Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Big Blank Expanse

 Here is my blank canvas!  The old moldy railroad ties are no more and I like this level brick retaining wall.  As you can see, not much is growing around here yet.  The day lilies are thinking about sprouting, but I am considering digging them up and starting anew.  

 The iris are so resilient.  Look at all those stones waiting for me to make fairy patios!
 Here is sleepy sister Samantha!  She did not want to go home the other night.  She likes playing with her Grampy.
 Can you see the baby sister resemblance?  They are definitely the blue-eyed sisters!
And just so you don't think I'm all talk and no action (which is sort of true, I admit!) here is the fairy bed I made almost two summers ago.  Birdie wanted it in her garden, so it isn't at my house and now of course I've moved on to fairy dance floors, fairy tree houses, and romantic spots for fairies to dine al fresco.  It's not a wonder that the faires have not appeared.  You saw all that empty dirt.
Have you looked at a Magic Cabin catalog?  All the darling fairy things make grannies sigh with delight.  
I do wish I could stay home and leisurely dance with my new red broom, fill the bucket up with sweet smelling suds and mop my sorry wood floor.  I'd like to clean and clear in the kitchen, scrub the cupboard doors, iron tablecloths, hang a new curtain or two . . . 
I'm much too tired at the end of a teaching day.   I am patting myself on the back when I jump on the treadmill after dinner.  Oh well.  I'm hoping for the perfect storm.  You know that Saturday morning when you wake up, drink lots of coffee, make an egg, start messing around with hot water and then . . . you're off and things get done?  It happens so rarely!
It's been quite some time since I dipped into The Shell Seekers or Winter Solstice or even September.  Rosamunde Pilcher created such inspiring passages in regard to housekeeping.  I used to read myself those stories a lot more often.  Do you have certain novels or "how to" books that inspire you to happily flutter about your house, cleaning and shining?  

I shall keep my garden simple.  Bending over to pull weeds and dead-head flowers will be good for my bod.
Soon I'll show you my big, part imaginary, wild and full garden plan. 
Meanwhile, I think I'll order some spotty red tin dishes for the Wendy house.


TexWisGirl said...

i like your landscaping area!

libbyquilter said...

you have a lot of garden space to fill up~!
i can hardly wait to see it in it's various stages of growth.

that fairy bed is cute and i like that there is a bee on one of the posts.


libbyquilter said...

oh my, that fairy cottage is AMAZING~!!!~
what a fun link. thank you for sharing Pom Pom.


Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

I love the fairy bed too.

M.K. said...

Wow, Pom. That is one big, beautiful, empty space :) I LOVE the brick wall -- it is tidy and shiny and wonderful. You will really, really enjoy working in such a nice, clean bed, where you don't have to bend over WAY to the ground! How exciting to think about what it will hold!
Honestly: I see a strong family resemblance in ALL your grandkids -- at least the ones I've seen photos of, and I think that's quite a few. They all could pass as siblings, I think. Adorable and huggable!

Well, I think reading Tasha Tudor books, esp. her "Heirloom Crafts" book, inspires me to want to be domestic in that old-fashioned, roast-a-chicken kind of way. I'm trying to think ... also her videotapes, but I don't have them on DVD, so I can't watch them anymore. Perhaps I avoid books that might inspire me to clean? That's a distinct possibility!!

Nancy McCarroll said...

Your post reminds me of Sleeping Beauty cleaning up the dwarves' house with the little bluebirds helping to scrub the floors and tie back the curtains with bows in their beaks!

Can't wait to see your fairy patios once you have applied your magical touches.

Pamela said...

A wonderful blank space just yearning for fairy dancing floors. It's music that makes me want to clean. The louder the better. It amuses my husband since I usually like silence. But reading your post made me want to get out some sweet smelling suds. I'm cleaning desk drawers today.

Farm Girl said...

OH the magic cabin catalog gets me into trouble. Yes, I would go crazy too. I think you have a field of dreams too.
Lots and lots. I have been cleaning lots since I got my new vacuum. I have enjoyed myself. I do love playing house and making every thing all spiffy.
You have said once you cleaned houses. I did too and I enjoyed it very much. Only then I got paid for it now I just do it because it is so much fun.
Have a lovely weekend.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

WOW! Jumping on the treadmill after a day of deserve lots more than a pat on the back!

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

you will have so much fun filling your blank canvas Pompom, do you have foxgloves in the USA? you can get littel plantlets here on the catalogue. Maybe a mirror or a little water feature? fairies love to see their reflection I have heard. I loved the morning glory you showed on your blog a long long time ago - we get white only here - but I love the way they spend all morning opening only to close gradually all afternoon! something fairies might find amusing to linger and watch. I am sure whatever you plant will attract fairies because you have your lovely grandchildren to attract them. Betty x

Kit said...

Wow, you have a huge yard! I can't wait to see what you do with your garden bed. :) Kit

April said...

Nice wall, MP! I bet that was a lot of work.

wayside wanderer said...

PomPom, I am greeeeen with envy!!!! Oh, how I want more "blank canvas" of my own.

The dB family said...

It's perfect!! I LOVE the Wendy house! You are going to have so much fun!