Sunday, September 27, 2009

After the Birthday

Hi Everyone! Well, tomorrow I'll draw names for the Pom Pom Birthday Box. I'll keep saying who won just in case you don't have the stamina for my constant posting! Smile! I just had to share my family birthday celebration with you and a few other fun things that brought surges of joy to my SOUL! To start with, we had a lovely evening at Kelli and Bryan's house! Kelli cooked a delicious meal for all of us and we had fun visiting with each other and I had fun opening presents!

Finn can walk fast now and bopped around Kelli's house and yard getting completely wet (loves the water table) and dirty!

Lovely April who is pregnant with grandchild number SIX!

Hello Miss BUG!

Busy back yard!

Kelli and Birdie in the kitchen making it happen!

Grampy and Brad on the deck, staying out of the way.

Kelli's girls - the sisters! So cute.

Potatoes for Pom Pom

Kelli's fat cat again . . . Wilbur.

Jenny Rose's baby bump!

Love them.

The face of youth and the face of Granny! Fifty-one year old GRANNY!

Our Brad and Finn!

Wonderful JOE!

Jenny and Miss Bug!

More fairies from Reve!

Papery goodness from April and Brad and pampering goodness from Reve.

Kelli and Bryan's sweet gift! Travel bag for Pom Pom!

More jewels for Pom Pom!

Fuzzy CROCS from Jenny and Scott and (GASP! THANKFULNESS!) bookstore gift cards from Jeff and Bill. Wacky Birkenstocks in the mail (6-8 weeks delivery time - not sure why) that are RED PRINT! I'll show you when they come! THANKS, Honey!
Green zinnias in the September garden! Yes, more large plastic shoes on my feet.

Saturday's harvest!

Reve's stunning coleus!

The playhouse windows. Pleasing to me.

Friday, when I was up in my class room talking to friends, the office called and said that a student was downstairs with a little something for me. Cute Blake (doesn't look like the cookie baking type, but is an absolutely delightful student) made me chocolate chip cookies for my birthday! DELICIOUS! So, as you can see with all these blessings and all your cheerful, loving, generous greetings - I had a birthday filled with high joy! THANK YOU so much! Tomorrow I shall post the winner of the PPBB (Pom Pom Birthday Box) and please feel a big surge of my gratitude for visiting me, reading and looking and caring . . . xoxoxo PP
Oh, and I promise to ease up on the constant talk about ME and ponder a few other important issues, ask your opinions, and post happy images in the future! Thanks for bearing with me, sweet ones.


Gretchen Joanna said...

High joy, indeed! It's the kind of birthday gift you can turn around and give to the rest of us immediately, and your family doesn't even mind. Thank you, Pom Pom! And Happy Birthday!


Dear Pom Pom

What a wonderful family gathering and beautiful presents. The love shines through

Please see belated messages left on your last two posts

I forgot to give you my email address in the last post. Please please let me have your address as I have a birthday gift I really want to send you

Carolyn -

Sending lots of love for the week ahead

C xx

and thanks for all your wonderful comments as always. You are a love!

Deborah said...

What a fun fun day!! Love those fuzzy crocs -- and the chocolate chip cookies. Yum!


scrappy quilter said...

What a wonderful fun filled day. Those chocolate chip cookies speak volumes as far as I'm concerned. What a special young lad to do that. Hugs

libbyquilter said...

so glad to see that your birthday was filled with surprises and the love of family~!~


Bradley Maston said...

it was a beautiful birthday bash! here's to hiding out on the porch!