Friday, June 5, 2020

Imaginary Friends

 My friend Sondra inspired me to do a little water coloring.  She drew a page full of vases and painted them beautifully.  I like to draw and paint "doodle" people.  My sister and I had a slew of imaginary friends when we were children.  Pook was scary.  Saun was nervous and uptight.  Pinkie was elusive.  Queenie was peaceful . . .  
I made some more imaginary friends (for granddaughter Cadence because she likes colorful letters that come in the mail).  I thought I'd share them with YOU.  Which friend would you like if you could pick just one?  My sister said she would like to be friends with "Jill" and I know why.  Karol LOVES babies.

 I think I'd pick Lottie because she likes to shoot arrows and I thought that was the best activity I ever enjoyed in high school physical education. Also, the bug thing.  I don't like them either.  My mosquito bites are SO itchy.  I would also love to be around Chloe.  I admire people who are good at neatness.  
Which friend would you choose?

The peony bushes sing out in the front garden.  I should go outside and clip a few white flowers.  They are SO heavy and the poor girl can barely hold her blooms (she's leaning). 

I'm going to have lunch with Sondra today. We're celebrating her birthday.  I had better check to see if the restaurant is even open for business.

THANK YOU for sharing about what you were like when you were a child.  You are the sweetest and most squishy souls around.  Many of you had less than carefree childhoods.  I am greatly encouraged that those of you who suffered a bit have turned out to be the most loving and inviting souls around.  I love you.
I was a wiggly child and I struggled to sleep.  I hated being the first one up and waiting for the rest of the household to rise.  I worried about things (I should have told my mom when I worried, because she definitely would have put my mind at ease).  I couldn't wait to learn to read and I remember when it all clicked and I was on my way.  I loved to write and draw.  I was shy when I went to school.  Hmmmmm.  Some things never change? 

Question:  When you get up in the morning, what are your favorite sights and smells?
In the summer, I love the smell of dew on the grass and leftover smoke from fire pits.  I love the smell of coffee and bacon. (We don't eat bacon often enough! 😂)

Thank you for stopping in, real friend. 


Julia said...

Your illustrations are awesome. You should be a book illustrator, they are that good.

If I was to pick one of your imaginary friends, it probably is Chloe. I also love neatness, tidiness, and order although, I don't eat mashed potatoes very often, especially instant potatoes, lol...

Your peonies are beautiful and also the one in the previous post. Mine are still in the bud stage and I can't wait for their beauty and perfume. The ground is powder dry. We are supposed to get some much-needed rain tomorrow.

Hugs, Julia

happyone said...

I'd pick Tiffany for my friend. I like that she would pray for me. :)

The first thing I do when I get up is go for a walk. Enjoy the beautiful scenery where I walk and all the animals I see.
Love the smell of rain on a warm road and the smells coming out of the bakery in town as I walk by, blooming flowers and fresh air.
Adding sound to your list. Love to listen to the early morning birds.

Tiny Toadstool Cottage said...

What fabulous drawings! Happy mail is such a great idea, especially at this time. I think I would say Chloe as I also like to have all my pencils sharpened. :) I often have a little pencil sharpening session!
Your peonies are gorgeous. Each year when the garden catalogue arrives that has the peonies I want to buy some. I just need to work out where to put them. And which ones to choose as they are all so beautiful!
My favourite smell in the whole world at any time is the garden/earth just after the rain has started. Especially if it has been hot and dry for a while.

ellen b. said...

You reminded me that I have some bacon I need to cook! Peonies are just glorious. I'm looking out my slider right now at a bucket full! Love your sketching. That is a fun way to journal. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Granny Marigold said...

I think I'd choose Tiffany for my friend. We both love new socks and he rabbit can becomes friends with mine.
Peonies are so lovely and smell wonderful.
I hope you had a lovely lunch with Sondra.

M.K. said...

I would probably be friends with Jill and then Tiffany. I'm not an athletic person, and overly tidy people make me nervous :)

In the morning ... I love it when the outdoors are just perfect - temperature, as you say a wood fire is divine. Sometimes the breeze is fabulous. It makes my heart sing. I also love making a little breakfast and sitting with it in my room, the smell of coffee. I used to love the sound of my mother stirring in the kitchen, making breakfast on SAturdays - pancakes :)

I was what some psychologists call a "magic child" -- I believed all kinds of strange things about the world, and had a vivid imagination ... what we would now call a "rich inner world." But I was also very fearful. Like you, I should have confided in my mother or someone my fears and anxieties, but I didn't. I kept things to myself.

Jeanie said...

Your imaginary friends are charming. I should like to meet them all!

Kristi Burns said...

I love the smell of coffee in the morning. It is ready and waiting for me when I rise!

Farm Girl said...

A very nice blog. I love your friends. Your peonies are wonderful. Well back to packing. :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely drawings, a good mix of 'friends'.
Your peonies are so lovely.

I love my first cup of tea of the day … goes well with the wonderful smell of bacon and eggs!

All the best Jan

Maggie said...

All of your imaginary friends sound like my kind of people for one reason or another so I'd like to be friends with them all. My favourite things first thing in the morning are hearing the birds singing the dawn chorus here in Derbyshire is amazing, watching, through our bedroom window, pheasants and rabbits bopping around the field behind the house and drinking a great cup of tea in bed made fresh for me every day by the SP. Go on say it, I am spoiled aren't I! Lucky me.
Maggie @ turning the page

Lisa Richards said...

I like a lot of things about Jill. She would be an interesting friend. But I love that Chloe eats mashed potatoes and gravy every day. I could do that! :)
Lovely peonies!
I love cool morning breezes and the birds morning songs wafting through open windows.
I'm shy, too. But I had a fun conversation with a gentleman today while our cars were getting oil changes. Even though we differ on politics, we had much in common. So, I'm making strides in learning to talk to strangers, lol.
Hugs to you, my encouraging friend.

Kit said...

Oh definitely Tiffany! I love new socks! I love to wander my garden when I just get up and smell the air. Sometimes it smells of Oregon and sometimes roses. I turn on my fountains and hope no one sees me in my Have a great June! Kit

Bonnie K said...

How creative. I think that was a great idea. I love drawing pictures for my nieces. I still even draw pictures in my brother's letters and he is in his 30's. I really like your drawings. Especially how colorful they are and how individualized everyone is.

R's Rue said...

Love it so much

Sondragayle said...

I haven’t laughed so hard in FOREVER... your clever girls have such a mix of qualities and quirks - just like us!! Loved my Chipotle birthday lunch in the park and YOU crossing the street like a city girl. xoxo