the birthday gifts I bought myself:
 Ernest H. Shepard is my favorite illustrator for Wind in the Willows AND Pooh.
 This "pair-fect" yarn is very fun to knit. 

 And Bill gave flowers, too!  I am rich in flowers!  (note:  Lynn, I wish they would last until you get here, but I shall replenish)

 Some of the leaves are beginning their change!

 October is very soon and isn't she golden?  I can't wait to see her glory. 
I have been writing weekly notes to my class of CBS students.  I bought so much stuff for journals so I have many stickers, lots of washi tape, stamps, markers, gel pens, ect.  They appreciate getting pretty mail so it's worth the two hours it takes me to do it.
They are so dear, so fun, so energetic.  They want to learn God's WORD.  One friend said (very wisely) that the homeschoolers are going to save us from the dismal course that society is on right now. I think she's right. 
Thank you for popping in and visiting.  It warms my heart when you do! 


Kit said...

Wow look at all your flowers! You are a lucky girl. We are just starting to change color here and a big storm is expected today. Brrrr. Kit

Farm Girl said...

I love your happy post! its so nice to see one. I guess it was a good blogging day, your flowers are so pretty!

Granny Marigold said...

I love your tulips and the gorgeous roses!! Did I wish you a happy birthday? If I didn't then now I am, a little late but the wishes are as fresh as if it were the day).

Julia said...

Happy belated Birthday Pom pom. You really got some lovely flowers. It shows that you're loved.
I love that multicolor yarn. It makes lovely patterns.

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors. Our trees are turning colors also. It takes my breath away to see such beauty free of charge.
HUgs, Julia

Betty said...

Happy birthday! Your flowers are cheery. H

happyone said...

Oh all the flowers you received are beautiful.
The yellow is gorgeous against the bright blue sky. wow
I know so many people who home school now.
Sure nice to see a post from you.

ellen b. said...

How nice to be showered with flowers for your special day. Back in the day when I attended CBS my kids really enjoyed their time, too. I'd be happy to drop my child off in your care! Happy weekend to you.

Kim said...

Oh, just look at all those bunches of flowers. Those Tulips are so pretty. Happy Birthday to you, lovely Pom Pom. I too love the colours of October, but they are rainbow-hued down here.=)

Lynn said...

Lovely flowers, happy birthday xx

M.K. said...

So many beautiful happy birthday flowers!! I know they make you happy as you see them in the house each day. Such a loving gift! The yarn is pretty. I recently bought a used copy of Wind in the Willows, with Tasha Tudor as the illustrator. I didn't need yet another copy ... but I couldn't resist, because she's a favorite :) Happy autumn, dear friend!!

Debbie Harris said...

Your tulips are gorgeous!
Tulips are my favorite flower, they just do not last long. :(
Sounds like you had a beautiful birthday, such a blessing.
Your friend has some wise words there.


Jeanie said...

Tulips and sunflowers are two of my favorites! I love that you bought Winnie the Pooh -- Rick and I bought a Pooh book for us, too, this summer!

Lisa Richards said...

I'm also a big E.H.Shepard fan. I have a similar book which I bought more for me than for the grands. You too? Yay home schooling!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! Love all your pretty flowers and a belated happy birthday! What does CBS stand for? Nancy