Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Advent Dinner

We had a fun Advent dinner last night.  We were going to go to Jeff and Christie's house (I love the way she makes spaghetti sauce) but we had a little change of plans due to busyness at Kelli's so we switched our dining place to our house so I could go pick up Kelli's girls. Jeff and Christie and the boys graciously agreed to come to our house for dinner instead (my spaghetti sauce came from a jar).  Anyway, we had our "lighting of the first Advent candle" time after we ate.  

Daddy (tired from making wood stairs all day) read the scripture. I love seeing our kids lie on the sofa like they did when they were teenagers (happy mom moment) and to see Jeff there with his gentle and gracious wife made my heart even gladder (is that a word?)
 Clara and Millie found some dresses in the basement (Lori, if you are reading this, do you recognize the bridesmaid dress I wore at your gorgeous wedding?  LOVE!)

Noah let Millie give him a nice cousin hug.

James with his daddy
 I lit the candle again this morning. We don't have any greens.  I must figure this out.

And more randomness (which if you know me and my tendency to skip around does not surprise you - LOL) I drew a Christmas dress this morning.  Did you have a Christmas outfit when you were a kid?  My mother made time for sewing and one year we had plaid cotton dresses. I wish I could find fabric with that plaid.  I bought two pair of tights but then I realized that I don't have any dresses one might wear with tights.  I looked at dresses online today, but I'm very behind when it comes to fashion and everything I looked at was too shiny.  Do you like this little coat dress?

Come to think of it, I don't have anywhere I go that requires the wearing of a dress. Ha!
I guess the tights will have to languish in my sock drawer.
We're going to go to the mall and walk, walk, walk.  If I walk a lot in the morning then I can sit around and knit and not worry that my heart might get used to living a slothful existence and lose its ability to beat with vigor.  
I hope your day is breezy and maybe a little bit thoughtful in this season of red and green, candles and cookies.  Christmas isn't a tradition.  Traditions spring forth from the holy season, but without Jesus it's just "going through the motions" guided by culture.  I wouldn't bother jumping on that train.
My Savior came.  God's SON. He came to save me from my sin, my selfishness, my preoccupation with my small perspective.
Whether or not I'm "getting it" as I prepare for Christmas doesn't really matter. He gets it.  He's GOD.  Whew. I am ever thankful for the grace He gives.

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Janet said...

What a nice family evening.

It is so hard to find nice fabric now, and it is so expensive. My mom made us all (3 girls) red velvet dresses one year. She didn't sew much, and I can't figure out how she did it. I made most of my clothes when I was younger and most of my 2 older girls' clothes, but I could never handle velvet.

I'm glad there's somebody else who doesn't like shiny.

I like your picture.

AMDG, Janet

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful post. My mother made all of my clothes, too, but I don't remember her ever sewing me anything for Christmas.
Because I am working in an office, I wear skirts and dresses and tights all winter long. I am just not comfortable in pants because I was not allowed to wear them growing up--at least not out of the house. lol.

Your family is just beautiful and I do love that you have Christian traditions that you honor. Have a great day- xo Diana

elizabeth said...

wonderful how flexible your family is with plans! a lot of how good a meal tastes is LOVE and I am pretty sure you poured a whole pound of that in! :) looks great! wonderful that you can have your kids and grands over, what a blessing!!!

Lisa Richards said...

I'm with you on all of your dress opinions, lol. When I have the very occasional occasion for a dress I always have to ask myself, "What do people WEAR for dresses these days?" And I usually end up with something that's not "the fashion" anyway. I'm trying to work up my nerve to wear one of my ankle length denim skirts with some tights and lace up boots. But what top to wear, (a sweater?) and will I look like a sack of potatoes? :)
My mom was a great sew-er, but I never took the time to learn. But I do remember my aunt making matching dresses for my cousin and me when we were about 11.
Love your Christmas thoughts AND spaghetti sauce out of a jar!

M.K. said...

This past summer I decided to give up on pants (hot and confining) and switch to wearing light cotton skirts. I LOVED it. It's harder to find skirts in winter that will keep you warm, but I do prefer a skirt, myself. I don't do tights though - I'm long legged, and they ride down and down. haha. Your family gathering looks just lovely!

Jeanie said...

I love your advent dinner. How very, very beautiful -- and surrounded by those you love.

Farm Girl said...

I just love your days. How fun for you to get to have everyone at your house and you didn't have to go out in the cold. Your candles are fine without the green.
I think dinner looks amazing.
Your house always looks so nice filled with people.
I do love it when our kids just do what they did when they lived here.
I enjoy times at your house.

ellen b. said...

Yes, and amen. I am thankful with you!

Julia said...

It looks like a blessed day with family.
I sometimes use bottled spaghetti sauce too when I'm in a hurry. I may add a bit of meat or veggies for taste if I have the time, but I always keep a few bottles in the pantry.
I'm back from a 5-day visit with my siblings and the extended families and had a great time of celebrations.
Stay safe, Hugs, Julia

GretchenJoanna said...

I finally took a walk today, too. It was SO refreshing. I wish I could walk with you more often ;-)

Granny Marigold said...

I love seeing pictures of your family!
I think the coat dress would look very smart with tights.
I must admit I don't even own a dress. Since I wasn't wearing them off they went to the thrift store. I do have a couple of skirts ( long).

Wood Fairy said...

You might find some plaid on ebay. I like your dress design, i have a pink coat like that. I like the lighting of the candle evening you had with family and felt like someone peeking throigh a window into a warm happy home full of love and faith (i know there is a spiritual point in this rambling of mine here somewhere i think it must be that with God we only have to ask to come inside and we can all be part of his family so in writing my comment i have reminded myself!)