Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fifties and Cowgirls

The 50's party at school, for the six staff members that are turning/have turned 50 this year, was WONDERFUL!  It was just as I had originally thought it would be with the perfect number of "guests" and an atmosphere of "we love you" and "it's great to enter into the 50's decade - take joy and take hope".
I had a few students help me move all the desks to the wall.  Their reward:  cupcakes. There was lots of room for the "50's" to stand around and enjoy their friends.

Teachers trickled in after they said good bye to their students.

I put their dear faces up on my screen.

Our office manager brought the punch.
Wow, I'm so thankful for The Family Dollar and the $1 balloons they sell!  What deal!

It was almost like sitting around in someone's living room.  I like my classroom for that very reason - cozy!
Here they are:  The Fifties!  Each one is extra special.  They represent service to our school's English language learners (precious co-teacher with me and kid-lover extraordinaire), sixth grade math students (my next door neighbor and praying friend), sixth graders ALL and their entire school experience, kids with behavior/emotional disorders, the library (I adore our librarian) and Janie in the purple is one of our counselors.  She takes great interest in our students.  So do you see why they just HAD to be celebrated?  

And now on to my cowgirls!  The man who boards his horses at Kelli's barn is very generous with his time and his horses.  The girls have occasional opportunities to sit high on Maverick the Sweetie Pie Horse!

Miss Lizzy is crazy about iPhones and iPads and sometimes we indulge her.  Saturday, she took a few selfies of her ponytail.  She's a rascal!

I am happy as can be staying home this week.  I made cookies yesterday and we'll have tacos tonight with Kelli's family.  I'm even dragging this body downstairs to do 45 minutes of ZUMBA every day.  Argh.

The birds are landing on the feeders, there is a fat dove who nests in the tree next door, and the GRASS IS TURNING GREEN!  Yippee!
Thank you for stopping in, good neighbor.


TexWisGirl said...

glad the birthday celebration went well! i'd work for cupcakes, too. :)

cute girlies!

Farm Girl said...

How lovely and what a nice party. I love the girls on the horse but I have to say the selfie ponytail is just the best.
It sounds like you are having a wonderful week. Keep it up. :)

The dB family said...

Looks like it was a grand celebration! I'd never thought of naming a horse Maverick, but if our Labby can be called Maverick why not a horse. I thinks a perfect animal name. Love the pony tail selfie! Too cute.


Nana Go-Go said...

Fab Party - so many '50's'!Adorable little cowgirls and that selfie is very artistic! Lovely joyous post, Pom. Thank you.xxx

April said...

You should come up here for a daytrip!:) Enjoy your spring break! See you on Sunday.

wayside wanderer said...

Pink and purple boots....I adore them! And look at all those delicious goodies? My pants feel tighter just from looking at it all.

Lisa Richards said...

Still Zumba-ing?!? I'm proud of you! It sounds like you work with a great bunch of people.
They deserve a celebration!
I remember the thrill of riding horses as a young'un. Glad your grands are getting to experience that.
Here's hoping you have a fun-filled, yet relaxing week off! :)

Gumbo Lily said...

What a good friend you are to throw the 50's party. Looks like you had some tasty treats there. What lucky li'l cowgirls. What fun!

Love the ponytail selfie.

Danette Bartelmay said...

OH Pom Pom!
What a wonderful Post!
I turn 50 this June ~ wish I could have been there to celebrate :-)
How lovely that you do that!
Your little ones are so cotton pickin' cute!
And I LOVE Miss Lizzy's pony tail sticking up in the air!!!
Enjoy the birds and all the signs of Spring popping up around you,

Kezzie said...

This is wonderful, dear Pom!!! I love it! (and I'd love some of that cake please!) .
"Selfies of her ponytail"- I am laughing lots! x